The Official I Have Seen Eclipse and This Is What I Think Post


Let’s face it. We all know that the critics don’t get Twilight. They think we are all 13, or we are middle-aged and run around in sparkly glitter all day long. But at the end of the day, we like what we like. We know who we are. We don’t need to defend it to every insipid critic who just doesn’t get that it’s our brand of heroin and we weren’t looking for or mistaking it for War and Peace. It’s just something we like, PERIOD.

So, in the words of Producer Wyck Godfrey who we ran into after a screening, “You people count. You people matter. The fans matter. Did you like it?”

Comment away, and obviously there will be spoilers!


  1. I saw it 7 hours ago (yay europe time haha). I went to the twilight marathon in my city and it was soooooooooooo amazing!! <333333

    I'm gonna go again soon!

    • It was great, Edward lookd so good in this one, loved that him and Bella could finally have some romantic scenes. I missed a few things from the book but such is the life of an adaptation. I didn’t like the way dead vampires looked though, too fake in my opinion.

  2. Saw it at world premier was really really intense, and that is because of David Slade. We all know how awful Taylor is as an actor, but Xavier Samuel stole the show!!


    • Taylor is not a bad actor. He was exceptionally great in this movie.

      • Anna Sargent says:

        agreed! he was the best in my opinion. He showed a wide range of emotion. His anger felt real and the kisses were wonderful.

    • I’m Team Edward but I have to respond to your comment about Taylor Lautner. I think he’s a very good actor and he proved it in New Moon.

  3. This film really drew out the acting!! I couldn’t believe Jackson Rathbone, even Rob, Kristen and Taylor really stepped it up! But the real surprises were Bryce Dallas-Howard, Xavier Samuel and Jackson Rathbone- very effective performances! The score was amazing. They stuck close to the book, had some great quotes and TONS of B/E makeout sessions!! Only once did I notice a bad Bella wig. Much funnier than I expected, and I love the way it flowed. Best movie of the saga by far. Kudos David Slade! Favorite part of the movie was when Bella had “the talk” with Charlie. Close second was the EPIC fight scene. Just wow. You have outdone yourselves Twilight Saga!

    • Totally agree! I also loved Nikki (?) Reed’s performance. And Jacob’s character was funny =) And I absolutely LOVE Charlie!
      I’m going again tonight!!!

      • Jessica M says:

        I agree as well- the cullens really came out in this movie. I loved the chase scene while Bella is in Florida and the moment with Bella and her mom made me cry!! I’m going again on Thursday because I had tickets for Thursday and then SUPRISE! last night my friend was able to get free tickets to a screening at 9pm and we went while everyone else was in those wicked lines.

    • Jaimee Cappelletti says:

      I haven’t seen it yet, in fact I’m going to a 7:30 show tonight. But, since we’ve all read the books we know what’s going to happen. I was very curious as to whether they were going to include the “Sex talk” between Bella and Charlie. I’m so glad they did b/c that is just such a funny part of the book. I can’t wait to see how Billy Burke pulled it off!

  4. I thought Eclipse was really the best one yet. I loved that they had more Cullen family interaction. Fight training was my favorite. I was very very pleased with it, especially because Eclipse is my favorite book. David did an amazing job.

  5. iT WAS AMAZING! the soundtrack is soooo great and flowed with the movie sooo well. i can’t think of anything they left out of the book. it was super funny too, which i loved. AHHH!!! I am just in shock that it is finally out and that it was soo incredibly good! Can’t wait for BD!!!

  6. I wrote a note apologizing to David Slade on my blog. I passed judgment and didn’t think he was going to give it his all… I was wrong. He brought a performance from his cast I didn’t think was possible… you can read the rest of my review on

  7. Just saw it at our local premiere and was blown away, everything was just so right. Happy to say it’s definitely my favorite one of the bunch so far and that David Slade is one of the best things thats ever happend to the saga. Can’t wait to see it again in the next few hours.

  8. Eclipse hasn’t come out in Uruguay, it comes out on Friday…
    The little I have seen (short clips, TV spots, trailers, etc) I PERSONALLY THINK that Eclipse is by far the best of the three movies. I love how they combine action, romance, drama, all into one movie.
    As soon as I see it, I’ll let you know what my opinion is… but so far it’s a good one.

  9. I really want to see it but cant take no more TL. Geesh that dude cannot act and i am sick of his abs and how much hotter he is than Rob and on and on

    • Sooo, you’re saying that you hate TL because he’s hotter than Rob?? I’d think that’s a reason to love him, not hate him…

      • Jessica M says:

        LOL and the line where Edward says “doesn’t he ever wear a shirt?” was hilarious.

        • Jaimee Cappelletti says:

          That’s one of the best lines in the book and the fact that they made sure it was in the movie is great. Too bad there isn’t a way to show how Edward breathed all in Bella’s hair and then Jacob had to smell it. But I guess Edward kissing Bella all in front of Jacob works too.

        • No, the greatest line was when Jacob crawled into the tent and said…”I’m hotter then you.” I loved it. Hilarious.

        • I saw it last night and I thought that it was truly amazing. I loved the tent scene. I loved loved loved the fact that they used black contacts. They overlooked them in New Moon and it made me sad. The only complaint that I have for the movie is the fact that they seemed to spend only 10 seconds on the key points of the book. It might be slightly exagerated but not by much. I wish they spent 15 to 20 seconds more so that it didn’t jump from one point to another so quickly.

  10. I saw it yesterday (June 29th 6.30pm) And I loved it! Tbh it didn’t leave such a huge impression on me as Twilight and New Moon did…But I still loved it! I love Twilight…that’s just the way it is…period!

    Love from Denmark

    • Jaimee Cappelletti says:

      I think Twilight is always going to be my #1 favorite because it actually introduced the whole story to us. I think Breaking Dawn is going to be #2 fav because it’s going to tie it all together in the end.

  11. I’m not gonna get to see it until Monday so tell me, what did everyone think of bryce v. Rachelle?

    Who was a better Victoria?

    • Saw it Tuesday afternoon. Rachell… a overheard a few others saying the same thing. Bryce is good it’s just that she had a baby face and only in a few shots did she really seem to capture ‘Victoria’ IMHO

      • Remember in the book though Bella is surprised at her baby like voice. Maybe they were trying to portray that. I think they both did a great job playing Victoria.

    • We were happy with how much language made it from the book to the screen this time. Can’t have everything in there but we left very happy today. A few things that I think could have still been stuck in but it was for sure not a huge disappointment like the first movie was. They changed a few things but that will happen in movies and it didn’t seem to kill the movie with a little moving around that they did. Thumbs up.

    • leanne23 says:

      My friends and I all thought Rachelle was way better. Bryce both forced it too much and not enough. She didnt leave an impression to a group people at theatre they said “They forgot she was even in it until the fight scene then it went down hill fast” they thought Rachelle was better too. to me her hair was distracting especially during the fight. POODLIZE!! And the new voice was badly done.

      • Jessica M says:

        I thought she was good- anytime someone new comes in, it will be a comparison. She did a great job as a manipulator. She is a little “softer” but she made me scared.

      • I thought the same thing. I think Bryce did a great job acting with her body and emotions but as for the dialog, I wasnt too convinced. I cant say Rachele would have done better since in the last 2 movies, she had maybe 3 lines… but Id love to have seen her continue the roll.

      • I think the movie, as a whole, was amazing and the most exciting and enjoyable of the 3 so far. The cast definitely stepped up their acting game, most notably Jackson, Nikki and Kristen. Taylors performance however was a complete shocker to me. I always thought he was a good actor but with Eclipse, you could tell that he really put his all into the role. He absolutely blew me away especially from the tent scene through to the end. AHHH-mazing!
        I also loved the sound effects of the newborns being torn apart. It was literally EXACTLY how I had heard it in my mind while reading the books.

        My one and only complaint was that I felt the first quarter of the film felt a bit too rushed and choppy. I think had they added even 20 more minutes onto the total length of the film, the flow of the first part would have flowed so much better. Not saying that it was BAD… just that it could have been better.

      • I loved Rachelle, and I really liked Bryce. I thought Bryce did FANTASTIC!!! I thought she “looked” a lot better with Riley, than Rachelle would have. (I think Rachelle would have looked too old to be with Riley). Loved the redness of her hair – always thought that they should have deepened the red on Rachelle’s hair to more closely resemble what Stephanie describes in the book.

        • I agree that she looked better with Riley, but I don’t think Bryce would have looked right with James! I imagined that after seeing Victoria with James (who she realy loved) her with Riley would look out of place.

    • to be honest, and i can’t believe i’m going to say this, but i don’t think that one was better than the other. i’ve always liked rachelle’s performances and tonight i was blown away by Bryce, especially because in this story requires her to act like victoria acting as someone else. people are saying a lot about her “voice”, the voice is perfect because as bella describes in the book it sounds like a little girl, not ferocious, not ruthless, and someone that riley can see needing him. if she was to speak like she normal does then riley would see through the act. anyway, i think both actresses have contributed a lot and should both be commended

    • PamelaC says:

      I have to say definitely Rachelle, hands down. She is a better villain, period.

    • I think Rachelle was a better Victoria. We knew the character already as her and she looked more menacing, IMHO. Bryce, while she is a good actress, just didn’t seem right for the part.

    • I never looked at Bryce and thought “ooh…what a good Victoria” I honestly kept looking at her as the villian, and she did a good job, but it never felt like that viallian was Victoria. It was somewhat disconnected for me.

    • I’ve been complaining that Bryce will suck, but now that i’ve seen the movie, i can see she is an excellent Victoria. But I still stand by Rachelle as my fave… she just has the right look and I miss her.

  12. Two words…LOVED IT!!!

    My only complain so far it’s the wolfs. They looked cheap. Not at all the kind of quality from New Moon. Other than that, Summit did a very good job keeping David Slade on check.

    Can’t wait to see it again ^_^

    • Heather says:

      it was unanimous, our whole group tonight thought the wolves this time around looked just more realistic and less like super fluffy animated stuffed animals. I was really impressed with the fighting scenes, they did an awesome job with the cgi and stunts <3

  13. Haven’t seen it yet but thank you for the post. No we aren’t all thirteen and we don’t need to defend ourselves to every insipid critic! Remember that Stephenie was about thirty two when she wrote it AND she wrote it for herself because she enjoyed it! I will be eternally grateful to her.

  14. Bryce or Rachelle?

    • kehacakes says:

      I say Bryce! I always liked Rachelle, but…I think that for this movie she wouldn’t have had the look to pull off the scene with Riley and Edward where Edward is trying to tell Riley what’s been going on and she’s trying to keep him convinced. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t have been convinced. The way that Bryce is so porcelain doll pretty makes it even creepier to see how sinister she is.You can see why Riley wants to believe her so much he’s willing to die for her. I loved that whole scene and the way it turned out.

  15. I saw it tonight and LOVED it. I loved the Bella/Edward scenes. It was so much more romantic and you could really feel the love and passion between them. I loved Jasper in this movie and I have really disliked his role in the others. The fight scene was awesome! But, I really miss the old Victoria. And, as stupid as this may sound, I think it was because she had a bad wig. Her hair was so distractingly fake, it’s all I looked at when I saw her.
    PS. Edward has never looked better than he does in this movie!

    • Stephanie says:

      It was absolutely fantastic! Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Jackson and Xavier all did AMAZING jobs and really drew the audience in. David did a great job of doing it his own way and not losing the book, the flow or the feel of the Twilight world. The whole movie lived up to the interviews – romantic, action-packed and funny.

    • Bryce’s hair was actually the real thing, I think…*shudder*.

  16. I just saw it and yes, they did a REALLY good job. However, while I did highly enjoy it I do have a few things I wish they would have changed or stuck to. For example, I wish they had pulled whatever strings necessary to keep Rachelle. While Bryce did play a good Victoria, she just wasn’t the right one for me. I kept waiting for Rachelle (as Victoria) to show up, take Bryce out, and then go attack Edward. (Also the wig they put on Bryce made her look like she had raided a clown shop. Just saying.) Between the two actresses, I think Rachelle played a stronger and tougher Victoria and I was really looking forward the showdown between her Victoria and Edward. Bryce is a talented actress, but they should have kept the consistency and kept Rachelle. That’s my view anyway.

    Also, I agree with Amy when she said the wolves seemed cheap in this one. I felt the same way.

    This might not make much difference to a lot of you, but I really wish that the trio that changed Jasper were more clothed. While it might be acceptable or even fashionable to show off a corset in our modern society, back then that was the equivalent of wondering around in a bra and panties and was a HUGE no-no. This was the type of society that got riled up if an ankle was shown. Vampire or not, it just wasn’t done back then.

    Also, I’m certain they could have afforded better wigs for Kristen and Bryce. (Again, just saying.)

  17. leanne23 says:

    I loved the flashbacks. Nikki and Jackson did a great job. Jackson truly shined. I didnt like Kristen and Taylor they were bland. Rob did a descent job. Everyone seem to improve. Booboo and Julia did good. Xavier was okay. Bryce dont get me started. I will say this I MISS RACHELLE MORE THAN BEFORE. the pacing was too fast it gave the lady behind me a headache in some scenes she had to look away a few times and she ended up walking out halfway through the fight sequence. Overall it was better than NM but I still like Twilight more. Sad and disappointing because the Eclipse book has the most of my fav moments in it. The tent scene…was…could have been better and different I really didnt like it in the movie. Leg hitch was lacking. Grade:C PASSABLE BUT FLAWED

  18. wow it was amazing!! I especially loved the jasper backstory and thought it was cool how they added the part about how he thought what he had with maria was love until he met Alice. The part that wasn’t in the book and I was suprised they added was when Carlisle is rebreaking Jacob’s bones. The scream he did was so intense and it was cool to see how concerned the pack was for him. Just amazing! I think it was the best so far.

    • Oh and it was cool how they added the part with him phasing back right after he was attacked. It was a little akward that he was naked and nobody acknowledged it. lol.

      • kehacakes says:

        I know he was supposed to be naked and that’s what they wanted to convey… But I noticed his shorts were seen in a tiny glimpse, I didn’t know if that was intentional or not, hence the rating, or if they just forgot to edit it out. But I liked the way they shot that scene despite it. I really kept waiting for him to make a snarky comment about Bella seeing him naked after. I think it was a missed opportunity. lol

    • Jaimee Cappelletti says:

      Oh I can’t wait to see that part. I had no idea if they were going to keep that in the movie because there certainly haven’t been any spoilers out that I’ve seen to indicate it. Very big part of the story how Carlisle takes care of Jacob in the end. Def a good lead into BD.

  19. I thought it was fantastic ! The movies keep getting do the actors. Bella, Edward and Jacob seemed to have a better chemistry than in pervious films. Well done ! I loved it.

  20. If i had to cast Bree Tanner i would keep the eclipse cast we already have (except bring Rachelle back), Avan Jogia as Diego & Ryan Donowho as Fred, who agrees (if u dont know them, look it up!)

  21. Everyone in this movie really grew. The acting was much better than it has been in the past. The directing was, in my opinion, the best of the three. Everything was really spot-on. Although I agree with a previous post that the new Victoria, while pretty and not a bad actress, had WAY too much of a baby-face.

    I’m only disappointed that everything is finally at that amazing level NOW… I might be alone in saying this, but I’m not sure Breaking Dawn is going to be… Not ridiculous.

    • I agree in the book, when victoria first speaks, bella in suprised to here her child like voice, remember? Bryce has the kind of face to got with that voice. To me Victoria has to look beautiful, but wild at the same time, Rachelle was perfect for that, Bryce, not so much.

  22. Bryce is a good acctress but there was already someone established as Victoria and I wish they could redo this movie with her. It seems like a different character without Rachelle.

  23. SOOO EPIC! oh my gosh i love it, it was soo great, the acting was all so much better, and there was not as much awkwardness between bella and edward! David Slade did an amazing job on this movie, i was shaking after i left. i saw the marathon of the 3 back to back and it blew twilight/new moon out of the water! i dont care what the critics or anyone else has to say it was good in my book!

    also xavier samuel was amzing and as much as i hate to admit it bc i loved rachelle bryce was very good as victoria 🙂

  24. I LOVED IT!!!! I am speechless right now. No words to explain how perfect I thought it was! Any little changes, additions or whatever did not bother me in the least (and they usually do), I thought it came together to be an AMAZING movie!

    Especially loved that we finally got to see happy, charming, dreamy, loving Edward Cullen from the books that has been so lacking in the past two films. LOVED everything about Edward in this movie and that we got to see him really in love with Bella and see his dark side with Victoria.

    Proposal scene, tent scene, battle scene, they were all perfect to me!! I’m so happy with this movie and can’t wait to see it again tomorrow! I’ll never sleep tonight.

    • Emerson says:

      I agree with everything you just said, and I could sit there all day and watch it over and over.

    • Emerson says:

      Also, David Slade I am sorry for ever doubting you. I though it would be an actioned packed guy movie with racy Edward and Bella parts. You did a great job with it and it seems you really got the actors to their best, good job.

  25. WOW! Just got back. Having just read Eclipse twice in the last week and a half, I was a little critical of lines being said by the wrong person and things being a little choppy and jumpy at the beginning, but not once did I look at my watch and when I did it was because I was afraid it was about over, and it was a few minutes later. I wish they had followed the whole engagement scene a little closer, but Edward was just Edward and it was perfect. The acting was a lot better, but a few things did bother me. Bella would have never gone and confronted Rosalie about why she hated her, nor would she have spoke up to Jane. But other than that, it was almost perfect!!!

    • I definitely agree with what you said about Bella. It bothered me how bold and confident she seemed in the movie, which is NOT how she should be at all.

    • Yes, it also bothers me that Movie Bella never cries. She cries a lot in the books, and I don’t necessarily need to see her slobbering all over, but could we see a little more emotion?

      • During the scene where she is supposedly saying “goodbye” to Jacob, isn’t that where she goes home and cries and cries and Edward has to sit through that? She didn’t cry one time!

  26. loved it! only thing i wish was different was the last scene when edward changes his mind about “trying” but bella tells him she wants to wait- i was looking forward to that on the screen

    • Ah yes, my only complaint! There was a couple of *almost* sex scenes and other lines between Bella and Edward that were my favourites in the book that weren’t included. But overall… amazing, just epic and so well done and well acted and well directed and beautifully put-together. No contest, best of the series.

  27. Michelle says:

    Loved it!!! The best so far! They did an excellent job stepping it up and keeping with the book!!

  28. Mariana says:

    I LOVED it! The only thing is that they did a few scenes out of order from the book if I remember correctly. O.K so Bella punches Jacob for kissing her, then few scenes later she’s at the bonfire and they’re ok- you know, talking. A few scenes after that is Bella’s graduation party and she is now mad a Jacob and tells him that he was uninvited after the punch. Did anyone notice this or am I just remembering it wrong?

  29. Twilibrarian says:

    First off, I have been in the Twilight Zone since 10:30 AM ET (6/29) as I ran a successful blood drive, and went to all 3 movies at the local Regal. It’s way past my bedtime!
    Eclipse is the best movie so far. The score, the soundtrack and the script all mesh so well together in this film. I felt there were gaps in the first two.
    I love that the movie pokes fun at the phenomenon it’s created by some very funny dialog. Way to go Melissa Rosenberg! Jacob’s “hotter than you” in the tent and Bella’s “talk” with Charlie are hysterical. On the other side, the gentle scenes between Bella/Edward are both passionate and playful. The handshake between Billy Black and Carlisle, and Charlie’s standing ovation speak volumes without uttering a word.
    Xavier Samuel’s Riley is wonderful as he evolves as the movie progresses. Bryce Dallas Howard is okay as Victoria; she’s just a little too sweet for my liking. She’s good, don’t get me wrong; she could be a bit edgier. The backstories of Jasper and Rosalie are very convincing. It’s nice to see all the Cullens with more to do.
    The CGI wolves are much more realistic, as well as retaining their human qualities better. It’s also easier to tell who is who. The battle is amazing, as is the chase when Emmett crosses the boundry line. Great editing and special effects.
    It is so wonderful to see how the three leads have grown into their roles. They have a comfort level now that has been missing. You see Bella, Edward, and Jacob, not Kristen, Rob, and Taylor.
    This one will make a ton of money. Let’s hope when the awards season rolls around, we see some Eclipse mentions in the nominations!

  30. Valerie says:

    Eclipse is my very favorite in the series. As I watched the movie this evening ( or should I say morning) 🙂 I found it to be about and 8.5 out of 10. While I did think this movie was vastly better than either of the other two, I found myself wanting more in both the leg hitch/proposal scene and the tent scene. Also, the order in which some scenes happened didn’t always flow for me. The back stories were nicely done as well as the fighting scenes. May I say… Rob has never looked more gorgeous than he did through this entire film! I don’t know how they did it… but Whoo Hoo!!
    I missed the break down scene with Bella after leaving Jacob and Edward’s ‘response’ to Jacob and Bella kissing. Overall though, I’d would have to say I really enjoyed the movie as a whole.

    • Jessica M says:

      I agree- I don’t think the scene after Bella kisses Jacob was right. It fell a little flat- I was expecting Edward to laugh it off like he did in the book, telling her that Jacob was just manipulating her. But I guess to stuff everything in, you have to cut some scenes short.

    • Stephanie says:

      I agree… I was a little disappointed with how Bella and Jacob ended. In the book, she was much more distraught – she couldn’t even drive back home and had to pull over because she was crying so hard. Then, she cried all night. I thought they should’ve included something more about that…especially how Bella finally realizes “she’s in love with him.” I wish they would’ve done a flash to show Bella seeing her life with Jacob, what it could’ve been.

      • Jennifer says:

        Really needed the breakdown scene after she tells jacob goodbye because that really was essential to her character. Movie was good although I am an older fan and really love the books because of the love story. All the Super vampire stuff and Riley stuff was okay but I wish they would have included more from the book. Still good and like usual the movies always grow on me more as I see them more! Bummed we have to wait over a year for Breaking Dawn but excited because part 1 will be super romantic!

        • AnonMiss says:

          I agree… Bella’s breakdown moment in the car where Edward pulls her out and takes her home was very very important to both Bella’s character and Edward’s relationship with Bella.

          … that.. “I’m tied to you and will never leave you no matter who you cry for” was missing.

          Desperately, hopelessly, connected to each other….. No matter what happened, who loves who… Edward and Bella are always one unit…
          Failing to put that scene in missed that important aspect of their relationship…
          which will make Breaking Dawn difficult to explain why Edward, although loved his child, would have died without bella.

  31. Jocelyn says:

    Eclipse was AMAZING!!! totally the better than New Moon by far!!! few things here or there that never happened in the book and that were a little out of place but I can live with it. I also felt as though it was a bunch of cut scenes put together instead of a nice flow between everything until the fight scene and the pace was a little fast in the beginning but minor details. Twilight is still my fave movie but Eclipse is great! I think that the scenes between Bella and Edward are great and Jacob and Bella have great chemistry as well. The acting has been taken to a higher level on this one as well. Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!!!

  32. I just got home from watching the Midnight release in my town. And this movie was amazing! I laughed, I cried and I felt a lot of emotion that was really put out there. All of the Actors did a wonderful job with their characters. The newcomers were excellent as well. I’ll have to go see it again to really get a good look because my adreneline was really pumping! I enjoyed all of the Cullens getting more screen time.

  33. Christie M. says:

    Fave book and now fave movie !!! Glad to see more of the Cullens (especially Emmett). David did a fantastic job and the cast was amazing as always. Ready for round 2 ….3…..4…..etc.

  34. The movie was great!! Loved the little things…the note from Jacob… Overall it was a great movie, obviously there were parts that I thought were wrong either timing wise, lines wrong, or just missing….Kidnapped by Alice…..but there were so many great scenes….the tent scene, Jaspers
    story, Roses story, Jacob and Bella kiss scene, the leg hitch, proposal….that all the wrong stuff just didn’t matter.

    Even my husband….who is the exact opposite of a Twi-hard…liked it! I can’t wait to see it again without all the screaming every time Taylor came on the screen.

    Was also highly impressed by Riley and as always Charlie….he is just amazing!!!

  35. I have never really had any faith in the twilight movies. Twilight was just plain horrible, bad acting, bad make up, and basically no CGI. New moon was slightly better but I didn’t like the deviations from the book (Besides the wolves bore me)
    I went to Eclipse for one reason, to see how they captured Jasper and the flashback scene. As my favorite character Quite honestly I was so mesmerized by the rest of the movie the scene I was waiting for compltely snuck up on me.
    Rosalie’s flashback scene was beautifully done. It would have been better if they had gone by the book, it seemed uncharacteristic of Bella to confront Rosalie,(And she did the same with Jasper which seemed even more unlike Bella)I dont feel Nikki Reids makeup did a character that is supposed to be extrememly beautiful justice.
    Gil did a wonderful job telling the tribe history at council, it was captivating (That says something considering that part of the story line has never interested me) Billy once again was great. He fits the role of Charlie perfectly.

  36. i loved it 😀 me and my grandmother went to go see it and i was cracking up laughing through the whole movie and that the fact that the only one with white hair and being 83 years old that was in the whole movie theater in our area was my grandmother xD sure i think they missed a couple things from the book but i thought it was awsome and so did my grandmother xD 🙂

  37. krystal says:

    Its always been about Bella, Edward, and Jacob… but the fact that everyone else drew me in. WOW.
    Carlisle and Esme… when they tried to save Bree. I wanted to cry. Such a beautiful moment.
    Rosalie damn right creeped me out as she spoke about Royce and her revenge.
    Emmet came out looking like such a teddy bear. I never got enough of him in Twi and New Moon. But it was just enough of Emmet to make his presence felt.
    Alice and Jasper… i want a relationship like that. JUST. LIKE. THAT. When they were fighting? I was blown away by how adorable they were. Alice and Jasper were big standouts for me.
    Riley? Did he really have to die. I loved him. He was good to look at, and not a bad actor like the rest of the fat and pudgy wolf pack. That scene with him and Victoria kissing. SO SEXY.
    Victoria. I know a lot of people complained… but i really loved her. Its wierd switching the actress, and It felt awkward to me when her and Edward fought because it wasn’t Rachelle… but to be quite honest, I wish it was Bryce who had played her all along. Her baby voice which people complained about, is intentional. Its written in the book.

    But of course, the Trifecta were in full force. Jacob was broody and NAKED. Bella was tremendously horny throughout and kept jumping on Edward. I loved all there moments. And Jacob and Edward tent scene? SUCH A BROKEBACK MOMENT.

    best movie BY A MILEEEEEEEE. Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn

  38. I loved #Eclipse so much! First of all, in my opinion I thought #EdwardCullen looked hotter and sexier than ever, second, the bed scene was amazing, just wished it was a bit longer and a bit more steamier, but I’ll take it the way it is 🙂 third, Jacob looked good, loved the scene when Bella punches him, Edward gets mad and almost starts a fight over it. The newborn army of vampires looked great, the training fihgt scenes were also very interesting and I really enjoyed how Rosie’s and Jasper’s stories and flash backs were in the movie, great, it was just great! I didn’t really like the two scenes where Bella leaves Edward to go after Jacob, first one on the motorcycle and second one on the camp ground. I hated when Bella left Edward to go off with Jacob on the motorcycle, he looked in so much pain, aghhh. Also scenes where Edward looked depressed, helpless, distraught and in pain in the tent scene when Bella was shaking of how cold she was and he couldn’t do anything to help her, but then JAcob cuddled with her and that hurt him like nothing else in many ways than you could imagine, then Bella and Jacob kissing, but hey that’s just me, I’m on TEAM EDWARD, so no one should expect anything else from me. I think #Eclipse was AMAZING, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I, literally, HATE seeing Edward in pain. I think I’m going to have to go watch it again ASAP!! I LOVE #EDWARDCULLEN, #RobertPAttinson, my god he is just hunk-a-dora-fuck-able-licious!! David SLade did an amazing job with #Eclipse!

    • Emerson says:

      I SOO agree!! I’m glad you noticed Edward’s pain and his feelings, but I felt it so much too. It killed me, but I thought that’s what made those parts great. Loved everything soooo much <3

  39. krystal says:

    i forgot Charlie and Renee.

    Team Charlie

  40. Just got back from a midnight premiere, and in one word, I am shocked. I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way. I was impressed by the performances given by all the main actors, ESPECIALLY Taylor; he embodied Jacob perfectly. The emotion was finally there, and I feel like they connected to the characters they were playing much more this time around. There were only a few scenes that really blew my mind. One of them being the proposal… just YES! It was kind of that awkward, anxious yet very intense situation you get in the book. Training scene was great, and the running was finally how I imagined it would be. Sex talk scene was very true to the book and perfectly awkward. Then there’s the tent scene. Rob’s and Taylor’s interaction was astounding. It was exactly how I pictured it would be, and I was pleasantly surprised. Now, on to the negatives. I was disappointed in the soundtrack placement. I feel like a lot more could have been done with it. I felt like it was hastily thrown together and that made the movie seem choppy to me. And I know the ship has sailed, but I do not like BDH as Victoria. I covered my eyes when she came on screen because I hated her in that character that much. She played Victoria just like she plays every other character; very timid with a sweet and innocent tinge.

    Overall, I think it was a good representation of the book, and by far the best performed movie. It got me really excited for Breaking Dawn, and I can’t wait to go see it again.

    • Gina L. says:

      Lauren, I real the same way as you about the movie. Really like the acting but wasn’t feeling it completely. And Bryce as Victoria rally didn’t work at all for me. Way too tame and polished. I’m not really thrilled with the flow of it either and I didn’t even really notice the music at all.

    • AnonMiss says:

      The music was horrific in this movie. I heard the sound track.. only could pick up the muse song. Where was the music?? It was such a huge draw in the other films… They totally dropped the ball on that one.

      Howard… HORRIBLE VICTORIA… only worse.. REED AS ROSE. … She doesn’t look the part. Rose is suppose to look like some blond version of Giselle Buchan.. utterly, famously, beautiful.

      Blond wing is HORRIBLE.

  41. I was just so impressed by all of it. It felt TOO short because it flowed so well. I didn’t really think too much about what was missing because there was so much more. I love this series and every actor, director, etc. But I honestly think this was my favorite. WOW, I am floored! And so tired from the 10 hours at the theater! Going to see it again tomorrow, can NOT wait! Riley, wow! Bree, you didn’t live long enough! Not enough Leah and Seth, but I know that’s coming. It was so amazing to see more of the family and their personalities and back stories. So, so so happy!!!

  42. Carolina says:

    soooooooooooo good!!! It is funny, romantic and fast. David Slade introduced a good pace. Loved Edward and Bella scenes…edward is simply gorgeous in this movie. The tent scene is great… it could be longer; some dialogues could be longer sometimes as well… I don’t think it is easy to understand the whole thing if you did not read the books…in general, the movie is great!!!! For a fan, definitely amazing!

    • Emerson says:

      I totally agree….especially with this is the one that if you haven’t read the book it would all make perfect sense 🙂

  43. Most amazing movie ever. i seriously can’t describe words for how amazing it was. I saw it at midnight and im seeing it again tomorrow and the next day. I wouldn’t change one thing about it. It was fantastic. cried over the amazingness

  44. omg! you guys r soo lucky to have seen the movie! It’s not relased here yet and i don’t when it will:(
    anyhoo I’m sooo happy with the comments above!! please can somebody tell me about the meadow scene?? how was it? did it happen at the end of the movie??

  45. My younger bro came with me to the showing I got a free pass to, and he liked it.

    I honestly didn’t like BDH as Victoria because I didn’t buy the emotion behind why she was doing it. It just didn’t feel right. Now had she been the one playing Victoria since the first movie it would be a different story.

    I loved the Jasper back story being added in and that the newborn scares weren’t on his face but I’m going to be slightly annoyed when I watch the first two movies and see his arms and not see the scars.

  46. Just walked in the door from seeing Eclispe ! Whoa ! It was awsome ! I really didn’t care for Brice as Victoria. Rachelle was much better…….I did keep an open mind about Brice, but just couldn’t see that she pulled it off.

    But that Edward, Good Grief ! Who could not Luv him and the leg hitch ( yeaha baby ) Loved Billy Burke, he is always funny and plays Charlie so well. Can’t wait until Saturday so I can see it again !! I’m so excited………\m/

  47. Moonbeam says:

    – Pacing was so much better than past movies
    – The bedroom scene felt so sincere!
    – Jackson Rathbone and his flashback kicked butt
    – Vampire looks were much improved
    – Not so much melodramatic Edward gazing
    – Rob was hilarious. Billy Burke was (again) hilarious. Those two were priceless.
    – The tent scene worked pretty well. Not as good as the book, but I enjoyed it.
    – All the battles, all the action, all the fighting! Awesome!!!
    – Loved Riley’s origin change. Made sense.
    – Dude who played Riley was good. And there were some of his lines from the Bree book- cool.
    – Bella’s speech at the end was awesome! Nice add!

    – Bella’s drawn-on eyebrows and overdone make-up (especially in Florida) and yes, that wig
    – Taylor can act when he’s smiling but man he’s fake when he delivers a serious line. Too many weird pauses. Please coach before Breaking Dawn.
    – Why didn’t we get to see Rosalie’s revenge on Royce? At least a little? 5 more seconds!
    – In the book, Jake faked wanting suicide to get the kiss. They shouldn’t have changed that. It’s part of Jake’s character.
    – Would have liked more effects on the newborns. Why didn’t they move fast when we saw them in Seattle or in the water? Would have added a lot to see the vampire effect they used in New Moon.

    Overall, I liked the pacing better. I think New Moon did better with the bad guys (particularly Laurant and the Victoria chase). But wow, the Edward/Bella love in Eclipse really came through.

    Great film. Expecting more from Breaking Dawn(s). But I’ll be seeing Eclipse again.

  48. I loved it!!! So amazing.
    The only things I missed a little were Alice getting her porsche, and the kidnapping Bella angle, but understandably left out. Three passages from the book condensed into one “leg hitch/golden bed/proposal” scene in the movie was brilliantly done.
    Also Kristen was truly bella, rob was soooooo edward, and taylor was very jacob. they all were so fabulous and really molded into the characters even more than in the other movies.
    Will see it numerous more times in the theater.

  49. Tanya G says:

    I saw the midnight showing like I do for each one & I LOVED it. It was definitely the best movie thus far. I was SO pleased that the acting got even better. I was definitely satisfied with that adaptation. I LOVED the fight scene. I’m happy they didn’t just brush over it and actually SHOWED us.. and ALOT of it. It was like they were alley-ooping those newborn vampires to each other and it was EXCITING. I loved the love scenes between Bella & Edward. Honestly, I don’t know who should get best kiss. The scene where Bella wanted Edward to make love to her was an intense kiss & of course the infamous Bella & Jacob kiss. I knew the movie was great because I am totally Team Edward, but even I, for a slight moment, wished she had chosen Jacob. Taylor played that victim role SO well. I LOVED the interaction between Edward & Jacob. Jackson’s accent was TOO cute. I loved it whenever Jasper & Alice were on screen together. It was just REALLY good. I hope Breaking Dawn is even better and that they DON’T do it in 3D. I swear every trailer they showed before the movie was going to be a 3D movie lol OH, and the SEXINESS on the screen was OVERWHELMING ! R. Pattz, T. Lautner, J. Rathbone, K. Luttz, X. Samuel.. very pleasing to the eye lol #TwiHard <3

  50. well, here’s the thing with me. I think I need to see it again to make a truly formed opinion. I’ll say what i can now though.

    For one, I think that the acting was much better in this one than the other ones. Like mentioned above, I thought that Xavier Samuel and Jackson Rathbone were amazing in this scene. Jackson just had so much charisma telling his story. Xavier was great, and my heart broke for him when he realized that Victoria really didn’t love him. I wish he didn’t have to die. I don’t know what i think of Bryce Dallas Howard. this is one of the gray areas in my head. Maybe i’ll comment about her again later. I thought all the other additions to the cast were great. I just wanted to pinch little seth clearwater’s cheeks he was so cute! Leah, perfect!

    I thought a lot of the scenes were just perfect. I loved the tent scene. right now, i think that was my favorite scene. The scene where Charlie and Bella discuss her virginity was priceless! I totally felt like i was in her shoes then. The leg hitch i didn’t think were things to be too hyped up about. The flashbacks I actually think were a little cheesy at times. They are another gray area for me.

    I definitely think they stuck closer to the book here than any other. I didn’t feel that many gaps. I just don’t know right now. I definitely need to see it again to make a better opinion about it.

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