Eclipse Enters US Supreme Court Discussions

For those of you who aren’t from the US. Our Senate is currently conducting a hearing to question a potential new member of the US Supreme Court. The discussion has gone from the serious to the ridiculous as the two parties which are in power in the US government grill this potential candidate.

We are usually politics free around here, but this didn’t comment on public policy so much as provide an amusing sidebar. For the sake of the moderators’ sanities can we request no political party bashing in the comments.

TY to various people who wrote in.


  1. That is wayyyyyyyyyy tooooooo funny!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL!

  3. Is this seriously what our country has come to?

  4. this is just so wrong!

  5. Totally hilarious and light-hearted!

  6. I agree with Sara.

  7. yeah,THIS is what our country has come to! Disgusted with these senators and congressmen!

  8. Oh RELAX!!! If you knew Amy Klobuchar you would get it. She’s a light-hearted mother of a 15 year old girl and she was trying to break the ice a bit after the opening statements of yesterday. Sheesh. (She’s also highly respected by BOTH sides of the Senate and even though Franken is her MN compatriot SHE is seen as the funny one, please see the last Washington Press Club’s Foundation dinner.)
    When Sotomayor was going through the same thing they asked about Perry Mason for the same reason, to lighten things up. Don’t worry. They went on to grill Kagan for the next 8+ hours.
    Take a deep breath before you lose your stuff. It was not n “Mission Accomplished” moment.

  9. OY! hahahah

  10. Wow!! that is funny!! love it!!

  11. We here in the States tend to get rather exasperated at our politicians due to the fact that they seem to be so out of touch with what’s really going on in the country. To have a Senator actually be in tune with pop culture through her child and be willing to add a little levity to an otherwise boring, grueling, and invasive process is very smart on her part. She is now making news and getting her name out in the media in a way that would’ve never been possible. Very savvy on her part. A light moment that will never be forgotten. Stephenie should be proud.

  12. la_petite_femme says:

    WOW there is something I thought I would never see! I LOVE IT!

  13. Haha! This is awesome, I love the American people, makes me REALLY want to visit America 🙂

  14. alexacharma says:

    on the other side its sad that the politics only can attract youth for more interest, with topisc like twilight- “omg” you know?

    • I’m confused. Are you saying Twilight isn’t a legitimate or proper topic for youth or are you saying that congress us using Twilight just to gain some sort of relevance with today’s youth?

      I think it’s funny. I mean, think about it, Twilight is so huge that it’s everywhere. The news, entertainment, pop culture and politics. It’s taking over. lol.

  15. anonimous2 says:

    Dear Eclipse fans,
    Eclipse is getting an unfairly low score in IMDB (3.2/10) and I suspect Twilight heaters for giving bad marks regardless to the movie’s quality. Let’s for those who sow the movie and liked it go to imdb website and fix this .
    Come on guys, Eclipse must get a better score ! it is the best in the saga this far!

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