Collider: Billy Burke From Comic Relief Charlie, to Music to Playing the Bad Guy

Billy Burke is nothing if not a straight shooter. He doesn’t mince words. Another great job from Collider.

One of the things that stands out about these films is the very real relationship between Bella and her father. Do you have a favorite scene between the two of you?

Billy: I remember working on the kitchen scene, where Charlie inadvertently tries to talk to her about sex and protection. That was actually quite fun. We had a good time with that.

Do you think that Charlie is more Team Jacob than Team Edward, when it comes to Bella, or do you think his feelings toward Edward are gradually changing, over the course of the films?

Billy: First of all, Charlie would never play that game. He would never play the team game, nor would I. I have no interest in that. But, he’s obviously got a bent towards Jacob. Jacob is the son of his best friend and he looks at him as a good kid who’s a clean, strong influence. He still doesn’t know that much about Edward, but obviously there’s something weird about him. Charlie would always bend towards Jacob.

Charlie seems to get a little upset, though, when he finds out that Jacob kissed Bella.

Billy: That would be with any kid kissing your daughter. That’s just the way it goes. My daughter is only two years old right now and I don’t look forward to those moments.”

See more on Collider (The closing statement is great.)

EDITED: Billy also called in to Pennsylvania’s  98.5 this morning. TY to Shannon


  1. Billy is a little older than some of the cast and well seasoned, I think he has such a great voice and he is a good actor naturally. He is so “normal and unpretentious”. He will be around for a long time. I love his dead pan strait shooter sensibilities. It is funny. Great interview.

  2. Jennifer L. says:

    LOVED BILLY BURKE as CHARLIE. it made me watch out for more father-daughter scenes with them.

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