MTV: David Slade, Deleted Scenes to Look Forward to on the DVD

Wonder what else will be on the DVD.


  1. as long as the commentary has some good people on then im good.

  2. Sad that they had to take out the Angela/Bella scene, but I can see why.

  3. Rob said he may consider doing a track for breaking dawn maybe. Imagine how perfect it would be to have Rob covering the song ‘strange and beautiful’ in the credits to breaking dawn part 2. That song perfectly sums up bella and edward’s relationship.


    Hey guys,
    The Fine Bros. on youtube made this 8-bit Twilight Eclipse game online. It’s a choose your own twilight ending via youtube and the graphics are just like nintendo!

    I thought others would enjoy seeing this as much as I did watching it. They did a great job on the graphics!

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