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I feel like I am living in some kind of weird alternative universe here. First The Hollywood reporter gives a positive review to Eclipse, and now Variety has done the same! Someone pinch me, because I swear I’m hallucinating!

“Taking a cue from the “Harry Potter” series, which maintains continuity on the writing and casting fronts while introducing a different feel with each change of director, the “Twilight” producers have embraced a variety of different visions behind the camera. Capitalizing on her indie sensibility and keenly observed teen insights, Catherine Hardwicke set the tone with the low-budget first film, with Chris Weitz expanding (and flattening) the world with his broader, daytime soap-opera style in “New Moon.” Now, the task falls to Slade, who clearly understands how to work with actors while also demonstrating a welcome competence in the action and melodrama departments.

It’s no easy task taking a piece of material auds already know inside-out and spinning it in such a way that individual scenes still generate tension and suspense. Slade sets us on edge from the outset with an atmospheric vignette merely alluded to in the book, as small-town boy Riley (Xavier Samuel) is ambushed and bitten by an unseen vampire in shadowy Seattle (looking every bit as ominous as Tim Burton’s Gotham City).

Slade and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg wisely intercut these puppy-love scenes with uneasy horror-movie jolts. After all, “Eclipse” builds not to a showdown between Edward and Jacob (no matter how often he takes off his shirt, the poor wolfboy will never be Bella’s first choice), but to an uneasy alliance between the Cullen clan and Jacob’s tribe of shape-shifters, united to protect Bella from the vengeance-seeking Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard, taking over the role from Rachelle Lefevre) and her army of “newborns,” undisciplined but super-strong new vampires.”

Read more on Variety (be warned obviously as a review it does cite some film specifics).


  1. JenniferS says

    It was nice to see something nice said about the film, though as a fan, it was hard to miss the little slaps in the face. Its like these people can stand to say anything nice about the Twilight series without throwing few hits in. This reviewer refers to the source material as “simple-minded” with a “muddled message” and refers to Meyer as a “poor scribe” who “exhausts herself trying to find synonyms for “perfection””. This gets old.

    • Yeah that part bothered me too(the bit about SM’s writing) I mean the first two books weren’t the greatest from a literary standpoint, but the fact they’re taking stabs at her over Eclipse is annoying. I think her writing in Eclipse and BD is much better than the first two.

  2. This movie is gonna be the best out of all of them. I just don’t want to get my hopes up and be let down like with New moon. but.. we shall see.

  3. I know. I had to read the review a couple of times before i realize they were insulting Ms Meyer work. It is like pulling teeth to get the critics to say anything nice bout these movies. One review praise Rob acting. They said he was good despite the makeup and the weird contacts. They say Taylor nearly stole the show with his ABS AND STEELY ACTING. Are you kidding me? ABS DO NOT EQUATE TO GOOD ACTING. Looking at the clips all he does is talk thru his teeth. Anyone could play that role. Also he is not the new IT BOY as the reviewer claims. His acting is adequate.

  4. Meyer Vampire says

    Yes, very grudging reviews. I think they call it “Damn with a faint praise.” Oh well, it’s still gonna be a summer blockbuster.

  5. i really hope jacob doesnt get “the sexier kiss” like they said!

  6. Oh I know! I was shocked this morning too! As soon as I opened THR I was prepared for sarcasim and they go and shock the caffiene outta my system with the “this may be the best one of the franchise yet” sentance. Gives me renewed hope that I’ll see something good.
    I wonder what EW will give it and I eagerly await Mr. Moviefone’s opinion on Friday morning.

  7. Jean Brown says

    I Hope he did not get the “sexier” kiss cause if that is the case then when she choose Edward it is going to be a let down. That article seem to favor Tay/Jacob anyway.

  8. i stopped caring what old crusty men think of this series a long time ago. we’re talking about guys whose favorite pastime is watching porn. why do we care what they think? we’re talking about male reviewers who love movies that pair up older ugly men with young scantily clad women. they don’t like the role reversal or us even being on equal footing.

  9. Adrielle says

    I try to stop reading reviews done by people who are paid to do so or are not even fans in the first place.

    But it’s still nice to know that even they admit EC is better.

  10. I really don’t think we have anything to worry about with the supposed “sexier” kiss between J/B,because from what I heard from an earlier review from the Sydney screening,it’s nothing to write home about. The reviewer said it looked like he was trying to chew her face. That’s not a good description of what their kiss was supposed to be like in the book. Perhaps I’m a bit biased because I’m a E/B fan,but I don’t think the J/B kiss is going to make the E/B scenes or her decision to be with Edward,as if she’s made the wrong choice. Besides this is J/B one big kiss scene verses all the E/B scenes,that I’ve heard are pretty hot. So I’m not going to worry about it too much. Maybe after we’ve seen the film,we’ll think it wasn’t as bad as it was described in this review.

    • Thanks for the warning. Of course I shouldn’t have been too surprised,since the review is by Michael Phelps,a guy who wouldn’t know how to have fun at a party,if he tried. Most of his reviews are cynical and I was surprised to say the least that he gave a good review for New Moon,although it was with a snarky comment that it’s a guilty pleasure. The saga is not just read by teenage girls and these reporters are basing their reviews that only that target audience will enjoy the film. Thanks again for warning,now I’ll know not to watch At the movies this week.

  11. Jean Brown says

    I Know i read the review also and youknow what SCREW THE CRITICS AND THE HATERS.They had already made up their minds before this movie was even made. Some of the reviewers probably like the Twilight movies but are to chicken to say so. I am sick of them bashing Rob and Kristen and making remarks about Rob’s hair. He is jealous because he is probably bald and fat and ugly. I am sick of them bashing every director that has work on these movies. These movies are fun to watch, the acting is good and they remain faithful to the books. We the fans love Kristen and Rob and we love them as Edward and Bella and that is all that matters


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