The Hollywood Reporter Reviews Eclipse

The Hollywood Reporter has their Eclipse review up. It’s not too spoilery as reviews go, but the movie is discussed. One interesting facet is that THR points out that in their opinion the major flaws of previous movies were not writing flaws per say, but what one is left to assume were acting, directorial and/or editing flaws.

It’s an interesting critique especially when movie critics are coming out loving this movie and Melissa Rosenberg has written all three, food for thought on whether fans who critique understand the difference between words on written page, words delivered by actors, words coached and shot by directors, and where the artistic license and interpretation for good or for bad lies.  It makes for interesting discussion if nothing else as to if the flaws in any given scenes were lack of insight on the writer’s, actor’s or director’s part or a combo of all three.  In short, it may not be obvious to the untrained eye where the fault lies.

‘It took three films, but “The Twilight Saga” finally nails just the right tone in “Eclipse,” a film that neatly balances the teenage operatic passions from Stephenie Meyer’s novels with the movies’ supernatural trappings.

Where the first film leaned heavily on camp and the second faltered through caution and slickness, “Eclipse” moves confidently into the heart of the matter — a love triangle that causes a young woman to realize choices lead to consequences that cannot be reversed.

With the momentum of a movie series that sees installments arriving like clockwork every year, “Eclipse” looks primed to be the most successful film yet in Summit Entertainment’s franchise. The action is pretty much relegated to the climax, but it’s nifty enough that young men may get into the series too even if “Eclipse” isn’t their first choice on a Friday night.”

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TY to James for the heads up.