Collider: Eclipse Premiere Photo Gallery

Christina Raddish, formerly of IESB, is now over at Collider. We are excited about this because Steve of Collider and Christina have long been two of our favorite journalists. Christina is also a great photojournalist. We have featured her photos a number of times. She just finished shooting the Eclipse carpet. (Photo above)

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  1. I’m not hating on anyone, so please don’t take this the wrong way anyone.

    Fantastic pictures of the Twilight crew. But what angers me is that they had pictures of A-Rod, Jayden Smith, The kardashians (on another site).. What do they have to do with Twilight? If I wanted to see pictures of them, I would have gone to their website. This is Eclipse, not baseball or reality tv.

    Other than that, everyone looked amazing. Two more days til Eclipse.

    • I agree I was thinking the same thing…..

    • because they were stars at the premiere not just the people that are in the movie go and its great that stars other then twilights went its cool to see who shows up to see it other then who we already know is going to be there

      • I agree with mama23. i enjoyed seeing pics of other actors. They must be there because they are fans of Twilight like we are & it’s cool to see who else loevs it.

        On another note, everyone looked absolutely beautiful! Yes, I’m pretty sure Christian & Dakota were wearing the same Louboutin shoes; Melissa Rosenberg really glammed it up this time; and Tinsel’s dress was just gorgeous!

        Oh yeah, I noticed Booboo, Bronson, Cameron & Kiowa wearing what looks like to be the same necklace/pendant. Wonder what that’s about?

  2. I know but what can u do bout it. Eclipse in 3 more days! I dont care what critics say because it is for the fans.

  3. Did anyone realize that Christian Serratos and Dakota Fanning wore the same pair of shoes (well they look the same in the photos)?! 🙂