Twilight Fan Tattoos and Twilight Night Madness!

Remember when Moviefone asked for your Twilight Tatoos?

Well, they just let us know that:

We got TONS of submissions. Check out the final, fabulous gallery here — they are amazing: Twilight Fan Tatoos

Next, we have ANOTHER giveaway! We’ve got some great prize packs just in time for our Twilight Night going on tomorrow — including a grand prize of a SIGNED script and passes to Twilight Night. If you haven’t heard about Moviefone’s Twilight Night (how could you?!) all the info is here: Moviefone’s Twilight Night

And the info on the giveaway (including other prize listings) go here: Giveaway Info

Finally, Moviefone’s Jenna Busch (who does our daily Moviefone Minute news video) was on the black carpet last night for the L.A. Eclipse premiere — and she got some great interviews with cast members…and the best part about this video? It’s short and sweet. Check it out:

See the entire article here


  1. I’m a TwiHard but I would never get a tatoo!!!

  2. eternitys_charm says:

    i caught a error on the tattoo description (i know just the description, whatever, i just thought it interesting seeing as how this person does not know this and they got a tattoo for it) the La Tua Cantante one, with the music notes around it. The person said it’s a quote from Eclipse…unless I’M the one mistaken, but La Tua Cantante comes out in New Moon, right? I know I’m weird for pointing that out, im just really bored xD

  3. bree castro says:

    I have the new moon quote la tau cantante tatooed on my leg. So this is great to see.

  4. There is nothing wrong with getting a Twilight tattoo of some kind. Tattoos are suppose to be something that is important or symbolic in your life. My boyfriend is a tattoo artist so we discuss the artwork that is meaningful to clients all the time.

    There is nothing silly about it be proud and who cares what others think!

  5. Awesomeness says:

    Do u need passes to go to the moviefone Twilight Night b/c I thought it was first come first serve

  6. I’m sorry, although I am a huge fan, I have to say that — with the possible exception of Rachael’s — they all look amateurish and terrible. And even hers doesn’t make sense on her hips. She’s saying that to everyone she just walked past (who is looking at her, uh, walk by)? I’m sorry, I thought they’d be awesome. But instead… So trashy. So ugly. And, while we all may remain huge Twilight fans forever, in 20 years, when we’re all very different people, the world has changed, and the tattoos have degraded into blurry black smudges, won’t the wearers look and feel kinda stupid? Won’t other people wonder if they are kinda stupid? Including people they really don’t want to think that? Like their grandchildren? Co-workers? Bosses? We’re not vampires. We all change. Everything changes. So why do something so permanent that will be chaining you to the past? In a blurry mess? I’m sorry, I really don’t get it.

  7. Awesomeness- At my location they are giving out wristbands. I was able to pick up mine yesterday. I know other places started giving out wrist bands at the beginning of the week. Call and ask.

  8. Melissa says:

    To James – I understand your perspective on it, and to say mine looks amateur and unprofessional, that’s your opinion. My opinion is, it looks amazing for what I had to go on. My own story on it is very dissimilar to others and for that, I will never regret getting what I have gotten. All three that I have are easily covered for work purposes…but if I want to show them off, I can.
    For anyone else that is supportive on the matter, thank you. I know Stephenie herself isn’t keen on them…but you also do have to realize with her being Mormon, they really don’t typically even GET tattoos or believe they’re allowed. I’m completely fine with her perspective, she’s a great person.

  9. Team Jacksper says:

    Oh….no, no,no. Some of these are just so wrong. I don’t care for tattoos in general so I’m sure that clouds my opinion.

    Kudos to you folks who like your tats but I sure don’t like them!

  10. Vanessa says:

    James: If you don’t like the tattoos, then that is your personal opinion. I don’t see why you had to come on here to talk about all of our tattoos like that. Having a tattoo takes courage to endure the pain, and most people are passionate about what they are placing on their skin. Some people get tattoos to mark where their life is right now. So when you mention the 20 years later, maybe this is why they did it. Most tattooed people aren’t worried about what others such as yourself are going to think about them. If you don’t like someones tattoo, don’t look at it. Keep your thoughts to yourself, and mind your own manners. I’m sure there are things about yourself that you do not like, and you wouldn’t want others publicly remarking on them. As far as the ink turning into black smudges, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Back in the early days of tattooing, yes some of the ink was low grade, and this did happen, but now the wear and tare of tattoos is mostly based off of care of the tattoo. I work in the tattoo industry, and have a little more insight to this than someone who just judges others tattoos.

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