MTV: David Slade on Bree Tanner

So what do you think?


  1. I like David Spade better..

  2. PamelaC says:

    Cool little tidbits from David Slade. I totally enjoyed the Bree Tanner book. It was so much fun to read a story that is still about Twilight but then from a newborn’s point of view, especially from a newborn such as Bree. If anyone hasn’t read it yet (and I doubt there are many that haven’t), read it ASAP. I think it’s still free online so you don’t have to buy it.

  3. I wouldn’t say no to seeing the short second life of bree tanner as a film!

  4. I wasn’t sure I would like the Bree Tanner story, but I really loved it. I think S.M. ended it well also.

    Eclipse is right around the corner-I can’t believe it’s finally here!

  5. “I maintain that that little book would actually make a great film.” 8-o

    • I know, right?! But does he say “would” or “will”? Does DS know something that we don’t? Doubtful, but here’s hoping!

  6. I was cast as a newborn vampire in Eclipse.
    Because I look like a prostitute!

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