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ashleyjacksoneclipseYou always get a better interview when the person doing the interview knows the material and has interviewed the person before. That’s what makes this interview with Ashley better than most.

“Now that you’ve finished the third film of the Twilight series, is being a part of this franchise everything you expected it to be?

Ashley Greene: “I don’t think I expected it to be this. It certainly hasn’t let me down in any way, but I don’t think any of us had any idea of the scale of what it would become and the phenomenon that it’s become. I don’t think you can really conjure that up in your head because when was the last time you have seen something like this happen?”

It hasn’t – not even with the cast of Harry Potter. Are you hounded all the time?

Ashley Greene: “Yes, there’s always paparazzi. I live in LA so I’m sure…I think if I lived in New York maybe, or Florida, but LA there are so many paparazzi it’s crazy. It isn’t too awful until it gets close to release dates. That’s when it gets crazy.”

Has it changed your perspective on acting in general, being part of a franchise like this?

Ashley Greene: “Not really. I love it just as much as the day I started. There isn’t anything to compare it with because I think in Hollywood, or in this profession, there’s really no plan. You’re never going to walk down the same road as somebody else, so I never had any kind of thought of how it would happen. I definitely know I’m lucky, and I definitely know it doesn’t happen for a lot of people. I’m just enjoying it right now. It’s opened up a ton of doors and I’m jumping at the opportunity and working like a maniac.”

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  1. Great interview 😉

  2. I agree w/Ashley on the scene in TW she wishes were in the movie. That was a neat part of the book & showing Alice & Bella’s relationship really starting to develop.

  3. great interview:)

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