Revised: Eclipse Stars on the Talk Shows

There are bound to be additions and changes here, but this is what we know is confirmed so far:

June 23:
Ashley Greene and Sia(soundtrack),     Jimmy Kimmel
June 24:
Bryce Dallas Howard,        The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Ashley Greene,       Chelsea Lately

June 28: (DAYTIME)
Taylor Lautner “Live with Regis and Kelly”
Taylor Lautner The Today Show

June 28: (NIGHTTIME)
Kristen Stewart,       The Late Show with David Letterman
Fanfarlo(soundtrack),         Last call With Carson Daily (repeat)
Elizabeth Reaser,      Jimmy Kimmel
Booboo Stewart         The George Lopez Show

June 29:
Kristen Stewart      The Today Show

June 29:
Nikki Reed        Jimmy Kimmel
Kristen Stewart   “Live with Regis and Kelly”

June 30:
Peter Facinelli         Jimmy Kimmel
Robert Pattinson         The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

July 1:
Taylor Lautner,     The Late Show with David Letterman
Dakota Fanning,      Jimmy Kimmel

July 6:
Nikki Reed “Live with Regis and Kelly”

July 7:
Bryce Dallas Howard “Live with Regis and Kelly”

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  1. Brittany says:

    Don’t forget about the Jimmy Kimmel Eclipse special Wednesday night at 10!

  2. It has Rob listed for being on Jay Leno on June 30th, he was just there on June 14th. Is that a typo and he will be somewhere else on the June 30th or is the same episode being re-aired on June 30th.

    • Umpteenth Twifan says:

      My DVR info shows it to be a repeat of the June 15 episode…the infamous one where Emma Roberts told Rob she was Team Jacob, and then had to sit next to him for the rest of the interview. Awkwaaaarrrd…

  3. I also have a question about Ashley Green being on Jimmy Kimmel June 23rd, that is the day that the huge Eclipse special is airing. I do know that Ashley is there for that, is that why is listed or is she taping a separate episode on June 23rd that will be aired on a later date?

  4. Remember “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Jimmy Kimmel special is this Wednesday 10e/9c!!!

  5. Kellan Lutz is on George Lopez on the 28th I know cause I have tickets

  6. Next week Lopez Tonight has Eclipse guests all week. You could sign up for tickets at the LA Eclipse Convention. Kellan was taping Monday. Booboo was taping first show Tuesday. “Surprise Guest” was taping second show Tuesday. I believe Wednesday was Kristen, Julia Jones and Billy Burke. Does anyone remember if there was anyone else? I think Charlie Bewley might have been there too.

  7. I wanted to see some people on Jimmy Fallon, but oh well

  8. Honestly, I usually bypass all those things and thank god I can go to the Lexi and its all there for me in one place…if I haven’t thanked them lately, thank you Lexi.

  9. VirgiLia says:

    I too noticed the June 30th Jay Leno date. He has already promoted the movie on Leno just a few days ago. Why would he be on again? Is it a way to boost ratings? Or maybe a repeat.

  10. Surferchick says:

    I checked the June 30 Leno show on my channel guide and it is exactly the same as the June 15 show (Rob, Emma Roberts, same musical guest). It looks like a repeat. Is my channel guide wrong? BTW, love you guys for keeping us informed! Loved meeting you at the Eclipse Convention. Love, love, love you!!

  11. vamp1901 says:

    I think it would be funny to see the cast on George Lopez’s show.

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