Moviefone: Twilight Trivia by Twilight Fansites

moviefone-logo-195x68We’ve all played those trivia games that ask questions that they think are hard like “What kind of car does Edward drive?” and we all secretly groan. Well Moviefone decided it wanted some truly tough Twilight trivia and they asked a variety of fansites including ours for questions.

Go check it out and see how you do. Thank you to Moviefone for asking us to do something like this for the fans!


  1. Lorrainebow says:

    Either those questions are too easy, or I am as obsessed as people tell me I am. 🙂

  2. I think Question 11 is worded wrong.

  3. Brumfondl says:

    @ A Mom – Q11 is definitely wrong as it should go Bella, Renesmee.

    I got three wrong, all movie related so I don’t feel too bad about that. Most of the questions did seem rather easy 🙂


  4. Rbdouglass says:

    The answer to question 11 ( who is the oldest Cullen by human birthdate is wrong……in Eclipse, Edwardtells Bella that Esmee is actually 3 years older than Carlise

    • But Carlisle was born in the 1600’s I think. So he was born first. The point in the book he’s trying to make is… let’s say Carlisle was turned at 21 and Esmee was turned at 24, and since they will forever be that age, she is three years older.

      • I agree I think Carlisle had been a vampire for a while and was lonely so turned Edward and Esme to save them right?

        • Shannon says:

          Carlisle had been a vamp since the 1600’s I believe so yeah WAY before anyone. I think the answer wasn’t purposely written that way, someone just didn’t pay attention to what they wrote.

  5. yeah that wasnt a tough quiz at all x

  6. Easy but I think we all agree 11 is wrong also the one about the wolf pack is wrong. Taylor is not Native American. A small part yet but not in the same way the others are.

    • Yeah 11 is wrong… they renesme as older than her mother.
      I think Taylor has Native American on his mom’s side… but I could be wrong. He’s not full Native american like most the others

  7. I love these quizes just for fun. Only missed one. Didn’t know the house was green. We all know Bella and Renesmee need to be switched in 11.

    • Me too! thats the only one i got wrong. Im not a big Jacob fan so I had no idea his house was green “originally” on set.

      • The question about what color jacob’s house was before it was painted red was on the Target New Moon dvd version special features disc.

  8. only missed, two.. the dumb apple question and also the one about rob’s sister singing… not bad considering I have only read and seen the movies twice.

  9. Wow. This is the hardest quiz they could dish out? They were all easy questions! I bet that Twilight Lexicon could make a much better quiz all by themselves!

  10. Heart Song says:

    I was almost hoping to do poorly just so I could finally say I’m over my obsession, but no, if you don’t count #11 which is incorrect, I got 100%. **sigh**
    Why would they think that Renesme is older than Bella? Give me a break.

  11. Martina says:

    I only got #28 wrong. Not such a big Taylor fan (not enough to learn his biography by heart anyway) so I had no idea he was part Native American. And then of course, #11 is just plain wrong, I don’t think it’s even fair to count it. So in the end I got 28 out of 29 (I am so NOT considering all 30 of them!). That means 96-point-something percent. I daresay it’s pretty good.

  12. Christine says:

    Was that a very easy quiz or it’s just my addiction for Twilight? 😀

  13. Olympic Coven says:

    I kept expecting the next question would be tougher as I scrolled thru them. Do recommend they fix #11. I definitely have OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder).

  14. I agree with everyone, WAY too easy! And of course #11 is wrong…THOUGH I agree with the above comment, the Lexicon should creat a quiz for us twi-obsessed. These generic sites just don’t get how truly devoted we are to both the books and the movies.

  15. #11 is a tricky question, but correct. Carlise was born, he thinks, in the sixten forties. Esme was born in 1895. While Esme is three years older than Carlise she was born several hundred years later then him.
    I didn’t think 28 was correct. I seem to remember reading somewhere that there was some controversy over the fact that not all Native American parts were played by Native Americans, and that some ony “discovered” their Native American heritage after they signed on for the films.

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