20 Questions With Billy Burke

With the release of both my debut album and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse falling within nearly a week of one another, I’ve been (needless to say) spread a little thin these days. With so much stuff going on, I feel like I haven’t been as accessible to you the subscribers as I’d like to be. One of the things that’s been so rewarding about the way we’ve decided to release this album is that with all the amazing comments, emails, tweets, and other interactive elements we’ve been employing, it’s created an atmosphere that’s a lot more intimate than these things normally are… and I like it.

In that spirit, I wanna take some time to talk about the things YOU ALL might wanna talk about. Instead of listening to some silly lame ass ask me if I’m team Edward or team Jacob, I think it might be fun to open the floor to some questions from the people that really matter.

Here’s how it’s gonna work:
You have a question? Post it in the comment field below. We’ll select 20 of them (or more depending on time constraints), I’ll video record the answers and whatever else the questions might evoke, then we’ll shoot you a link via email that hooks you up to where you can find the results.

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  1. Having done two of the most well known fan franchise series, star trek deep space nine and now twilight. Do you prefer fantasy or drama roles?

  2. I wouldn’t ask Billy this directly, but does anyone know why he doesn’t seem to do much press. I see characters that I consider minor compared to Charlie Swan at the conventions/in interviews, but I never see him. Maybe I’m just missing his stuff? All the cast/directors always talk about how great he is, so I would think he’d be out there too promoting.

    • Aleisha, maybe my question to Billy will help answer your question…With all the things you have been doing lately, with recording and releasing your new album, The Twi-series, plus all the inbetween things, how do you manage to squeeze in family time with your new daughter? How old is she now, and are you totally wrapped around her little finger already? lol

  3. I noticed that relived had a very blues feel to it, what/who are your musical influences and how does that affect your writing process?

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