Moviefone Eclipse PreScreening Giveaway


This just in from Moviefone:

I promised you cool things from Moviefone — and I keep my promises! Get this: we’re giving away free advanced screening passes to Eclipse in 10 different cities!!! There will be 5 winners from each of the following cities:

Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco
Washington DC

Now — this isn’t a trip (like Moviefone’s previous Facebook giveaway) — but hey, catching Eclipse for FREE before it opens in theaters is still pretty freaking cool! For all the other details/to enter, go here:


  1. What about Chicago land area?:(

  2. Exactly!! I’m SOOO sick of Chi-town being left out of stuff…we are a major city, and an amazing city at that…this is crap!!

  3. Brad Lee says

    Ummmm this is crap!!!! I live in the greatist city in the country! Chicago! There’s no love for us? Damn 🙁

  4. does anyone know where the pre screening in NYC is going to be held at?

  5. My sister is a twilight fan. We watched twilight together and our bonding moments. Thanks for sharing.