Emma Roberts Deletes Twitter Because of Massive Twilight Trolling Maybe Not

Yesterday morning right as I was doing the news at approximately 9:00am est I picked up on the fact that apparently something went down Twilight related to supposedly cause actress Emma Roberts to delete her Twitter account. I decided to investigate. Below is what I did to investigate anyone can duplicate these results:

1.  Using a Google search I discovered that the name of Emma Robert’s (unverified) twitter was RobertsEmma. I tried to then click on the link and discovered that the account was in fact deleted.

2. I then noticed that there was a Google cached version I clicked on that page whose last tweet showed that she was about to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Robert Pattinson. It also showed her follower count number at 174,134.  Emma herself was following 43 people who were all celebrities or connected to the entertainment industry in some regard. She was not following fan accounts. (See screen cap here and here. Google cache took this record on Jun 15, 2010 12:05:16 GMT).

3. I then put the following in the twitter search @robertsemma because I wanted to see what massive hate had apparently been sent to Emma. It took me about 5-7 minutes to click back enough times to get to tweets that happened starting from her first appearance on screen (Remember I did this at 9:00am est roughly  8.5 hours after her appearance went live on the East Coast TV, any one can do the same, and replicate these same results, but now an entire day later it’s going to take you considerably longer to do this.). I looked at all the tweets sent to her from her appearance through 9:00am yesterday morning.  I am uncertain as to the exact time her account was deleted, so I do not know which was the last message that she saw. I discovered the following:

A. 10-15 people being supportive of her appearance, her career in general, etc.

B. 10-15 people stating things like ew team Jake, Team Edward all the way (personally I wouldn’t categorize that as a disagreement not so much as hate)

C. 5-6 people who I would call an embarrassment to any fandom for some really despicable comments that I can’t print here.

D. Many, many, many tweets to Emma of people being supportive and apologizing for crazies

Here are the observations I made yesterday morning at approximately 9:00 am on the Lexicon Twitter account right after conducting the search typos and all:

I just traced the supposed massive @robertsemma hate that supposedly caused her to delete her twitter. It’s like 5 crazy people not 1,000’s

Run trace on @robertsemma tweets & see for yourself. Like 5 crazies. rest are either supportive/polite disagree/RT of her sparkle tweet[ NOTE: I meant to say statement on the show, but said tweet by mistake I don’t feel this significantly changed the context.]

Unless I am missing the obvious, not see 1,000’s of hate messages directed @robertsemma. Took me less than 5 minutes to complete the search

Also check out the screen names of some of the haters and their avi’s one in articular is an OBVIOUS troll just based on the name

Not saying the haters r right, just saying like 5 haters when you r a celebrity after talk show appearance vs what was over 100K followers

good point RT @VictoriaBSB u wont see all the that bully cuz most of them may have their accounts block so they (cont) http://tl.gd/1tqof0 [NOTE: I later tested and you can’t see what a person who has their account locked says using your @ name. Therefore, if there was hate spewed in that fashion she never saw it. If it was public when tweeted it stays in public view.]

@SherS90 That many deleting? Seems unlikely if they r crazy/felt strongly about it they’d leave it, but I grant you the now private we can’t see[Note: references people making a tweet and then making their account private and or deleting the tweet]

Anyway just saying if I had 100K followers even if it were 1,000 haters, I’d dig in my heels and be like I’m staying not letting you win

So today, E! has run a story stating it was a massive storm of crazy Team Jacob people that caused Emma Roberts to delete her twitter.

Here are my final thoughts:

1. I personally find it highly unlikely that 1,000 of haters suddenly deleted their hate messages. Tweets that are from unlocked accounts at the time they are tweeted remain visible. They do not disappear if the user then locks the account. They only disappear if the user deletes them.Crazy people tend not to know they are crazy and they stick by their actions.  Even if only 10% of 1,000 hateful messages remained I should have seen 100 hateful and vile messages.  I did not. I saw repetitive what I would term hateful and vile messages from 5-6 people who I personally hope someone TOSed their sorry butts to Twitter from breaking the harassment code!

2. I am by no means defending the people who wrote messages that were personal attacks upon Emma Roberts. I have no real issue with people stating “ewww Team Jake, team Edward all the way” which is opinion not an attack in my view. I do have a serious issue with people who tweet things along the line of “You stupid effin b@#*& youre whore”, and there were approximately 5-6 of those who I saw.

3. Emma Roberts certainly has the right to delete her twitter if she wants, and I certainly can’t quantify the number of people she had to hear from before she personally felt threatened. No one should have to put up with a vile personal attack via Twitter, paparazzi, stalker, whoever.

4. Emma Roberts has not issued any statement on why she deleted this twitter account(which again was an unverified account).

5. In the end was their hate? Yes.  Was this hate justifiable and should it be defended? A RESOUNDING NO! Would I qualify it as a groundswell? No. Do I think it indicative of the Twilight fandom was a whole? No

6. My personal message to the minority I witnessed who were idiots, “I think you are a bunch of asinine miscreants that made the rest of us look bad. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for perpetuating the stereotype of the vapid and emotionally unstable, and illogical woman with a vendetta. Karma has a way of coming back at people, no doubt you will eventually get yours.”  To the rest of the Twilight fandom who are crazy and passionate in a good way, rock on…or should I say sparkle on!


  1. EMMA ROBERTS DOES NOT HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT. So, the story is completely bogus. She has stated numerous times in Harry Potter related press that she does not have any social media accounts – no Twitter, no MySpace, No Facebook. She only has her official website. So, E! News needs to check their facts!

    • Brittany says:

      I think you are referring to Emma Watson who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films.

      Emma Roberts is Julia Roberts niece. She has starred in Nancy Drew, Hotel For Dogs, Valentine’s Day, etc.

    • Emma Roberts is not in Harry Potter, that is Emma Watson you are thinking of.

  2. Moonbeam says:

    The media loves to stereotype things in a bad way. This includes any and all kinds of fandom, particularly Twilight.

    So sorry Emma Roberts got 5-6 bad tweets aimed at her, and shame on those who did it. But it’s heartwarming to hear that many more people wrote to her to apologize and support her.

    She seems like a decent kid, (even if she did demonstrate a complete lack of good taste). :p

  3. LOVE your message to the miscreants!!! <3

  4. I have to be honest – I was offended by what I saw when Emma Roberts was on Jay Leno. It has nothing to do with her being “Team Jacob”. It was the comment she made afterwards when she asked if she had to continue sitting by Rob. She didn’t laugh or smile to make me think it was a joke and even Rob looked shocked when he asked her to repeat what she had just said.

  5. I cannot believe the sheer stupidity of some people. THIS is what gives fandoms a bad name…

  6. lissa, I think you mean Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame. This was Emma Roberts who was on Jay Leno.

  7. Veronica says:

    I definately ready that online article that E News made and it made me feel truely embarrased to be a Twilight fan.
    I’m so glad you posted this on your site. Now I don’t feel as bad as I did before. (Though I’m still dissappointed that a few of the fans went to that extreme.) E News likes drama so I won’t pay attention to them as much and I think the real reason Emma Roberts picked Team Jacob is because she did a little movie called “Valentine’s Day” with Taylor. She’s was probably take her friends side since she didn’t even know Robert like that. I was not offended in any way when she said she was Team Jacob.
    Everyone deserves their right to an opinion. She was just stating her. I give her props to be able to say it honestly to Rob’s face like that though, instead of being fake.
    Okay, I’m done now.
    (Btw, I’m Team Edward)

  8. to lissa-swetie you need to get your facts straight. Emma Roberts is not in the Harry Potter movies.

  9. Jennifer says:

    It had nothing to do with the team Jacob team Edward thing at all, not to mention all the team Jacob people are really team Edward deep down anyway. She was beyong rude to him in general. Not sure if she is so immature that she thought by being a little mean to him she’d look cool & he’d like her or what but instead she made herself look like a fool. If she wanted to delete her account over a handful of people telling her that she is a bitch or telling her that she pissed some people off then so be it. Maybe she should have been more friendly to Rob. He’s so sweet & really doesn’t deserve to be treated mean.

  10. I saw the comments being made about her that night and it was definitely more than 5 or 6 mean tweets. Some people called her a c**t. Some people called her a bitch, some of people were happy that she deleted her account(if its hers) some people were saying that she wants attention, that she’s a nobody, that she’s jealous. I felt embarrassed to be part of this fandom. And this happens all the time. If somebody tweets… I dont like Kristens dress, they get tweet attacked by a bunch of loonies with horrible insults. This kind of behavior from Twilight fans doesn’t surprise me.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Run the search yourself, it’s 5-6 people with multiple tweets. The evidence or lack thereof is still there unless 1,000 spontaneously deleted and that seems improbable.

      • It’s ridiculous that even after she deleted her account people still bashed on her. I think there are way more than 5-6 tweets, plus there are many retweets and what’s even worse is that even people who blog on twilight like Malicious Mandy shared their rude comments through twitter. People need etiquette on how to express themselves online. I’ve always been proud to be a Twifan but this is shameful to us who like to think before posting something hateful. BTW Team Jacob but I like Edward and Rob too.

    • Brittany says:

      I’m looking at the tweets now, and there were definitely more than 5-6 people bashing her that night. It started well before the show aired on the east coast.

    • Claudia Martinez says:

      but then again,not all Twilight fans are like that..its not fair to generalize and say all Twilgiht fans are like that..and i dont think she said it to be mean,thats her personal opinion.She was asked a question and answered it honestly,thats all.why make such a big deal over it..

    • i completely agree…i love twilight…but sometimes the fandom gets way too out of control. the tweets from people that were at the taping were really disrespectful towards emma as well. hypocrites? i was at the taping and all the people that weren’t there for rob laughed and didn’t see anything wrong with what she said. sometimes some twilight fans are too narrow minded in my opinion. and i’m a twilght fan! so we get stereotyped the way the majority seems to be acting. there were even tweets saying emma can “kiss her career goodbye” for “disrespecting” rob. and tweets saying she can’t act and asking who she is. and if she’s ever had a job. narrow minded much? check out emmas imdb for crying out loud!! i LOVE twilight…but thats not ALL i know about in the movie industry. but thats just my opinion…

  11. It just shows what a kid she is to delete an account(followed my many loving fans) over something so trivial. I know it must have hurt but she won’t last long in the industry with such a thin skin. I’m by no means condoning anything but forcryin’outloud people.

  12. I was shocked how this incident got so crazy. Was Emma rude to Rob? Yea, I guess. Did he handle himself? Hell, yea. He gave it right back to her. Rob is a grown man. I am not sure why some crazy people feel the need to be so vicious on his behalf. It is disheartening that the crazy acts of some fans somehow gets translated to the entire fandom. Shame on media outlets for picking this crap up. Thanks to Twilight Lexicon for posting this. There are WAY more fans that express their love for this fandom in more productive ways than the few crazies that take it to the extreme. It is just sad that the crazies just seem to get the most attention.

  13. Sipriana says:

    wat was the hate for she didn’t do anything wrong team jacob is a great team team edward is too

  14. Claudia Martinez says:

    its sooo embarrasing now for the rest of us who are real Twilight fans..and it is def not right what they did,but why would you delete your account for only 5-6 people,that doesnt make any sense to me,thats like telling them they are right about what they said about you..

  15. I’m done with this and honestly their crazies out there but most Twilight fans are awesome and I don’t appreciate being labeled like this and E! can do what they want to get people reading but WHATEVER.
    There are millions of Twilight fans and basing it on a thousand sounds absurd to me. I’m sorry just how I feel.

  16. No matter what crazy ppl decide to do or what news shows decide to say about it, I won’t be embarrassed to be a Twilight fan. Lots of ppl here are saying that after finding out about this they are embarrassed to be fans, but twilight is not the only thing to have psycho fans who take it to far. Pretty much everything does, not just twilight. Ppl are just using this excuse to knock twilight and us fans. So…too bad about the crazies but it comes with the territory. Just be more careful about what u say if ur that sensitive.

  17. I’ve heard if there is 1 negative comment to someone, it takes at least 15 positive comments to erase the negative one.

  18. It really saddens me that this shines a dark light on Twilight fans. Being a Twilight fan isn’t easy all of the time, we have to deal with peoples comments and snickers about our fandom. And then when you hear about idiots taking it to the extreme, ugh! It just makes me soo upset! Twilight Fandom is universal, covers all ages and races… I guess there always has to be crazies out there, I just wish the media wouldn’t choose to highlight the crazy ones versus the ones who truly appreciate and care about the books and movies. Sometimes you crazies take it too far, you make us all look bad! Get a grip on reality!!! To all my fellow twilighters who don’t need a psychiatrist, this too shall pass!

  19. seriously she is not worth the time and shes not even that famous who would spend time harassing her on twitter

  20. mschicklet says:

    Wow y’all have a lot of time on your hands to analyze this 🙂

  21. omg..my bf is personal friends with the Roberts actress and her aunt. She says that although Emma may be a tad jealous of the Twilight stars notoriety, and is a bit spoiled…she is still a nice person in general. I think people took her banter with Rob just a bit too personally…come on! It was fine! Rob is fine! Everyone is just fine!

  22. Lana .C says:

    ok um wow im a HUGE tiwlight fan and team edwaed alll the way =)
    But….this is sooooooooooo stupid!

  23. Here’s what happened: when she stated that she was Team Jacob (and I think it is due to the fact that she was in Valentine’s Day with Taylor) and Rob made the response he did (which I loved, his quick British wit, you go Rob!) then she tried to make a teasing reply and she’s just not very good at it and it can off badly and went downhill from there. Some people know how to tease without being mean-spirited and some people don’t. Now can we please move on?

  24. I meant to say “came off badly”.

  25. See, this is why I am Team Volturi; no drama for us!!!

    BTW..love ya Rob. Great comeback.

  26. that night “Emma Roberts” was a trending topic and if you went through those tweets there were WAY WAY WAY more than just a handful of people saying things that were totally uncalled for.

    and it was her twitter…she had confirmed it on jimmy fallon awhile back…

  27. Jennifer says:

    This is such a shame. And of course, it will garner the wrong kind of attention for Twilight fans. There are people out there who are going to think we’re nuts no matter what, but idiots like these just increase those thoughts exponentially.

    And I heartily second your personal message to the idiots. Well said!

  28. FYI, I´ve been following Emma for a very long time and it´s really her.

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