Extra: An Eclipse Gallery of Fun

Normally we aren’t too big on posting photo gallery spreads with no article, but this was just funny. It was great to see the stars cut loose for EXTRA after an exhausting two days of press junkets.

There are like 40 more total goofball photos here.


  1. How fun! Love seeing them ham it up. =)

  2. It is fun to see the Twilight Cast able to cut loose and have some time show their humorous sides to them.

  3. Sara cooper says

    who is that with Kristen?

  4. …that’s cute…and I’m not a cutesy kinda person

  5. Jennifer L. says

    ROFL. looks fun. too bad RPattz ain’t there.

  6. i love ashley, kellan, and jackson to pieces – but my favorite group shots from this were liz, peter, and nikki… anybody wondering, i think the girl in pics with kristen (and, i think, the rob ones) works for extra…

  7. Why does Niki Reed look like she’s trying to bite her own hands? 🙂

  8. Amazing pics….My fav ones are d ones with ashley, jackson n kellan. The expressions on kellan’s face r so hilarious =D