On The Red Carpet Talks to Mike Welch

Mike really shows the long-term industry actor that he is. In our opinion, of the younger,minor members of the Twilight cast the only people with better resumes as far as duration and quality are Anna Kendrick and Dakota Fanning.


  1. I was really disappointed in Glee when they made that joke about Kristen. Someone on another board said it best, Glee is about acceptance, not the bully picking on the shy, awkward girl. I just expected more from them.

  2. It was awesome when he said “.. and there happens to be a lot of gravy.” Seems like a smart dude.

  3. what was in glee?

    • They did a spoof on the vampire craze and the one girl who dresses in darker clothes said that her mom wouldnt allow her to watch any Twilight movies because she thought that Kristen Stewart was a b*tch.

  4. Mike is such quality himself, I doubt he would ever bad mouth someone even if he had a problem with them. Team Mike!

  5. raven4mi says:

    He seems like a pretty together guy. And I love the longer hair. Looks great on him.

  6. emerson says:

    That was a bunch of nice things he said about Kristen! He really admires her. That’s sweet.

  7. He kinda looks like Richard Speight Jr.

  8. mike seems so cool, he’s a really talented actor, and just seems classy and smart and like a really genuinely nice guy. i like how he knows he has a small part and he’s totally cool with that and just happy to be a part of the whole thing and is grateful for his chance. very cool.

  9. arazcal says:

    Go Team Mike! What a well spoken, level-headed kinda guy. Great interview 😉

  10. Loved his comment about hiking rim to rim of Grand Canyon; I wanted to do that for my 60th b-day, but wasn’t in good enough shape in time. He certainly does seem to be a very level headed person. Nice comments about Kristen after all the flak she’s been getting lately. Look forward to seeing his other movies.

  11. mek mek says:

    OMG how old is Michael Welch! I’ve seen him in interviews before and thought he was hilariously funny but this just adds to his awesomeness! I think im Team M.Welch. He seems so mature, humble and GENUINE I love it. I too look forward to his new movies and wish him a long successful life in the business. Hope he keeps that outlook!

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