Peter Facinelli: New Directors is a Good Thing, New Actors As Family Members…Not So Much

Peter Facinelli spoke to Access Hollywood about his personal feeling regarding shifts in cast members (avoided when Ashely Greene and Kellan Lutz signed on for Breaking Dawn) and directors.

Peter on replacement cast members:

“I thought that would be really weird to have to act against other people and all of a sudden those are your family members…I’m glad it all worked out,” Peter said. “I think it would have been silly in the end if, or it would have watered down the franchise if all of a sudden we had a whole new family.”

Peter on changing directors each film:

“It’s exciting. To be able to jump from that talent pool to another talent, from one talent to another like that, it’s great because you get a whole new perspective, it’s fresh,” he said. “You don’t get complacent because you’ve done three movies with the same director and all of a sudden it’s like, ‘OK, let’s do this again…It’s probably more scary for the director to come in,” Peter added. “They have big shoes to fill from the last director that made the franchise successful and a lot more people will putting your movie under a microscope.”

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  1. alexandra says:

    So true,i totally agree with the last part.Twilight hardcore fans are sooo harsh sometimes.

  2. mek mek says:

    I agree with Peter also. Like the books we (the fans)fall in love with the characters and the same goes for the movies and actors. We love those actors and feel that management should do everything in their power to keep our actors the same throughout the series. However, directors come with diferent visions which can make the storytelling on film better or different or both.

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