CNN Wants Your Video Questions

Robert_Kristen_kissCNN just brought this to our attention, and  this is actually pretty cool. Instead of just saying, “Kelli from Muncie wants to know…” you get to actually be on CNN (granted on tape) asking your question.

“Calling all Twi-hards: What if you had 15 seconds to ask anything you want of the cast of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse?” Well, now you do!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning and the rest of the cast will be sitting down with CNN this weekend and will be taking your iReport questions on video.”

Get the full details here.


  1. Somethingblue says:

    I adore the Muncie reference! 😉

  2. It’s not a ?? I would ask,but just to say that you have change vampire movie forever robert and kristen,They have brought a sweet side to them that has never been showen and for these 2 actor too be pick for this saga is wonderful..They really have made vampire movie history.ty both just wish i could meet ya,you two are my farvoite stars ever!!!!

  3. Linda, Houston, TX says:

    When is this going to be televised? I want to DVR it.

    • jody lynn says:

      i was looking at all the trailers and clips of eclipse and i hate to break anybodies hearts but i don’t think the kiss between bella and jacob happens in the tent. If you notice what jacob is wearing in the clip they showed on mtv where bella takes off with him on the bike he is wearing a black shirt and the clip in the trailer where jacob and bella are taling he is wearing a black shirt and the clip where jacob and edward are fighting he is wearing a black shirt. I think the kiss happens when jacob and bella are talking and if u look at that scene in the trailer he look like he leans in to kiss her and the camera cuts to a different shot. i think that is where the kiss takes place.

  4. I submitted a question… man that is nerve racking!
    Anybody else from Twilight Lexicon put up a question? 🙂

    here is mine

    I’d like to see yours too!

  5. does anyone know when this is going to air?

  6. They picked my question for Rob! Haven’t posted the interviews yet though, I wonder why. Hopefully, they’ll come out this week seeing as the movie’s out on Wednesday! haha


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