Bree Tanner Rocking the UK Sales Charts

According to the UK newspaper The Guardian,

“Meyer’s The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, told from the perspective of a newly created vampire, was published in the UK at 5.05am on 5 June and went on to sell almost 90,000 copies that day – taking the number one slot “by a hefty margin”, according to book sales monitor Nielsen BookScan. This is despite Meyer making the book available for free online until 5 July.

“People were queuing at our Milton Keynes branch from 4.30am,” said Waterstone’s spokesman Jon Howells. Copies of the strictly-embargoed book were delivered to Waterstone’s Piccadilly branch in a coffin.

“It’s our fastest-selling book so far this year and it may be the fastest-selling book of the year … it will be pretty tough to beat it,” Howells said. “It’s our biggest book since Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. Offering it online for free is a nice touch [but] I don’t think it’s a big deal. Pretty much every Twilight fan will want not just to read it, but also to own it. It’s shaping up to be a big ‘un.”

Pictured above is Heloise Devaux who won a competition to receive the book first at the flagship Waterstone’s store. Photo credit: Tim Ireland/PA

The New York Times Bestseller list that The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner qualifies for won’t be out until June 20. There is always a two-week lag between release and tracking for that list.  Other noted lists like The Wall street journal and USA today should be available next week.

See the full story on The Guardian.


  1. What the hell are those guys doing without their shirts ? haha ..

    • Yeah I was totally thinking the same thing LOL. What do shirtless guy shave to do with winning a book 😉

      • Mella Cullen says:

        Ha ha ha! I, too, am wondering the same thing! Are they supposed to be lesser known members of the wolfpack? lolz

        • What’s funny is that their promoting Bree Tanner and well the book doesn’t have any werewolves haha ..
          Way to promote something that doesn’t exist and I’m sure a lot of girls love the shirt less men but when reading the books I didn’t get it as a sexual thing like people think it is.

    • I’m sorry… Did you say something. I was too busy staring at the shirtless guys.

      • Maybe if you buy the book, it comes with a shirtless guy??

      • I think that after Breaking Dawn, Steph might release Midnight Sun because it is such a sought after book.

        IMO, because the Twilight series will be over, and then BAM..! Midnight Sun. Do you know how much she will make because us die-hard Twilight fans have been waiting for it for so long?

        • Twilight dreamer says:

          Midnight sun!!! Ok, Edward is an amazing perspective! I swear it would be a better seller than Twilight! And maybe more from his perspective or the future of the cullens, wolves, renesmee ect. All that good stuff! Im going to read Msun again right now!

  2. Yay Twilight fans in UK ! That’s amazing it’s doing well even though it’s free.
    That’s the power of Twilight and Stephenie Meyer.

  3. I’m a huge Stephanie Meyer (and Twilight) fan but I thought “The short second life of Bree Tanner” was disappointing.
    Trying to compress a love story for Bree into such a short nevelette seemed forced and unbeleivable (she knew it was a trap but went anyway – in order to save her soul mate who she knew for a whole 2 days and hung out with for a couple hours one night – what?) And Riley goes out of his way to make sure a worthless newborn (Bree) goes along, even torturing her “mate” to get inside info to fool her, but makes almost no effort to make Fred join them when Fred’s repel ability could have changed the outcome of the entire fight. There were some good moments in the book, like the cave scene and what Bree thinks of the Cullens, but overall it offered little additional insight into the world of twilight.
    Steph – It was way cool of you to put this out there for free (even though I bought it anyway) but please start writing the follow up to the Host rather than continuing to rehash the same story from countless different angles.

    • I wasn’t disappointed. I thought the two kisses were sweet but yes it didn’t need to be there. But I actually liked the journey I felt like I was on. But the book was free and just an extra for us fans.
      With that many pages I don’t think Stephenie Meyer could really fit a whole story into this novella.
      I think it needed to be longer to tell more of the newborns and more of Bree’s story before and for everyone to be fully satisfied but I still liked it a lot.

  4. I got it .. but was disappointed, the 200 pages.. where of such a large font, the book took about 2 hours read cover to cover. A more standard font, would of left the book about 60-70 pages …

    That said, it was still a good read… I liked the ending too … well the thinks Bree was thinking at the end… (her death is a tragedy though).

    Stephanie needs to wake up and take note… there is a MASSIVE DEMAND for a new full series novel … and the sooner it is out, the sooner fans will be able to SHATTER records for fastest book sales…. I think there is mor ethen enough lose ends from the previous books that can be tied up, and an endless possible new adventures for such a young vampire to get into…. along with her daugther and her wolf.

    • Absolutely agree. Steph could launch a new 4 book series picking up where BD left off. But whether she does that or the next 2 Host books I just want to see something new from her! I dont need Alice’s version of Twilight and Edwards version of Twilight, etc – please give us something new – and soon!

      • It’s almost like she is having 1st person remorse. If she wants us to know all of the characters points of view than she should change her writing style to 3rd person rather than writing multiple books covering the same story.

  5. I want Midnight Sun!!!!!! What a frustration!!!!! That’s all I can say…I want to read Edward’s thoughts through out the Saga….please please please Stephanie…how about a nice present for all your millions of millions of fans that are dying to read Midnight Sun and maybe an entire Saga from Edward’s thoughts pleaseeeeeeeeee

  6. Twilight dreamer says:

    Loved loved loved The short second life of Bree tanner! It was interesting to see it from a different angle but im more of a Edward/bella all the time sort of thing…but thats just me! After Breaking Dawn what will us twi-hards do? Waiting 4 bd what will we do? Midnight sun is magic I read and fell in love Edwards mind is so complex and beutiful. (dreamy sigh) it would rock as a book. It hit me the other day why stop at just Twilight from Edwards prospective? It was just a tiny idea at a book club but…what about a book with a few crucial moments from each book from Edwards prospective? What was he thinking as jasper attacked in Nm? what about as he left Bella? Chapter 20 in eclipse? the wedding of bd? bellas bruises in bd? just a few of fan favorites or SM’s favs? Just an idea… Anyway loved Bree!

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