Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart: Two Stars Same Shirt

kristenAshelyoutfitIt’s no secret that the two Twilight stars that appear in fashion magazine spreads the most frequently are Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene. Generally, in these spreads, they have had very different looks and attitudes regarding fashion. Ashley is very up on different designers and specific looks that she wants to emulate. On the other hand, Kristen has frequently stated that she doesn’t have a personal style icon or look that she goes for, and she loves kicking around in jeans and tees.

Well, it seems on their downtime they may have some fashion items in common. The UK edition of Marie Claire made the connection.

“Both tapping the tank for downtime style moments, Ashley, who plays Alice Cullen in the vampire saga, was the first in line, spotted in hers back in January. She teamed the motif top wide-leg straight blue jeans, worn with heels.

Onto K-Stew – spotted out and about in Australia last month – who styled up her fashion match in signature dress-down mode, adding faded black skinny jeans, a hoodie, monochrome sneakers and her favourite beanie.”

If you want to give your opinion on which ensemble looks best. Head over to Marie Claire. Who knows, maybe Kristen saw Ashley’s shirt and borrowed it?


  1. Love both of them but I prefer Kristen’s look. I just love that rocker laid back look she has going on.

    • yeaa ii agree ii lik kristen’s better but is it just me or does lik her face with the beanie and sunglasses remind me of someone? cougghh coughh *rpatz*

  2. Love both looks equally. I love a shirt that can be worn more than one way. 🙂

  3. Ashley makes everything classier

  4. Lily Cullen says:

    Kristen Stewart’s outfit is way better.

  5. Donnetta says:

    Kristen Stewart wore it better!!!

  6. Shakaiya says:

    Kristen wore it better because she’s not wearing ugly pants with it. I love Ashley but those pants are ugly, it doesn’t look right with the shirt.

  7. Bluemoon says:

    So…. are they dating? hahahaha Xd

  8. I. Think Kristin wore it best but the shirt is ugly anyway and it fits her just right!!!!!

  9. kristen has the better get up..and i agree ashley’s pants on that pic looks ugly..:)

  10. Of course KRISTEN STEWART!!!

  11. Ashley always dresses things up ex. heels. But my style is a t-shirt with some skinny jeans and converse so I think Kristen wore it best!!

  12. Stephanie says:

    Hmmm, sounds familiar. No wonder they were cast as Bella and Alice.

  13. Twilight dreamer says:

    Love them both, but srry Kristen Ashley looks better maybe its cause im more of a girly girl but i just like the way Ashley pulls it off… Anyone elnse see her on the cover of Seventeen? i bought it and loved it she looked fantastic. Also Kristen is starting to dress more like rob… Coinsidence i think NOT!!!

  14. is kristen’s hair blonde???

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