Vancouver Sun Features Jodelle Ferland Post Bree Tanner Release

The Vancouver Sun features local actress Jodelle Ferland about her Bree Tanner experience.

“And with the mad fan frenzy for everything Twilight, you have to wonder whether the producers have already started thinking of a Bree movie. Any such plans would likely follow the filming this fall of the fourth book Breaking Dawn.

Another Twilight-related movie after Breaking Dawn? A slam-dunk, right Jodelle?

“That would be amazing if the they decided to make a movie about the Bree Tanner book, but I don’t know what their plans are.”

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  1. OMG, I would die. Literally die. 🙂

  2. This would be one hell of a movie but i think we need to finsh with the actual saga first, before any sort of spin-off movies…. but other than that i am in favour 😀

  3. Uh…didn’t they add most of that into the Eclipse movie already?!

  4. omg that would be great and i think thyy should make a 5th moviee in the book nothing is specific at the endd ! if thy did omgg . ilove the twilight saga <333

  5. TwiMom38 says:

    That would be like redoing Twilight (the movie) from Edward’s perspective in the unfinished Midnight Sun book. While I would absolutely LOVE for the latter to happen (LOL), it won’t, so I honestly cannot see them doing a Bree movie when they’d have to get the entire cast of Eclipse together to do it. If anything, I’d rather see/read movies/books *after* Breaking Dawn. Although, I wouldn’t mind the entire Twilight Saga being rewritten from Edward’s perspective. <3 Edward

    • Aleisha says:

      Totally agree with everything you wrote.

    • SO hoping SM has plans or is even considering writing the entire saga from Edward’s perspective. Each time I have read and re-read the books, I realize how many things she left wide open…how many conversations where he keeps silent when there is obviously SO much more to be said. I know she doesn’t want to be bothered about MS anymore…I get that…but does anyone know if she has ever even HINTED at doing the series from his perspective?

    • Jennifer says:

      I agree with your last statement – all the books from Edward’s perspective and I know of others who would too.

  6. Meredith says:

    Oh no, I think that’s a horrible idea. There’s not enough material and half of Bree’s story is gonna be in Eclipse anyway. And none of the actors would come back to do something so small and trivial and re-shoot the same scenes AGAIN. It’s just ridiculous. It’s waaayyy too much of a good thing and it would spoil it. We have the book, we know what happens. Lets just be happy with that.

    • I agree! There is such a thing as too much of a good thing! People will start getting sick of it eventually and whole saga could pottentialy become a big joke. It’s one thing for Stephenie to contiue writing about these things and give background and stuff, but putting it on screen really wouldn’t be helpful.

  7. A 15 minute movie? I mean, WHAT whould they fill 2 hours with?

  8. alexandra says:

    Yeah,I agree with Jodi,they said they added a lot from the book in the eclipse movie,so I don`t think they`ll do another..

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