MTV: Anna Kendrick, Getting Beyond Jessica

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  1. alexandra says:

    i like her,she`s nice and a very good actress.

  2. She’s as much a part of the cast as anyone else I’m glad she went up.

  3. I love Anna. She steals every scene she is in. Bright future for her!

  4. She’s so cute, and seems really sweet. Of course she should’ve gone up there! She did an excelent job in New Moon!! Her “crazy” scene is one of my faves of the movie, and when she says “movie night with Bella”… LOVE! She did a great job! Props to you Anna!!

  5. I think she was ok in Twilight. But I was dying to see Up In The Air because of all the hype and sadly that’s all it was. She was laughable in the most important scene. She should stick to Twilight. She fell apart in the crying scene.

  6. Silly girl! Of COURSE she should go up there. I love her! And, the crying scene in Up in the Air? Yeah, it was SUPPOSED to be ridiculous and funny. That was the point. Although, I DO agree that Up in the Air was all hype. Definitely not as good as they tried to make it seem. I was disappointed, but I thought Anna did a great job in it.


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