Chaske Spencer: Proud Pack Leader

chasketinseleclipseThe Australian site, the Blacktown Sun, interviewed Chaske Spencer. He is slated to be a convention in Australia in the near future.  This is one of the best articles we’ve seen by a mainstream media. You get a real sense of how grounded and humbled Chaske is by the whole Twilight fame tornado.

“It’s a good thing because it’s giving me opportunities. For me, I appreciate everything it’s done but at some point you’ve got to distance yourself and take other roles where you keep your shirt on. I just did a film called Shouting Secrets, a very character driven movie and worked with a brilliant cast and a beautiful script, and that’s what the saga has allowed me. I also did a film called Winter In The Blood in which I pretty much play an alcoholic. I’ve been working before Twilight it just happened that when I got this role it’s given me a lot of exposure but I think you’ve got to keep a smart head on your shoulders and at some point back off.”

Spencer said he was grateful to the saga for its portrayal of native Americans.

“This time around we didn’t have to speak with a broken tongue or slap on the leather and feather,” he said. “There’s character involved here and story, so it was a breath of fresh air … and the fans of Twilight don’t see us as native American actors, they see us as actors, which is something new. It’s a breath of fresh air that when the character’s introduced you have some rock music playing in the background, they’re not looking at you as long-haired native American. They’re looking at you as a werewolf that happens to be native.”

See the whole story on the Blacktown Sun.


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    he really heeps his head on his shoulders

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  3. I heart him!

  4. Anyone else notice that the scars on Emily’s face are not the same as new moon?

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