TwiSource Eclipse Reaction Video

Our friends over at Twilight Source/Imprint Podcast filmed a reaction video to the Eclipse clip shown on MTV last night. Twilight Source/Imprint is one of the lucky fansites that will be having lunch and an interview with Stephenie Meyer in the near future. Their team is also doing a cross-county podcast tour this summer that you don’t want to miss, details here. We will be joining them at the Boston, New York, and probably Atlanta stops.


  1. Briana George says:

    THANK YOU to Twilsource!! It is so so nice to see that people really do feel the way that I do about the clip. I saw so much negative on Twitter about it last night. David Slade made an amazing movie and the 29th at midnight wont be here fast enough!!!!

  2. Love Twilight Source but I’m just not a Andrew fan(guy on video) most of the time something’s off with him and Twilight but that’s just me.
    I really like everyone else on that show.

  3. no one tell me anything i think i would die if i havent seennnn it yet!

  4. The clip def made me want to see more. The movie is never exactly like the book. As long as Edward is there, its all fine with me!

  5. I don’t know who that guy is, but I want to be his friend.

    • Melissa says:

      His name is Andrew Sims, and he is freakin’ AWESOME!!! He is one of the senior staff members of, the #1 Harry Potter fansite in the world! He is also the GENIUS behind their podcast, MuggleCast (the highest rated Harry Potter podcast in the world!! They just put out their 200th episode!! I’ve never missed a single one!). Then he went and started his own Twilight site,, and they put out their own podcast, “Imprint”, and both are just as brilliant as MuggleNet and MuggleCast! Seriously, I can understand you wanting to be his friend. I’ve been an Andrew Sims fangirl for 4 years!! GO ANDREW!!!

    • Melissa says:

      AAAAAAHHHHH!!! I LOOOOOVVVEEE ANDREW SIMS!!!! His girlfriend is SO lucky. *jealous*

  6. Twilight dreamer says:

    Ok, i saw the clip last night on the mtv movie awards (New moon cleared the board 2nd twilight year yesss!) but I had mixed feelings about the clip. First feeling good, it looked amazing and they r right 3rd times the charm. 2nd feeling a little disapointed Bella was like to edward ‘you lied to me’ Yes to protect her! also Edward said ‘he’s checking to see if your still human’ um, hello that was bellas theory in the book and if edward could read jacobs thoughts shouldnt he have known his motives? Edward let bella get onto jacobs bike and ride off. In the book NEVER would have happened edward is to protective! and edward was left standing there which was just sad. I cant wait 4 eclipse and i dont mean to whine because as far as book to movie conversions go it looks pretty close on the mark. So yea..mixed feelings. come on june 30th!

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