Twenty New Eclipse Publicity Stills

These are really exciting. Unlike some other previously released shot, there are some key relationship moments here between Charlie and Bella, Sam and Emily, Alice and Jasper, Carlisle and Esme, Emmett and Rosalie…which is your favorite. You can also see the photos individually on our Facebook page. Photo Credit: Kimberley French
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  1. Great pics! I can’t wait to see the movie! I know it will be fantastic! Oh and I have the same exact pants that Kristen is wearing in the pic where she’s standing next to Jake on his motorcycle 😉

  2. Helen Pauline says

    Yay, a Jasper and Alice picture. I love them, they are my favorite Twilight couple.

  3. Michelle says

    I adore the picture of Alice and Jasper it is adorable. Captures their relationship x

  4. Twilight dreamer says

    One word…Amazing. I cant wait 4 eclipse!

  5. Great pics, but I have one question….if Vampires are frozen in time and don’t age, how can their hair grow? Just wondering while looking at the guys…

    • I was thinking the same thing. Jasper’s hair is much longer now than it was in New Moon.

      • Helen Pauline says

        Maybe he straigtened it? Lol, that’s the explanation I’m going to use for it to make sense. You know, maybe he got tired of the semi-fro thing, so he had Alice take a hair straigtener to it.

        • I like that idea….we’ll mark it off to Alice getting bored and wanted to try something “new” for his hair style. LOL =)

    • It can’t. Call it hairdresser’s license ; )

    • That would be the new hair and make up artist. It’s the same thing with Carlisle. Peter wore a wig in NM and Eclipse which makes his hair appear longer. I love the pics of the couples. Seeing the intimacy between Alice and Jasper, and the rest of the cullens as well as Sam and Emily just puts me in the fangirl frenzy all the more!!! Already got my midnight premier tickets. Woot!!

  6. Love the new pictures. And the Jasper and Alice one is too cute ! Finally !

  7. LOVE the Jasper/Alice and Rosalie/Emmet pictures! We’ve never really gotten to see how much they care for one another. I’m really hoping that David Slade played it out on film for us.
    Can’t wait for June 30! Already have my ticket!!!

  8. Love the Carlisle and Esme shot. I’m happy to see that Esme’s hair isn’t as dark as it appears in the other Eclipse shots/footage. I was starting to get worried that she wasn’t really a vampire since her hair keeps changing. ;-P

    The Alice and Jasper shot is fabulous too!

  9. I love the Alice and Jasper one but the wig on Jackson kinda makes me want to cry. Not flattering at all.

  10. Hooray for the Alice & Jasper still! So refreshing. I was getting sick of seeing Edward and Bella.

    • I agree – well I wasn’t sick of Bell/Ed, but the other couples deserve waaay more spotlight. Their stories are wonderful too 🙂

  11. Love Jasper/Alice shot, Carlisle/Esme shot and the humans, pretty fab fashion going on there, guys!!

  12. I love the new pics../stills. I believe this movie is going to be Great!!!! i cannot wait for the movie!!

  13. Love the Jasper/Alice pic!

  14. Twilight9009 says

    This and the soundtrack coming in the mail a day early have made my day! And New Moon winning five awards last night is also pretty amazing. I can’t wait til June 30! I have my midnight showing ticket!

  15. These pictures were GREAT! I love to finally see some character development between some of the others besides for Edward and Bella (not that I mind so much but it’s just refreshing for a change!) =)

    I think I have to agree with most of the others here that my fav picture is the one of Alice hugging Jasper…SO CUTE!!

  16. Toss up between Jasper and Alice and Sam and Emily. All in all, great pics!! As others have said, it’s really nice to see more pics of the entire cast.

  17. All of these pictures are awesome, but I have to say that I love the pictures of the couples the most (especially Alice & Jasper–love his little smirk!). I hope that Eclipse can focus a *little* bit more on those dynamics than in the previous movies. Overall though, I cannot wait to see what David Slade has done. If these pictures are any indiction, it should be absolutely amazing! 🙂

  18. Their is not one bad picture on here. I love them all.

  19. Although I absolutely loathe Jasper’s hair (even more so than in New Moon)… I think the one of him and Alice lovin’ on each other is cute.

    I also like the one of Bella w/ Charlie in the living room. I wonder if that is when she tells him she’s a virgin.

  20. I love the Emmett and Rosalie pic!! He is so protective of her!! I also love Alice and Jasper but I don’t like Alice’s hair, it’s not spiky enough.

  21. Harshi Abeysuriya says

    Jasper and Alice!! Aww they look adorable!! plus Edward and Bella!! I can never get tired of them!!

  22. I think we all agree that the Alice/Jasper one is THE best in the bunch. SOOOO EXCITED!!!

  23. alexandra says

    victoria looks awesome!

  24. alexandra says

    kellan`s skin really looks like a vampire`s in these pics..

  25. I wish Jackson would step up and tell the person doing his hair that he looks ridiculous. Also Emmett’s hair should not be cut straight across bangs, as far as I’m concerened. I think he’d look so cute with dark but classic Kellan spikes.

  26. la_petite_femme says

    I love love LOVE the alice and jasper one

  27. switzy4ever14 says

    I love them all. I especially like Alice’s and Jasper’s because we haven’t really seen any affection between them in the past two movies.

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