Nikki Reed on Negative Backlash on Actor Commentary

Nikki reed talked to People magazine on how hard it is to say anything when people take your words out of context deliberately or otherwise.

“I don’t think something like Twitter is for me because I’ll just end up getting myself in trouble with what I accidentally say,” Reed told PEOPLE at Sunday’s 2010 MTV Movie Awards. “You’ve seen what’s happened to some of my other cast members recently.”

Reed, 22, says she can see why a scenario like Stewart’s turned out the way it did. “It’s unfortunate that everything everyone says gets misinterpreted, but I think things get misinterpreted when you’re looking for a way to find a subtext to what someone is saying,” she says. “It’s just the nature of this business and being a part of this film.”

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  1. alexandra says:

    she`s smart.

  2. What do they mean by “…why a scenario like Stewart’s turned out the way it did…”? Did I miss something?

    • I think its to do with her saying the paparazzi being in your face is like rape or something? it got interpreted that she made being photographed out to be as bad as being raped…got alot of stick for it 🙁

  3. Chernaudi says:

    Kristen Stewart compared the tactics of the paparazzi to witnessing a rape, and a tabloid gossip artist warped Kristen’s words and some people got upset with her. However, if you read the comments that people have made about Kristen’s comments, support for has has been overwheming.

  4. damn, nikki’s hottt!! can’t wait till aug. 6th so i can see her in chain letter! yeeeyuhhh

  5. nikkifan says:

    <3 Nikki!

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