MTV Debuts New Eclipse Clip

So what do you think of the latest clip?


  1. vampbball says:

    I don’t mind this clip at all. “Book” Edward would have let her get on the bike, post his decision to let her see Jacob (and anyways, you’re all saying he’s going to stop her in front of the whole school?). And Bella really wanted to hang out with Jacob throughout Eclipse, and did take any opportunity to do so. The one part that didn’t ring true was leaving Edward with that hurt look on his face; I admit, Bella wouldn’t be able to do that. But I didn’t get that she went with Jacob vindictively; I think she just wanted a chance to talk to him. Given that they have to fit many scenes and into one, I thought it was pretty elegant. I can’t wait for this movie to come out!

  2. I don’t feel like this was one continuous scene. Anyone else feel it was a bit jumpy? I think it was just shortened and little bits were cut out.
    Hopefully this is the case, ’cause I wasn’t too impressed.

  3. Hopfully the rest of the movie won’t be sooo unrealistic..:/ I mean everyone’s right; Bella would NEVER ride off with Jacob while Edward’s still there!! C’mon…

  4. Twilibrarian says:

    Clips are clips are clips are clips! They are little snippets of the movie, spliced together, not necessarily in any particular order. Remember the NM trailer when Bella says, “I have to go!” to Jacob? In the trailer it looked like she said it on the front sidewalk, but in the movie, she was in the car with Alice on the way to the airport to fly to save Edward.

    We don’t know if that is the complete scene or not. Could be like the book, and we won’t find out until 12:01 AM on June 30.

    Now, Bree Tanner….that explains lots. Read it NOW!

  5. I am excited for the movie, and well this scene makes me a little worried. I mean it looks great the colors, the make-up…but its just not right not like the book at all…but i think i am going to calm down and wait till the movie comes out, because alot of the scene they showed for twilight, and new moon werent even in the movies, and or were different then what they showed, so i am just going to wait and see. I loved this book so i am hoping they dont F it up too badly

  6. I don’t know what to think. That darn MR has screwed this up so bad that she has my head spinning. I don’t think Eclipse will make as much money as New Moon because people are so upset with MR for just making a mess of this AGAIN! I hope to god that at the last scene of E/B in Eclipse where they are in the meadow and E is kissing B passionately, that MR don’t add anything that is not in the book. Like B kissing E but having flashbacks of her kiss with Jacob. MR has got me so paranoid now that i am imagining all sorts of horrible things. I really hate that woman a lot. On the bright side RPatz look gorgeous. He is so tall and handsome. They did a much better job than with the makeup this time. I am glad Bill Condon is on board since he is a screenwriter. I hope he snatches the screenplay out of her hands and get a red pen and get to work on making BD into the movie that should be and not what MR wants it to be.

  7. I loved it, as usual. I thought Jake was so cute when he had that smug grin on when Bella hopped on the bike. I loved it when she said to wipe off the grin. I like that she was a little fiesty with him about that and not returning her calls.

  8. Twilight dreamer says:

    I was like ok ok looks alright but i was a bit disappointed the whole border line confrontation was gone and edward could read jacobs mind so shouldnt he know of his motives? ‘hes checking to see if ur still human’ not rlly. and bella getting on the bike edward wouldnt of let her!! hes to protective of her! Ill miss their funny conversation they have in class but as far as book to movie conversions go it looks closer to the mark than twilight. a little disapointing…

  9. Twilight dreamer says:

    Ok, and also who hopes the part with the whole alice kidnaps bella seen is in the movie? i so hope thats there because after edward gets back its the whole ‘i trust you’ thing and she gets to go see jacob. Bella would have NEVER left edward standing there she cares to much about him! Team Edward shut up the grin Jacob! I get peeved sometimes…


  11. I really don’t think this takes away from the story. If this is the worse that Mel Rose does then we are in for a treat! Just like in the first movie when Bella got up from the table in the restaurant like she was going to leave, I was so stunned because in the book there was no way she would have done that. In the book she wanted with her whole heart to be with Edward in that restaurant and there was no way she would have played the “tell me or I’m out of here” role that was in the first Twilight film.
    Did this turn me off from wanting to see the film again and be first in line to get my ticket for New Moon? NO! I think Mel Rose is doing a fantastic job! She has captured the heart of the books and I am one to praise instead of criticize.
    I can’t tell you how many books I have read that have been turned into movies and I ask myself WTF! Mel Rose is not one of those screenwriters and Summit gets that the fan want as much heart and truth from the books as possible. So ease up and have faith that this will be an awesome movie. Personally, I don’t think Step Mey would let them stray away from the heart of the story.

  12. Shannon says:

    I just watched it again and I swear we are missing parts! Especially in the beginning between the staying off our land and leave now moments. Jacob looks right back at Bella with that big grin, that’s why she tells him to lose it. I see emotion in this scene. At first I didn’t like it, but it’s not so bad now. I really don’t think they would show the entire clip, this part is too important and they gave just enough to make us wanna see the rest. I am still hopeful for a great movie.

    Plus in Alphie’s review of the movie this wasn’t a scene she harshly crtiqued.

  13. Well I hope Summit reads this its upsetting to see Bella being rude to Edward she actually rides of with Jacob right in front of Edwards eyes no way Bella would do so she only thinks of going to Jacob when Edward is not around gone for hunting please edit or change the scene its not at all like this in the book. She will never ever leave Edward and go to Jacob she finds it difficult living even a single day without him that is a part of their love that has to be proved in Eclipse and why they need to be together only emergency circumtances can push them apart like Edward has to leave her and go hunting Well she tricks Alice and goes with Jacob in the book which is ok.
    We understand everything from the book cannot be copied but this scene impacts bella and edwards relationship it brings down their love.
    Summit beleieve the fans you still have time before the release of the film change the scene. I dont know how Stephanie allowed this scene to be passed.

  14. Did I see this right? or do I have dirt in my eyes??
    Did Edward just hit Jacob??? they show like a split second and i really really wouldn’t understand it if that happens! it’s so not right?!

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