MTV Debuts New Eclipse Clip

So what do you think of the latest clip?


  1. switzy4ever14 says

    it could be better. i like it but it’s not exactly how i pictured the scene. it’s weird how kristen just gets on the bike while rob is standing there. that doesn’t seem realistic. also they skip the whole border line confrontation, or so it seems. other than that it looks good.

    • Agreed.

    • you’re right, that first scene is so unrealistic! bella would NEVER walk away from edward like and run off on jacob’s bike while edward was standing right there. and edward would never let that happen either. still super excited for the movie and the rest looks great, but i’m a little peeved with this scene.

      • yorokobi says

        I feel the same. Bella would never do that! If they change the characters, they change the story and that has me nervous for the rest of the film and Breaking Dawn.

        • Lunna-san says

          Now Bella skips school when Edward is there? I think NOT! I don’t know if the clip was edited that way, or the script is weird.

      • I totally agree. That was absolutely ridiculous. But that has been one of the main problems with the movies…they don’t understand the real relationship between Edward and Bella at all. She loves him too much to do what they show in this clip. Absolutely ridiculous.

        • Romance Fan says

          I agree, completely, Mariah. This clip was a disappointment for me. I do try to be flexible with the translation from page to screen, but not when characters are asked to step outside the boundaries of their character. The same was true with the Edward-confronting-Jacob-after-Jacob-kisses-Bella scene. There was no reason to have him act like a raving “monster” there…the same amount of time could have been spent having him confront Jacob in the elegant-but-menacing way he did it in the book. Now this…. I’ve tried to be fair to Melissa Rosenberg (and I know, Stephenie allegedly had a hand in changes like these…am having a tough time believing that), but I just don’t think Melissa truly understands the characters, despite her continued defense of keeping the film characters on the same “emotional journey” as their book counterparts.

  2. I hated the first part…it’s so twisted not like the book at all… I hated Bella grrrrr

  3. Brittany says

    that didn’t happen in the book……..

    it was great up until edward let bella leave with jacob. i think MR put two scenes from the book together

  4. Liked the clip but the rest was all repeats. Still extremely excited for the movie, especially the war.

    P.S. You spelled Eclipse wrong in the title.

  5. Claudia Martinez says

    OMG! its gonna be amazing(actually better)! but Bella gets on my nerves! how could she even think og jacob when she has Edward?? ummm,yeaa i can already tell im gonna be arguing with the screen,haha

  6. Edward now allows Bella to get on the bike at school? I’m fairly positive that scene didn’t run as smoothly as it looks in the clip. I loved Slade’s letter but I can’t tell if that’s a little much or not. Can’t wait till the 30th

  7. I would like more if Alice was the one that saw Bella take off with Jacob!!! didn’t enjoy that part at all!!! =(

  8. Lorrainebow says

    I liked it. Didn’t love it. Edward sooo never would have let that happen!!! It did make me super excited for thr movie though!!! They did combine the scenes it would seem. I guess movie Edward is just a little more laid back.

  9. Can’t say I was impressed. Don’t know whether it was Kristen Stewart or the scripting, but it was just wrong all over.

  10. ohhhhh, that bike scene was painful to watch. Painful! I can’t believe they have her leaving with Jacob, but I guess for time’s sake that could accomplish the longer storyline of her sneaking off and Edward coming to the conclusion that he’s got to let her make her own decision about this so it doesn’t drive them apart. I am DYING to see this movie! And I’m also so excited that there seem to be a LOT more kissing scenes with E/B than the two previous movies combined! THANK YOU for giving us what we want! 🙂

  11. I didn’t like the clip at all, it doesn’t feel right, that scene is screwed up that way, just not at all like in the book.

  12. i seriously started crying during this clip because it was that amazing. they always know just the right amount to give away and what to keep. I wish they included a little of the actual inside of the tent scene. it is too priceless to give away though!!!

  13. Lily Cullen says


    But gosh, I hate Jacob…a lot. *Growls*

  14. SilverTongueDevil says

    Things will never be exactly like the book. It hasn’t been from the beginning with Twilight and New Moon. Things have to be changed as much as we all hate it. I think they could have done without all the newborn story lines and at least gotten this part right. I do have to give LARGE amounts of credit to the make up dept. in this one. Edward’s make up is sooooo much better.

  15. Luisa Ardila says

    I loved it, up until Bella got on the bike. I hated that. I hope it wont be that big a deal when I see the complete movie. For now I’m disappointed.

  16. i wasn’t really excited at all with the clip. but I was really shocked when Peter Facinelli thanked JUSTIN BIEBER! seriously 😀 ha ha ha

  17. Didn’t like it at all. “Loose the grin Jacob”. How did she know he was grinning? She didn’t even look at him and that makes her actions just as guilty as the grin because she did it to hurt Edward.

    • How’d she know he was grinning? Well, they know each other pretty well… she knows how his brain works. He’s Jacob, why would he NOT be grinning in that kind of situation? 😉

  18. Wow. I was not happy about how the scene was changed to make it seem like Bella would just walk away from Edward to go with Jacob. My guess is that they combined the scenes and that Bella goes to the Cullens after she leaves Jacob, Edward is away hunting so when he comes back we get the bed demo scene. (?)

    My big fear with this movie was that Edward would be painted to be the “bad” guy while Jacob was a saint. It sure seems that way with this clip. I din’t hate it, I just want the movie to give a true enough glimpse of the book. Apart from the way it was portrayed, I thought all three did a great job with the acting, as usual. All I can say is…poor Edward. 🙁

    • I totally agree with you! That’s one of my big worries about this movie is how they portray Jacob compared to the book(the annoying immature teenage boy I can’t stand). My mom who has not read the books doesn’t understand why I can’t stand Jacob & if they keep this up those who have not read the books won’t understand why some of us really don’t like Jacob. (Just like the I kissed Bella clip Jacob wasn’t his cocky jerk self.) I’m crossing my fingers that after seeing the whole movie it’ll all turn out okay. I really want to love this movie!

    • Okay why would they change Bella’s character & have her jump on Jacob’s bike right there in front of Edward?!?! That would NEVER happen. I am fine with changing small things but this seems like a big change to me. And they had better not have Jacob looking like some saint & Edward the bad guy. They need to stick to the character that Jacob is!! (An annoying immature bratty teenage boy who as to quote Bella bugs the hell out of me.) I’m just going to try to not let this small scene bug me too much & wait to see the whole movie on June 30th.

  19. kehacakes says

    I love the even cockier Jacob. I loved Edward’s eyes and love the fact that we’ll get even more of the three way interaction on screen. I can’t wait. I do think that they combined two different parts from the book and wonder if this is going to lead into the Jacob kissing Bella scene? I can’t believe she just left Edward like that though, it was a little far fethced for me, but as long as it comes together and isn’t such a screw up of the entire movie, I’ll be okay. lol

  20. Okay people, the book is the book, the movie is the movie! If they tried to include every little thing and/or big thing from the book the movie would be 10 hours long! That would be great, but totally not doable.

    • ITA, but this change changes the way Edward acts towards the Bella/Jacob thing. Its not a minor change, it’s a big one. Thats why it’s dissapointing.

    • Im definitely not expecting for the whole book to be in the movie, but I think this scene took Bella completely outta character, she would never do that, she would never defy Edward like that and leave him there standing looking like an idiot, I mean she would totally sneak around behind his back but getting on Jake’s back was nothing like Bella, that scene was all wrong 🙁

      • Caroline says

        I totally agree. I was shocked when I saw Bella just leave him there and get on the bike with Jacob. Plus, with that smile on his face like he won something, made me want to smack him in the face!

        • IDK why you guys are so..defensive about the changes. Yes, she gets on the bike, but in the book, she does it BEHIND Edwards back, on Alice’s watch. In the movie she does it IN FRONT of him, and I;ll assume Jacob is shooting off some mental images, so Edward really doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Thats why the chit eating grin on Jakes’ face. He has to let her go, otherwise, where would the story go? (movie-wise)
          Anyway, JMHO.

    • tiggerroo says

      yeah they are two separate things but when you totally change Bella and Edward and what makes them tick, there is a problem. Bella would have never done that in front of Edward. Edward looks like a dork because he doesn’t even explain himself like he does in the book. It makes it seem like he just lied with no reason. This is so wrong. I can see little changes but not like this!!!

  21. I hated that Bella just left with Jacob while Edward was just standing there and looking!!! Is she that stupid!!! I feel so sorry 4 Edward he looks so sad 2 leave Bella and it doesnt seem like Bella cares about him!!! AHHHHHH!!!

    • Totally agree – still hope that they put 2 scenes together – otherwise you could think Edward is masochistic in still loving Bella…

  22. Umpteenth Twifan says

    Well, I guess it’s a good thing I won’t be able to re-read the book before June 30 since it looks like MR is writing her own story. Sheesh!

    • sillygirl says

      Again! Couldn’t agree more. And I am happy that I am not the only one who feels this way. Bella would NEVER in a million years do that to Edward. It changes their personalities. I’m surprised Stphenie didn’t step in on this one. Maybe she couldn’t and that’s why she is now producer for the last film!

    • Lunna-san says

      That’s really my impression. And it looks like that she’s Team Jacob. She seems to forget in all the movies that’s Edward and Bella’s story. Not Jacob’s.

  23. I love it. Finally we get to see a different side to all of them- more like what’s in the books. Jake, gets an attitute and begins to act snarky- cocky you name it we finally caught a glimpse of what i have been missing! Edward gets called out for lying to Bella and Bella finally “grows a set”. Doesn’t bother me at all that they seem to have combined 2 or more scenes to make it happen. YEEESSS June 29 11:59:59 it’s almost in sight 😉

  24. There’s no point in judging the entire scene or movie from that short clip. If they sort of combined two different scenes from the book into one, that doesn’t bother me much because they can’t include every single thing from the book in the movie. They have to condense it somehow. Smug Jacob really irks me, though (in the book and in that clip). I would’ve felt bad for him if he had been a little more mature about the whole thing, but I always rooted for Edward.

  25. Christine H. says

    I absolutely HATED that she literally turned her back on Edward and got on the bike! Grr!!!

  26. haha Had to avoid this entire comment list as I went down the the comment box. NOT WATCHING, but I’m sure it’s amazing and will wait ’til the 30th to scream(on the inside)/cry/ and laugh.

  27. You guys are missing the whole point of the scene!!! The GAME IS ON!! Edward and Jake are each beginning to fight for Bella. Watch the clip again.
    Look at Edward’s face and jake’s as the converstaion progresses. Edward knows what’s going on in Jake’s mind and what he’s thinking-BELLA doesn’t. Edward lied to Bella, Jake let her know it and Bella’s pissed, like she should be.
    Remember- the only one who’s not clued in on all of this is Bella. The tension between all three is only going to increase as we wait for all of it to come to a head in the tent scene. Damn it’s gonna be good!

    • THIS

    • Stefanie says

      Absolutely agree and love ur comment! I feel like no one else gets it, or they arnt willing to read into the point of the scene. Cant wait for june 30th 🙂

    • Exactly. Bella is perfectly within her rights to ride away without Edward, especially after learning how he lied to her. If I were her, I’d want a little time away from him, too… just to collect my own thoughts and figure out what to do with all that new information about the lies, Victoria’s presence, etc.

      In the books, Bella is a pushover and a sneak. I kind of like this ‘new’ Bella better. Like you say, she actually grows a pair and sticks up for herself, without clinging to Edward’s side like a permanent barnacle.

      • OMG!! I didn’t realize anyone else shared these same sentiments!! Love your take on it!! Love it!!

      • I know I am probably WAY off base here, but now I am beginning to wonder if they are giving Bella more of “a set” for her character due to all of the backlash the books originally got for her character being submissive and being “abused” by Edward. I personally never understood that view, but maybe someone is trying to promote a “strong woman” image? Just a thought…and not that it is necessarily a bad thing. I just agree with most of the posts here. Bella would never do that and it just doesn’t sit right with what I have come to know of that character.

  28. totally agreeing. i was watching with my twi-hating friends and i needed to get home and check what other fans were saying. i loved it until she got on the bike! 1.Edward would never let her go so easily and 2. Bella would never WANT to leave that easily. i guess they can’t always stick to the book but this is getting me a bit nervous. still excited. crossing fingers for more consistancy! 6302010 xoxo

  29. Man that was great! I was actually happy with the acting and script… didn’t cringe. I’m fine with the book being changed around though.

  30. Geesh! Which of you remember being a teenager, have been teenagers? Don’tcha have some sort of cardinal rule, like don’t like being lied to? That is crossing the line for me. To me, IMHO, it is a matter of TRUST. Yep I’d get angry, no matter how much I love the person that lied to me,especially in life-threatening situations to me and especially my kids.

    Being a late teen, anger is still a strong emotion. The conclusion I come to = Edward understands this emotion; he left her once, he knows he screwed up big time. He was forgiven, but she didn’t have the full picture (in the movie, I see). I do like the part where Jacob sends via mind telepathy what he saw since Bella was found almost passed out after he left.

    To make “her choice” more balanced, I guess whoever wrote the script did the two-scene mesh, but also wanted to throw more balance on Bella’s choices.

    Mugglenet has the same issues as us when it comes to the Harry Potter series. Nothing new, it has always happened ever since the first HP book was released; and it was more scrutinized than this series in the FIRST film!

    The bike scene I did like, because to me it was what I call, a “curveball”. You don’t know what’s gonna be the next throw, and curveballs are harder to hit, unexpected at bat.

    Kristen needs someone to help her pull a Mariah Carey because Mariah suffered from stage freight in the very beginning. That’s when then-husband Tommy Mottola helped out Mariah, to ease her up on her fears did the “Unplugged” show and record, which was awesome.

    • It wasn’t until you mentioned it that I remembered that Jacob was thinking of how Bella was when Edward was gone during that scene. It seems that may have been absent from this. Anyone else?

      It’s difficult to tell, and I wonder how they’ll handle all these scenes where Edward is reading Jacob’s mind, since there are so many of them.

  31. This scene felt weird and unnatural. I know people say everything can’t be like the book and I agree in part. However from the clips I’ve seen of Eclipse so far I think the changes they’ve made are for the worse (like the confrontation between Edward and Jacob after he kisses Bella the first time…it was so much better/funnier in the book how Jacob played it cool). It would have been sooooo much better if Alice had seen Bella take off on the bike…I’m really going to miss that bit.

    I thought Eclipse was going to be the best movie because it had so much potential, but now I’m not sure. I just hope the movie it as awesome/spectacular/amazing as I first thought and that I’m not sitting there thinking ‘oh why, why did they have to change that!’

    • I can deal with the after-the-Jake-kiss-scene, though I agree that in the book it was much funnier, they were parts that were of no consequence and could be cut off for time purposes, but this scene was just off, it took Bella so outta character it was painful to watch… I dont think I will be able to disconnect the book from the movie, but I hope this scene becomes just a minor flaw once I see the whole movie 🙂

      • I totally agree. I understand for timing sake they have to change and cut scenes out, but in the process, they are making the characters we fell in love with in the books do stuff that is totally out of character. Like someone above pointed out, Bella is angry and probably gets on the bike just to make Edward jealous–in the movie that is. While that may work for what they have planned, it is not the reaction that Bella has about hearing that Victoria has returned. Bella does the opposite, she starts crying and goes to Edward for comfort–in the book. If they are going to change stuff, they at least need to keep it in line with the character. Eclipse is my favorite book, so I might be a little harsher on critiquing, but I think that some scenes in the book are better how they are and shouldn’t be messed with. Sorry MR, you messed up that scene.

        • PS… the crying comes first. she later gets mad at Edward in class and that’s when they write the notes and Edward promises to tell her the truth. But first, she CRIES. That emotion is lost.

    • Harshi Abeysuriya says

      let’s hope 4 the best guys!!

  32. The problem I have with this scene is not so much the meshing of different moments from the book, it’s the complete mischaracterization of B&E’s relationship. Jacob is as annoying as he should be in this so I’m not concerned about him. But this scene plays out the way a non E&B person would WANT the book to play out with Bella ‘dissing’ Edward to his face so that she can run off to be with Jacob. The problem is, that simply isn’t anything that book Bella would do. Some people may have wanted Bella to respond that way to Edward at some point in the series, but it never happened. Why? Because that’s not her character. Changing something as fundamentally basic as this only undermines the connection between Bella and Edward that many of us have come to love.

    • I agree with that… Jake was portrayed perfectly, he is supposed to be a jerk in Eclipse, but the E&B relationship portrayed in that scene was so off…

      can’t wait for June 30th, I have to watch the whole thing before I got nuts 😀

  33. Twilight9009 says

    This clip was fantastic! As I recall, Edward DOES take Bella to see Jacob, so why wouldn’t he let her leave with him? It makes sense to me. They changed things in Twilight and New Moon and those are both great movies. Anyways, I really like the clip and cannot wait for June 30! Already have my midnight ticket 😀

  34. Whoa, guys it is NOT that big a deal. This clip contains less than two minutes of actual movie time, and most of you are judging the whole two hours of it by this. And yes, it’s true that not everything in the books can be translated to the screen easily without changing it a little.
    The scene made sense – I think that even Bella could be irritated enough at Edward for lying to her that she wouldn’t feel bad about walking away right in front of him. She acted on impulse and she definitely didn’t do it to hurt him.
    Jeez, it’s amazing how far people can look into this… and just for the record, I’m fairly certain that it won’t ruin the movie. I love the movies just as much as you all do, but we can’t dwell so much on the details. Do that, and you’re sure to be a tiny bit disappointed. You gotta look at the big picture.

  35. Okay, MR sucks, sorry.

    However, Kristen, Rob and Taylor rocked it!

  36. Harshi Abeysuriya says

    omg! tht 1st scene was so disappointing!! Bella would never do such thing in front of Edward! Plus Edward always comes first to her no matter what!!

  37. Watching it again i liked it a much more. I was put off at first by her just getting on the bike and all that was missing from the scene. However, watching it without the screaming it really does flow fine and work. I will miss the interation between Edward and Jake in this scene and off course movie Bella is a little differnt from book Bella. However, watching it again I really did like it. I like how Jacob said, “Hold on tight!” and then we were flashed a bunch of awesome actions scenes. That was a nice touch.

    • Stefanie says

      Completely agree with you!

    • Stefanie says

      I find it so hard to believe that people still to this day cant tell the difference between a book and a movie. They are two different pieces of art, therefore, what you read many times cant work on screen visually. Scenes have to be altered and sometimes erased in order to fit the time frame for a movie, or to simply make it flow better. Yes it sucks but learn to deal with it because it isnt gonna change any time soon. Eclipse is 629 pages long that had to be shortened into a 40-50 page script. You try doing that and keeping everything from the book in, haha yeaaaa cant be done. I loveedddd this clip! I think the more times you watch it the more it makes sense, especially if you really pay attention and listen to their words and watch their expressions. Stop complaining about one two minute clip! Trust me if everyone would just watch the movie with an open mind and a positive attitude then you will leave the theater much happier, instead of being miserable through the entire thing because “tht scene” or “tht scene” wasnt right or wasnt in it. 🙂 ok sry i rambled, is it June 30th yet!? lmao

  38. I was kind of sad about the whole Edward thing. I know Bella wouldn’t ever do that but I still loved the thing as a whole. I really thought they were just going to show us the first part and I was like please don’t just show us that.

  39. Okay, honestly…. MR sucks, another scene showing how they went in a diff direction than the movie.

    However, Kristen, Rob and Taylor rocked it.

  40. WOW…I just watched the clip on YouTube, and everyone is pretty much saying the same thing, just with a more violant tone. (Ouch)

    All I can say is: MR, what have you done? Shame on you!

  41. OMG
    I hated it! i’m a huge Twihard and i can’t belive this! I know that this is a movie and they can’t fit everything in it, but still….GET IT RIGHT!!!!! in the beggining Bella and Edward look SOOOOO mad at each other no chemistry like I know they have and always show! then BElla just goes skipping to Jacob and onto his motorcycle just to be a BIT&#, as it seems; that’s not Bella like. Also in the book Bella comes to the conclusion of Jacob wanting to know if she’s still human not Edward, I don’t mind that he said the line, I just don’t like it how they made it seem like Edward is the BAD guy! I love my EDWARD!Melissa R. seems to write him as the bad choice, the a$$. Totally wrong! no offence to team jacob who reads this, but you have to admitt Jacob is the A$$, mostly, in this book. because he hates Edward, tries unfairly to win Bella, and he has his wierd pms mood swings. I HATE THIS CLIP!!!!! Although everything else that they show in the pictures, trailers, and other clips it all looks good! BUT THIS SUCKS!!!!

  42. Hm…well, I don’t know. I feel like they cut something out to make the clip shorter, like they do with lots of things. It seemed choppy. Hopefully the scene is longer and explains this better, because this is out of character for both Edward and Bella.

    • I really hope you are right (which I think you probably are) that they left something out. Otherwise it just doesn’t make any sense why they would act out of character. We will have to wait and see if there is a (and what is the) missing piece that could possibly explain the reason they acted that way.

      Also, another point is that if they were going to have Jake think about how Bella looked when Edward left, Bella for sure wouldn’t have gotten on that bike. She hated how much Jake was torturing Edward. So I doubt that that is even in this scene. Hopefully they included it somewhere else!

      I really need to stop worrying about the technical stuff! It will drive me crazy! lol But I felt like they did a good job with New Moon. The changes they made were in character and the emotion was there. If they get that right, I won’t have too many more issues 😉

    • It seemed a bit choppy and out of place to me as well. Let’s all take a deep breath and wait for June 30th when we can see the entire scene, and film, in context.

      • Ok. My bad. Now that I have watched this a couple of times. It does seem like incidents from the book have been combined, but I still think the scene has to be shown in its entirety to see how it plays out. Loved how it all looked though. Patiently waiting for June 30th before I say anything one way or another.

  43. * i like kristens acting but…..

    I loved the clip…up until bella got on that dang bike.
    That made me a little miffed. Bella may be torn but she would have never taken off on jacobs bike and been so cold to edward Standing there in front of the school staring at her looking pained as she rides off with Jake. Alice would have made more sense there. Becasue of the change she just comes off a little harsh & uncaring.

  44. thefactis says

    I just feel like put my fist into the screen and punching jacob to wipe that smug smile of his face. Hated him in the books but now i just wished he would die in the battle (gotta get a lot of hate).

  45. Jennifer says

    What the hell?!?!?! Edward just *LETS* Bella ride away with Jacob??? I don’t think so. boo-hiss once again Melissa Rosenberg…

    • Jennifer says

      Oh, and!!! “book Bella” would NEVER have called Edward out in front of Jacob like that…(pointing out his lie).

  46. Ppl! It is a MOVIE !! Sometimes ya gotta put things together to make it work. I’m sure that is not the entire scene………if soo I think it is good stuff for Jacob fans…Edwards has really gotta step it up…………..Lovin it…………

    • I agree. Jacob is just as he should be, so for the folks saying they wanna punch his lights out…seems like Taylor is doing a good job of portraying the character. And ladies, let’s not get all shook up. I’m sure Edward steps it up a notch too. I thought he looked pretty dang pissed in a couple of those scenes.

  47. Okay, I was already nervous about David Slade, that clip last night just confirmed it. That was the worst version of eclipse ever! And Melissa, what the hell? Did you forget to read the book this time? Because I understand taking some liberties to make it fit, but you completely changed the characters. Edward would not have thought it was funny that Jacob came to check that Bella was still human, and Jacob would have been more taunting towards Edward, not all pissed. And there is NO WAY that Bella would ever jump on Jacob’s bike to ride away from Edward, NEVER!!! I think they focused way too much on working on the fighting scenes then actually getting the characters right. What a disappointment. It’s my favorite book and I can tell they ruined it.

  48. higgin704 says

    Not happy with this one. I don’t like how she kind of tauntingly and disrespectfully just watches Edward as she leaves with Jake. Edward kind of looks a bit like a jerk while Jake comes off as the one most concerned for her welfare. Not happy at all.

  49. rhiannon says

    ok, as someone who loves bella and edward. that scene kinda hurt my heart. even though i know how the story ends .but i also know that scenes have to be changed from page to screen. and i guess that having her leave with jacob turns up the angst a lot.


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