David Slade Sends Open Letter to Fans

David Sladeset

On the official Facebook page for the Twilight Saga movies, David Slade issued an open letter to fans. The Facebook page just reached the 6 million fan milestone.

Dear fans of The Twilight Saga,

I want to congratulate you for reaching over 6 million fans on The Twilight Saga Facebook page.

It’s hard to fathom that it was just over one year ago that I started constructing this third and epic adventure which takes place in the town of Forks.

I want to share a story about one of our days of shooting with you.

It was a Friday night and the rain was relentless. We were at La Push to shoot the tribe’s histories, a great speech by Billy Black. We had Taylor and Kristen and the whole wolf pack around a campfire as the heavens let loose on us.

Gil Birmingham was in fine form as the rain hammered down on us all, we adjusted our lights so that the rain vanished into the black of night.

We constructed a tent over the scene to keep everyone dry as we worked, every 15 minutes or so we would have to tip it to stop the collecting rain from splitting the fabric.

For some reason still unknown, around 3am, the wolf pack stood exactly in the way of several gallons of rainwater as it was being cleared. Being the wolf pack, they just laughed it off as they stood there soaked to the bone.

We worked through the mud and the rain all night, until we had the scene perfected.

As we left, dawn was now cracking and in the dim light I passed a small army of fans who had braved the weather for the entire night, still standing there, holding drenched flowers and waiting to get a glimpse of our actors.

So, to those of you who stood behind our security, who waited in line at theatres overnight, to those of you who just love these stories, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is a love letter to you.

Each day I felt the weight of your favourite scenes, your favourite lines, your dreams and your imagination.

It has been an unforgettable journey, and now as I finalise the last prints to ready the film for your local theaters, I cannot wait for you to see it.

Sincerest Regards,



  1. Stephanie cull says:

    That was so lovely to hear. It just goes to show he’s a true fan lover and withuot us these films wouldn’t be a success!! Can’t wait for the advanced screening on the 3rd of July in the uk!!

  2. TwilightRocks!!!! says:

    I like the “love letter” concept. Thats a nice way to think of the movies for the fans!

  3. What a cool guy. It only makes me that much more excited to see the movie. I’m impressed with how much he has taken the fans into account.

  4. Marilyn Barnstead says:

    You know some of the reports did not paint David Spade in a good light but seeing this letter makes me think it was just hype. Already have my tickets for a 3fer in the theatre. Can’t wait to see it.

  5. I thought the letter was really cool. It’s great to see how much the directors they’ve chosen for each story in the saga,really wants to make a good adaptation of the novel. I already have my ticket for the midnight show and the suspense is getting the best of me. Bring on June 30th!

  6. That was a really nice letter. We’ve got our tickets for the midnight show. Can’t wait!!


  8. I mean DAVID of course

  9. Stephanie says:

    That was so sweet and touching. I can feel his love and respect for twilight and all the obsession that comes with twilight in that letter.

  10. If anyone has some doubt ’bout him taking the helm of this saga, this doubt has been disolved right now. I don’t have any doubt ’bout this movie will be the best out of three released. So twilighters, let’s go & let’s smash another box office… let’s packed up the theaters!!!!! Bring on June 30th!!!!

  11. It’s so gratifying to have the directors ‘speak’ to us Twi-Hards, isn’t it?
    I mean…do any directors on other movies do this??

    And to David: Thank you SO MUCH for your dedication and commitment to the movie, which we are waiting with bated breath to watch….MULTIPLE TIMES!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Noah Brighten says:

      Most director’s don’t unfortunately, but also note, that Twilight is a mega-franchise who’s success is 90% dependent on its fans. Summit, David, and all know that it is solely the fans that is allowing them to bring this story to life and make it successful, so in that regards they want to keep us happy.

      Another thing to consider is the devotion the fans have with those who are attached to the projects. Most of the time, directors, screenwriters, gaffers, and so on and so forth, are given very little notice unless they themselves are a big name in Hollywood. Twi-hards have shown great devotion and respect to folks who are almost always left in the background, as opposed to the actors playing the roles. David cleary appreciates this attention. HOPEFULLY, this attention won’t stop once his role with Twilight is finally over, but will continue… Of course we’ll have to wait and see until Eclipse is released, but I doubt we’ll be disappointed.

      • @Noah:
        It works both ways; on the whole, the directors, cast and all other crew associated with the franchise have, from the beginning, taken their roles seriously and treated Stephenie’s Saga with utmost respect. The fans can see that and have rewarded them with a wholly unprecedented level of appreciation and enthusiasm!

  12. Diamondgirl says:

    Awwww…that made me weep a little. He’s such a great guy.

  13. Twilibrarian says:

    What a touching, heartfelt letter Mr. Slade has written to us. It is obvious he took great pains in “getting it right” for the fans. Calling his film “a love letter to the fans” proves to me that, he too, is a Twilight fan. Giving us a little glimpse into what the film crew and cast go through to make a good film makes the anticipation even greater.

    As an educator, I am so glad to see fans comparing and contrasting the books and the movies. It has given me so many teachable moments, and has helped me form deeper bonds with students, all because Stephenie Meyer literally had a dream that became a global phenomenon.

    I am so looking forward to June 29th, because the wait will be over. My Donate Life students and I are holding a blood drive, then heading to the Regal for the 3fer. No sleep? Who cares! It’s so great when you’re in the “Twilight Bubble!”

    Love from me to you, my fellow Twi-fans!

    • Great letter! And from you TwiLib! Hope you all have a great response on your blood drive and a wonderful time at the theater!

  14. that is so sweet! thank u david!! I can’t wait to see your beautiful story that I love so much brought to life.

  15. This was great! Just goes to show that we were so wrong to doubt him in the beginning.

  16. emerson says:

    Awww that is so sweet. It must be so exciting preparing the last details getting ready for everyone to see it after all everyone went through. Beautiful letter, David. I’m so excited to see this.

  17. danielle says:

    Gosh I have so much respect for this man… this letter has left m e so appreciative!!! What an intimate and personal letter to the fans. We love you too David Slade!!!!

  18. Thank you David Slade. We know it’s not easy trying to please every Twilight Fan. I am sure you did a fabulous job. So far from what I see my only complaint was the scar on Bella’s arm looked like growths growing. Not subtle at all which is how it is explained in the book. Now enjoy some time off.

    • Vampire-girl says:

      Llsa I agree about the scar its too noticable I hope they fade it for BD as Bella sees all of Jasper’s scars so they should just be tiny crescent scars -theyre not meant to be that noticable to humans

  19. more proof that David understands how important this story is to us all, pity entertainment 1 does not understand a little and give every1 in UK the IMAX version as well

  20. That was lovely. David Slade proves to fans to be a class act who truly cares about preserving our stories and bring them to life in a way that we will love.

  21. Thank you, David. That was lovely. I can’t wait to see your film …. In Nashville, July 3rd!

  22. What a great letter. I am impressed ( and even more excited.)

  23. Kristin says:

    And that is why you are the director for such a beloved book. Thank you!

  24. Chills……that’s all I can say! Thank you David Slade!

  25. That’s just beautiful…it is without a doubt that so much rain, sweat and tears have gone into the making of this beloved story. Thanks Mr Slade for your role in it!

  26. Kristen says:

    Thank you for everything. It’s a great lettre.

  27. What a beautiful letter to read. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was very touching to see that they notice how much these stories mean to the fans and how this not only Stephenie’s “baby” anymore; its now “our baby” too!!! It is nice and comforting to know that he has taken that to heart. I love the love letter. Thanks David! Thank you for taking the time to address the fans. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. JenLouise0201 says:

    What a beautiful letter! Thank you for sharing Twilight Lexicon!

  29. switzy4ever14 says:

    Very, very sweet. Thank you David so much. It is good to see your respect and understanding for us. In turn, I will now give respect and understanding as I see the film you have worked for so long and tirelessly.

    It’s things like this that made me glad I’m a Twi-hard.

  30. Thank You for that.

  31. Christine says:

    I was there that night! We totally froze our butts off in the freezing rain, but got photos and autographs with the wolfpack who were so amazingly nice to us.

  32. Thank you David this letter made me feel like I was right there with all of you working hard under the condition and supporting with the fans that stood there… Thank you!!

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