Vampire Weekend Interviewed By Stephen Colbert

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Vampire Weekend
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Vampire Weekend is on the Eclipse Soundtrack with their song Jonathan Low. Colbert does his usual sarcastic shtick with the guys. Look out for the hygiene comment.

Via RPattz News


  1. YESHHHHH STEPHEN! I love him. 😀

  2. vampbball says:

    I totally agree about the comma! Entertaining, funny, AND instructive. 😉

  3. <3 for Vampire Weekend, Stephen Colbert, and for the oxford comma.

  4. Fantastic! I Love Ezra and his views on the Oxford Comma!

  5. In this clip he does look like Rob. How weird is that?

  6. @JaneZ: Yeah, I was thinking, maybe RPatzz does a cameo in the vampire Weekend clip Holiday. Because there’s one member of the group who never takes of his rayban sunglasses in the videoclip & he looks just like rob. ( okay from a distance then 😉 ) What do you guys think?

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