Rachelle Lefevre Supports Single Use Bag Ban

Rachelle Lefevre (at the 1:58 mark) joins actresses Amy Smart and Rosario Dawson in supporting California environmental legislation that bans single-use, plastic bags.


  1. Of COURSE she does! Isn’t she Canadian?

  2. like it matters some moron will find another way to destroy the ocean oh thats right they already have with oil

  3. I’m glad that California is banning single use bags. I think other states should do the same! We need to start thinking about how our daily actions affect our environment.

  4. With all the problems California is having right now THIS is what they care about! Geeze. I actually reuse and reuse and reuse these bags.

  5. To all you naysayers, at least this is a start. We have to start somewhere to ever have massive change. At least she is trying. California tends to lead the way on these things, so once they start, the rest of the country will follow.

    That is the thing I envy celebrities for: people listen when they talk. I do my best for my causes, but no one pays attention to little ol’ me.

  6. You don’t get true “massive change” by creating more legislation and taking more freedoms away from people. You will get more “massive change” when people choose to be educated. This is a free country, for the time being that is. People will do things we like and don’t like. But, you can influence more people by being an example and just educating (not forcing things down peoples throats). I don’t listen to celebrities on these things. It makes me shut them out. Oh, and I recycle, I use these bags for various purposes including art. Now, they will be banned? Thanks!

  7. Amy Smart is just beautiful and sexy, i want to marry a woman like her someday~,’

  8. Amy Smart is just beautiful and sexy, i want to marry a woman like her someday”`:

  9. my all time crush is none other than Amy Smart. I just love the way she smiles and she is pretty sexy too **`

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