MTV Pulling Out All the Stops: Photos of Seating Plans, Chris Weitz and More

MTV has really been doing a PR blitz in the last 48 hours to hype the MTV Movie Awards that are this weekend.

First they released their seating plan photos.

Then they revealed that Chris Weitz was obviously in the house.

And they are talking about an Avatar vs. New Moon showdown.


  1. Jennifer says

    Does that mean Taylor will be in the middle?

  2. Taylor will have his own photo
    and seat. They leave space because they are allowed to bring a guest with and until they know for sure if they are they leave room just in case.

  3. Meredith says

    I voted for Avatar for best picture, because it was freaking amazing! And Zeo Saldana for best female preformance. But only because Twilight got all the recognition last year and Avatar deserves it this year. I know Twilight will win anyway, but still.

  4. I believe Avatar is the better film visually. The better story by far is The Twwilight Sage, I am more about the books…but I love watching the movies since they are all we have. If it were just story line…Twilight Saga!!!!!

  5. Avatar can suck it! The movie has a good message but who cares about Amazon Smurfs???


  6. As much as I love Twilight, I think Avatar deserves some credit. I wish them both luck!!

  7. eternitys_charm says

    avatar can suck it? really? personally avatar is hands down one of the best movies of the decade (apart from the dark knight and iron man..again in my opinion) so avatar gets all my praise

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