Xavier Samuel in GQ

As predicted, entertainment and media outlets have picked up on the fact that Xavier Samuel is the hot new face of the Twilight saga. He’s found his way into GQ with a new photo and interview.

You play Riley, a hungry newborn vampire out on a rampage. Full disclosure: I read the book, and Riley’s only on one page.
Yes, I was flipping through the book, thinking: Where’s Riley? He’s whittled down to one line. But in the film, we venture into the world of Riley and watch him assembling this newborn army. It’s more action-packed. And it gives me something more to do, thankfully.

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  1. I saw a photo somewhere of Xavier and Ashley walking together, and I swear, she looked like she was on cloud 999,999!

    Since then, I have been bracing for the “Xavier is the dreamiest” onslaught.

    It has only just begun.

  2. “We have cult meetings at midnight, somewhere near the Hollywood sign”- hilarious!

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