The Twilight Cast Abroad Rundown

Xavier water

So who is going to be where to debut Eclipse? It changed minute by minute, but it’s accurate at the moment.

Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel
Madrid, Spain 28, June

Antwerp, Belgium 29 June

Berlin, Germany 30 June rumored

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner

Sydney, Australia  31, May

Stockholm, Sweden on June 21

Lexicon reader Heelen from Belgium write”

“I wanted to tell you guys that Ashley and Xavier are attending the Antwerp Eclipse premier on the 29th (which is logical since they will be in Madrid on the 28th) and are rumored to come to Berlin as well in the following days. I did not yet find the info in English for you guys but here’s the news on the dutch speaking websites: and this is the site of the theater I purchased my ticket and printed it for that night so it is really true!! 😀

I translated the official info from the second website for you:

“First you’ll be able to relive “Twilight” and “Twilight: New Moon” to be entirely in the atmosphere and afterwards you’ll discover “Twilight: Eclipse”! The Twilight Night starts on Tuesday the 29th at 19:30 in all the Kinepolis movie theaters. In Metropolis Antwerp the theaters will open at 18:00 already. Even more you’ll be able to welcome actors Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel aka Alice Cullen and vampireleader Riley! Tickets are being sold at the moment at 20 euros for the Metropolis and 18 euros in all the other Kinepolis theaters. The ticket will only mention the premiere at 00:01 but gives you off course access to the two other movies on the 29th.”

The other websites mentions additionally “that Ashley and Xavier will host an introduction to the Twilight Night in Antwerp and will appear on the red carpet.”