Vampire Weekend Soundtrack Preview


Vampire Weekend have a track on the Eclipse soundtrack called Jonathan Low.ย  You can preview it below. What do you think?

Vw by c87157

Via TwiFans


  1. Not my style. Too plain. I’m a huge fan of the first Twilight film’s soundtrack. It’s got an edgy rock to it. I miss that. :o(

    • me too i listen to it in the car all the time none have been as good as twilight’s yet

  2. Love kinydas. LOL,I start out not likin the songs then i do so I’ll eventully like it . aba ut i still luv Newtron Star Collison

  3. I LOVE IT! ๐Ÿ˜€
    This is typical Vampire Weekend, but I like the fade-effect thing they have going on. GOOD SONG. MUCH WANTS. XD

  4. Ashleigh says

    Doesn’t sound much like Vampire Weekend at all. There’s remnants of them in it, not sure what to think of it. This is one band I’m really upset to see on the Soundtrack cause I like them so much but I guess I can understand a bit of why they did it.

  5. Twilight dreamers says

    its a good song but i agree the first soundtrack dominates especially with all the paramore! but i enjoy new moons death cab for cutie. add a little more rock to this song and it could top my fav list.

  6. switzy4ever14 says

    it’s ok. I’m not crazy about it,, but it sounds like it’ll fit in the film.

    <3 TeAm SwItZy <3

  7. I like it a lot. It’s probably a track I’ll be replaying often. I thought the NM soundtrack was better and more sophisticated than the “Twilight” soundtrack, so maybe the “Eclipse” soundtrack will be even better than NM’s.

  8. Chloe Cullen says

    It’s okaaaaay. Not great.

  9. Twilibrarian says

    Heck, I’m 59 years old, and you’ve had me listening to all this head-bangin’ music since Twilight first came out. I have an exercize playlist on my iPod. You got it~~~filled with vampire and werewolf soundtrack songs. I’ve even added the TrueBlood stuff! I LOVE ALL OF IT!

    My 24 year old niece was visiting and heard this car pull up with a VERY loud radio. She looked out the door….it was me. What have you young’ins done to me? ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I LOVE Vampire Weekend! I have for awhile, and i was so thrilled for them to be on this soundtrack! I love the song its awesome!

  11. I like it… it’s no “Giving Up the Gun” or “Oxford Coma” but it’s still great. I agree with you Carrie, completely… and that’s why I’m so excited for this soundtrack. I can’t wait to hear the tracks by Band of Horses, The Black Keys, or The Dead Weather. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Twilight Nymph says

    I always end up not liking the soundtracks at the beginning. Except for Twilight’s soundtrack, that one I liked from the start. Yet, as I listen to them over time I end up liking them. I didn’t like the New Moon soundtrack except for I Belong To You and Possibility. Yet, after a while it became a favorite. So, even thought this is not really my style, it’s alright. Once, the soundtrack is out and I listen to it for a while, it’ll end up on one of my playlists.

  13. Lovin’ it!

  14. Hummmm….I don’t know if I have an opinion yet. It’s a fine song, although not my first choice style. I am most curious on where and when it will be used in the movie?!!

  15. LOVE THIS SONG!!! but then i do love vampire weekend any way sooo i could be biased lol still not feeling the muse song

  16. I am 0-2 so far with this soundtrack. Thumbs down on this and Muse. I am not sure they can top the New Moon soundtrack.

  17. WOW!!! Not your typical Vampire Weekend song they usually have a more Ska sound to them I love this song and I am 2-0 infavor of the songs on the new sound track and can’t wait for it to go on sale.

  18. I love Vampire Weekend and this seems like a bit of a departure from their Afro-rhythms vibe but the power pop is still there.I love Koening’s voice. It’s just unique and fun.
    I’m not loving the Muse song. I like the piano part and otherwise… a little under-whelmed. I’m still stoked for this album though… Bat for Lashes and Band of Horses… Fanfarlo… and my current favorite Florence & the Machine… whew.

  19. I love Vampire Weekend, and this song! I love that it sounds very 80’s alt-pop, sort of like The Cure. I think many people liked the first album because, in my opinion, it was very safe and super mainstream. Apart from a few tracks by Collective Soul, Iron & Wine, Mutemath (etc..), the most popular songs were from popular bands. Paramore, Linkin Park, and Muse are all things I’d hear if I tuned into a local radio station. It’s pop music.

    Whatever, everyone has their personal taste in music. I’m glad the bands that I love will have this bit of exposure, but still hold their “indie cred”.

    • I agree. Not that there is anything wrong with pop music, cause there isn’t. I just love seeing some of my indie favs getting a nod!

  20. Solid and very mellow. I can see that I’ll be humming this around the house the rest of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Hummmm….I don’t know if I have an opinion yet. It’s a fine song, although not my first choice style. I am most curious on where and when it will be used in the movie?!!

  22. I liked the song.
    I love it when the soundtracks come out beacuase then I try and guess just what part of the movie,or who/ what character they could be representing. It all adds to the suspense of the release date for Eclipse. But I’m clueless as to where it’s gonna fit into the movie- it’s bouncy in tempo but the lyrics can be perceived as dark..ahh maybe it fits into a Bella and Edward scene where Edward always tries discouraging Bella to be changed. any guesses?