Twilight Wins Two Awards at UK’s National Movie Awards

According to the press association release:

“Twilight was the big winner at the National Movie Awards, taking home three trophies.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the second in the series, was named best fantasy film and its star Robert Pattinson took the award for best performance.

Its third instalment, Eclipse, which is due out next month, was chosen as the most anticipated summer movie at Wednesday night’s ITV1 awards.

R-Pattz, whose performances as vampire Edward Cullen have made him a huge star, was not able to attend the ceremony at London’s Royal Festival Hall due to filming commitments but said in a video clip: “It means a lot to me because you the fans decided the winner.”

Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr Carlisle Cullen, collected the saga’s other awards.”


  1. He was SO nice last night

  2. he is so sweet and hott your a very lucky wowman jennie garth

  3. I just love Peter facinelli.

  4. He was really sweet and seemed confused to be picking up eclipse’s award. R-Pattz speech was pre recorded which was a bit of a bummer. Heres a link to it cause I dont see it up here
    Was so cool of Peter Facinelli to come for the awards!

  5. I love Peter too, he is always so humble—-and yeah to the British guy with his ‘surprise, surprise’- TAKE THAT! LOL

  6. What does the presenter say? I can’t understand it; can someone please help me


  8. Absolutly one of the funniest set of clips/speeches ever! And man, British humor is out of this world!!

  9. Christie says

    Ah Peter was so funny and lovely! I liked his British words! @hmmm the presenter says, surprise surprise Twilight Eclipse and no ones here to collect it I suppose…


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