Rachelle LeFevre Supporting Her Twilight Family

rachellevictoriaThis is one of those times when words speak for themselves. According to E!:

“Talk about a classy gal.

Even though Rachelle Lefevre has plenty reason to gripe about being replaced in the Twilight franchise by Bryce Dallas Howard, she’s not gonna go there.

In fact…

The ginger beauty tells us she plans to check out Eclipse when it hits theaters next month. “Why wouldn’t I see the movie?” she said yesterday at the Environmental Media Association’s Yes to Carrots Garden Challenge luncheon in L.A. “I support my cast.

“They’re amazing people and they’re great kids and they’re doing awesome work. Why shouldn’t they be supported? And Stephenie Meyer is an incredible writer, as is [screenwriter] Melissa Rosenberg, and I think both of them should be celebrated.”

Plus, she added, she keeps in touch with some of the cast, especially Elizabeth Reaser: “We were like a family.”


  1. She is a class act. I hope they bring her back for Breaking Dawn.

    • Victoria is not in BD…not to sound rude but did you read the books?

    • MovieMaven says

      Unless they do a flashback, I doubt they’ll bring [SPOILER: dead] Victoria back for Breaking Dawn – regardless of whether it’s Rachelle or Bryce 🙂

    • Maybe they could bring her to BD as an extra vampire!
      That would be awesome

    • i love her. i guess i’m glad it’s not her head we’ll see ripped off and burned.

    • Skadazzle says

      Ummmm that wouldn’t work.

      Those who haven’t read the books will be like “heyyyy she plays Victoria in Twilight! and New Moon, and then Bryce takes her spot in Eclipse and now she’s playing a full on different character!?! Ummm…. wth? Inconsistency much?” I read the books, and this would boggle my mind, and possible even turn me off to watching BD, it would boggle those who haven’t read the books even more, even if they put a wig on her, her facial features are so strong you’d probably still be able to spot her easily. Then they would lose fans, and at this point they still would like more, so there would be no purpose to bring her back, it would be a lose, lose situation so to speak.

      Plus whatever the real issue was with Summit, they wouldn’t re-hire her for the last film, for things like that the production companies tend to hold a small grudge especially if it’s on such an extended franchise. And if they feel she is at fault, which honestly why would they think they were? Since their egos are so tremendous, then there would be no way they would hire her back, regardless of how cool it may be.

      Just sayin.

  2. You know you’re Canadian when…


  3. Aww, go Rachelle! Miss you!

  4. Annoymous says

    K…why would they bring her back for B.D? Have you read the books? She dies in Eclipse…

  5. leanne23 says

    She is so beautiful. Rachelle is still the prefect Victoria and the only one for me. I am glad she is supporting “her cast”. Thats all I am going for is the CAST that is originally casted. Sorry no BDH excitement/commitment for me. I am TEAM VICTORIA not Team Vicky 2.

    • i agree. She is the only Victoria to me.

      • I agree as well. Rachelle nailed down that character & it should be her in Eclipse. So what if bryce is a bigger name, not all the other actors were that well known when they were casted for their rolls, so WFT? Team Rachelle!

        • leanne23 says

          Darn Right…Team Victoria=Team Rachelle

          • It’s going to be pretty painful to watch someone other than Rachelle, playing her role. Team RACHELLE all the way! 🙂

          • leanne23 says

            And distracting especially when the replacement looks and acts differently and horribly. Bryce has turned Vicky 2 into a doglike character. UGH. TEAM RACHELLE VICTORIA ALL THE WAY!!! Down with the Usurper pretender Team Vicky 2!!!;)

          • leanne23 says

            And distracting especially when the replacement looks and acts differently and horribly. Bryce has turned Vicky 2 into a doglike character. UGH. TEAM RACHELLE VICTORIA ALL THE WAY!!! Down with the Usurper pretender Team Vicky 2!!!;)

            I tried replying to you the first time but somehow end up replying to myself. lol 😀

  6. Love her but Victoria is dead in Eclipse sorry to spoil that but it’s in the books.

  7. I love her attitude. It’s going to be weird seeing a different Victoria in Eclipse! She was the perfect Victoria! 🙂

  8. switzy4ever14 says

    she truly is a great person. has a whole lot of class.

    <3 TeAm SwItZy <3

  9. RockinRobbin says

    As always, Rachelle has amazing class, especially considering the shabby way that ‘scummit’ treated her. BDH has one thing and one thing only going for her, Daddy is the boss. She thought the original role when it was offered to her was ‘too small’ for her ‘great tallent’ I suppose. How rude and classless she is. The only great thing, we get to see her head ripped off in Eclipse! I for one, will be delighted to see her go. As for Rachelle, she will have a terrific career long after BDH is gone and forgotten.

    • I agree with everything you wrote. Rachelle will always be the only true Victoria for me. Too bad the role in TW/NM was too small for your great talent, BDH, that’s why you’ll never be good enough for the fans.

  10. She’s a classy lady.

  11. The best scene in Eclipse.. will be victoria’s head rolling on the ground near Bella’s feet.. woot… Anyone who wants to Bella, deserves to lose their head.

  12. Yep, Rachelle is a class act! I will sorely miss her in Eclipse because she IS Victoria. BDH looks out of place & very unnatural in the clips I’ve seen, like she’s “playing the part” of Victoria where as Rachelle WAS Victoria. And that wig! OMG, just awful. If I was Rachelle & wanted to be spiteful, I’d go to that premiere & show them all what the real Victoria looks like with her long flowing red mane! Love you Rachelle!!!!

  13. she is so awesome, I love Rachelle and for the record she will always be my victoria!

  14. Wow, gotta love her.

  15. Moonbeam says

    Oooh I love the idea of having Rachelle in Breaking Dawn! Just a cameo obviously – in the crowd at the wedding maybe? That would be an awesome Easter egg for the fans.

  16. Rachelle is an awesome lady. Can’t wait to see the three other movies she has coming out this year. Anticipating the award nominations in the near future (If not next year, then soon. You know she’s going places.)

    I agree with everyone else. It will suck seeing someone else play Victoria. I will be wearing my “Rachelle is my Victoria” t-shirt proudly on opening day.

  17. Rachelle will always be the best Victoria. BDH is just trying to kiss fans’ asses since she originally passed on the part because she felt the role was “too small.” How funny that she jumped at the chance to play the role in the third film which has more screen time for Victoria.

    I couldn’t stand BDH before and I certainly can’t stand her now.


    You’ll never see any BDH icons on my journal!

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