Rachelle LeFevre: PSA to Stop Puppy Mills

You can learn more at Best Friends Animal Society.


  1. she is so beautiful and sensitive… i really miss her…

  2. i blame some of it on the shelters because if they didn’t make it so hard to adopt then more people would my kids wanted a dog and as a family we decided to get one went to the local animal shelter to look at the dogs that were available every dog we liked the said they weren’t recommended for small kids so we left with no dog the kids finally got one from a family friend who the puppy didn’t work out with we have had her 9 months now and love her to death

    • I agree about the animal shelters making it hard to adopt animals. My husband and I adopted one of our dogs from an animal shelter and not only do they want your life story, they want to know if you have jobs, what kind of house/apt/etc., if your yard is fenced in, have you had animals before… FINALLY after we were going to be able to adopt her, we had to come back 5 hours later to take a 1 hour long class about how to care for your new animal. She has been with us now for 2 years, but the process was ridiculous. I understand some of it, but definately not all of it.

      • Shelters and rescue organizations just want ot make sure it is a good match between the dog and the family. Most people adopt on a whim, wanting something cute and cuddly to snuggle with. But then 3 months from now, they’ll dump the pet on the streets becuase it wasn’t potty trained or barks too much.

        The rescuers just want to make sure that if the families really wanted the dog and are wiling to be patient with the adoption process, then the family is more likely to keep the dog forever.

        Would you adopt out a dog you’ve been caring for to a person who just wants the dog right then and now not knowing much about the person and if they really want the dog to be part of a family member, or just as some kind of outside dog who will end up being tied up outside to be meant as a guard dog? I can understand the need to question if you have a fence. most dogs escape when not secured in the back yard. Then these dogs end up at oshelters and may end up being put down due to a sickness it picked up off the streets or simply because of overcrowding.

        • I understand… but this is coming from a shelter who will gladly take the dog back if there is a problem. They actually tell you that you are not allowed to sell or give the dog away under any circumstance and if you are to move, they have to be notified. I just think it sucks that I have to suffer for irresponsible pet owner’s mistakes.

          All of my dogs will be with me forever. They are huskies in Heaven!!

    • Dogs have possibley suffered abuse and neglect before ending up at shelters. Perhaps it had something to do with the dog’s personality. Don’t blame it on the shelters. They just want the dog to go to the best home possible.

      Children can be really rough with animals, especially toddlers. Even small animals are not recommended as pets for children. Can’t watch them 24/7, and they may end up squeezing or even kicking small animals, injuring them.

  3. You go, Rachelle! I sure miss ya!

  4. anonimous2 says

    OH! SHE IS SO BEAUTIFULL AND SO SWEET ! I can’t believe that she was chosen for the vilain’s role in twilight and new moon! she should have been kept to play Tanya or one of the Denaly girls in BD. I love her and I will really miss her angel face in Eclipse!

  5. I never saw that PSA before, that was excellent! and that website that they mention sounds like a wonderful non-profit. I am going to check it, right after I thank you posting that…thanks!


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