Italy Convention 2010

clocktowerLater this week, Pel(Laura) is heading out to the first Twilight convention to be held in Italy.Right now she is really regretting that her Italian ancestors hadn’t decided to force their kids to learn Italian so that she could speak more Italian other than food and unprintables.

She’s going to be there along with Kimmy from His Golden Eyes. Both Pel and Kimmy will be doing panels on the red carpet experience, life in Forks, and being a webmaster in the Twilight world.

After the convention is over, Pel and Kimmy are planning a little side trip. Bet you can all guess where. Hint, hint look at the photo.

Anyway, Pel is planning to bring some Italian goodies back with her to create a Twilight Italy themed basket that we’ll give away to a lucky Lexicon reader. Now she won’t have a clear idea on exactly what she’ll put in the basket until she gets there, but she’s open to suggestions.  So if there is something you really want to see in there let us know in the comments.


  1. lucky lucky lucky!!!!!

  2. Awesome! Y’all should get Nutella (I know they sell it here, but the Italian stuff tastes better. lol) and Tronky bars—basically wafers stuffed with Nutella. Sensing a theme? LOL

  3. It’s the first TWI con in Italy and I’m so happy to go…and I will be really pleased to meet Pel!
    See you in Roma Pel!

    • Luuuuucky. I’d give anything (well, mostly anything) to get back over there and get my hands on some real Italian gelato. *sigh* Eat lots of it for me. (And don’t tell me how good it is. LOL)

  4. camille45 says:

    this sounds like so much fun! Wish i could go, have fun!

  5. You should include some pictures of where NM was filmed in the basket. If you could get ahold of another red cape, that would be fantastic.

  6. Lucky girls ! Have fun for all of us !

  7. Have fun! I was in Montipulciano back in September! They have a ton of posters there in all Italian! I have some and they look great in my kitchen! Pel, do the Bella run and film it for us! And definitely bring us back some yummy wine!

  8. ok, in the basket:
    cantuccini – cookies from siena –
    panforte – cake from siena –
    brunellO di montalcino – fantastic wine, it speaks for itself-
    beauty products made from tuscan olive oil- you will find a lot of them in the shops around tuscany, and they are really good –
    ciao laura!

    ps if you decide to take berlusconi back with you in the u.s.a we wuold be very happy! it is for free.. 🙂
    a kiss from all the italians on the lexicon!

  9. Lynn Aquin says:

    Lots of pictures would be great. Is the fountain still there? I would love a red cloak and a print of the Volturi picture with Carlisle in it.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    There’s a little shop down one of the streets leading off the Piazza del Priori that has little apple-shaped necklaces and pen holders with ‘Twilight’ on them made from Volterra alabaster (can you guess I’ve been there? :P, found some little alabaster swans in there too.)

  11. Sounds like a great trip! Can’t wait to hear about it!

    Travel safe and eat REALLY well while you’re there.

  12. Hope you and Kimmy have fun! I would love to visit Italy sometime soon.
    For the basket: a red cape, postcards and pics!

  13. Twilibrarian says:

    Anything you bring back and place in a basket would be great. I also have a suggestion. Why not make 2 baskets and auction one off, perhaps on eBay, with the proceeds going to a Twi-Charity? Lets the non-winners have a chance to get a basket and help a good cause. Just a thought. Barbara

  14. Cynthia says:

    a pamphlet from the Montipulciano Chamber of Commerce with a map of the city! or anything with a picture of the church or from the church. Sometimes big churches have a gift shop???

  15. I would like to go, i had been asking about it for months and could get NO info! Man Twilight & Rome, what could be better…. if the public can go, can someone hit me up on facebook @ Urseila Kelly

    • Hi Urseila!
      The convention is for the Twilight fans so yes it’s open to public. You can buy a pass for one day or three days.
      I can’t wait for Lexicon panel, I’m so curious to hear about Pel’s experience on red carpet and Forks…

  16. Awsome, make sure you take some pics for us:)

  17. I do hope you are going to Montepulciano, and not Volterra. Heck, go to both!!!

    Definitely try the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. I’m not a red wine fan and didn’t like it, but it’s what Montepulciano is famous for. =)

    GO TO THE CAFE POLIZIANO!!! (A must. A total must.) Amazing cafe where all the locals frequent in the middle of the Corso. Plus, there’s free internet for customers. Try their hot chocolate (or gelato, but it’s not the best in town.) Yum!

    OH and pay the 1.5 euro (unless it’s gone up since two summers ago) to climb to the top of the clock tower!!!

  18. Stephanie says:

    I think Twilight posters, shirts, merchandise, etc. with Italian writing. That would be so cool.

  19. Have fun there
    I bet for the basket pictures would be great!
    Twilibrarian has a really good opinion !
    Tell us about your there please !
    I love Italy 🙂
    Another thing for the basket post cards if anything twilight there that’d be really great!
    Have lots of fun !


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