Glee Meet Twilight

There was a bit of a Twilight connection on tonight’s episode of Glee.

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    I loved that episode. When I heard about the twilight thing I busted out laughing.
    “This will definitley get Rob’s attention!” And then they attack Hew from Wizards of Waverly Place!!!
    I love it. Thanks for posting this!

  2. hahaha Love how her mom lets her walk out of the house like that but won’t let her watch Twilight.

  3. People need to lay off kstew she just says stuff the way it is and should be commended for that and not chastised. I love glee but when they talked about a perception of a celebrity that to me is hitting below the belt.

  4. I was cracking up when I saw this. I love Glee! Thought it was hilarious!

  5. GLEE is an awesome show! i was laughing at this too. touching on the hard-hitting teen epidemics like vamp trends. LOL

  6. Cecilia Jimenez says:

    this was just hilarious!!

  7. Twilight Nymph says:

    I’m not really into Glee, but I watched it today because they going “GAGA”. LOL. I saw the Twilight/Vampire part and it was hilarious. Although, I agree it was wrong to pick on Kristen and for goodness sake a group of girls dressed as Vampires with Team Edward shirts ambushing and biting a guy is not going to get Rob’s attention. I think that just makes us Twilight fans seem like we’re out of our minds. Yet, other than that, I thought it was funny.

  8. Jazz Girl says:

    Okay, first, LOVE GLEE!! Second, LOVED LOVED LOVED this melding of my two favorite things! I lmao at the whole situation!!

    As for the comment about Kristen, think about the context here, folks. The episode is called Labels. It’s about looking beyond what you see or hear and looking at the person. Case in point; Tina’s mom calling out Kristen. Tina’s mom thinks she’s a
    b!#@h because of how she’s portrayed. Move beyond the label, which is something Tina’s a lot better at doing. It’s a lesson, kids. Not an insult.

    • I agree. Alot of people try to label K.Stew as a, but that is just who she is. Not in a negative way. I read her article in Elle last night. I do see her differently now. K.Stew got thrown into the Twilight spotlght quite quickly. All the people yelling at her, wanting her do do all this stuff for the camera and the spotlight makes her want to cry somethimes. I mean My Goodness, she is just turned 20. She is still a kid.

    • The name of the episode is Theatricality, but I agree with everything you said.

  9. I think the Kristin joke fit in with the story arch of the episode. The episode starts of with people judging each other and then ends with a huge mushy lets-accept-everyone-for-who-they-are-moment. You can’t take the joke seriously.

  10. The Glee episode was about being comfortable in your own skin and being yourself. There was also a stern lecture of not using certain names that are offensive and demeaning to people such as the n word, f**, however they felt it was acceptable to call a young actress a b**ch. It was a pathetic cheap shot at Kristen – to use a demeaning word in an attempt to get a laugh at someone else’s expense. The degrading insult, not joke , was directed at Kristen. The lesson of using hurtful words came after…and was not directed at using the b word. As a female, I was offended that they thought it was acceptable and a joke.

  11. Twilight dreamers says:

    LMAO thanks for making my day glee! “this will definatly get edwards attention” lol also the principle with “ability to transform into bats?” i no he was kidding but still i HATE when ppl say stuff like that. its like god read the book! but still i enjoyed it.

  12. personally, I think everyone is reading too much into it.


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