Twilight Lexicon Interview: Catherine Hardwicke

We had the opportunity to interview Catherine Hardwicke at Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Tour in Vancouver. We can honestly say that this is an interview that we are never going to forget.


  1. Aww I love Catherine! And I love this interview. Thanks girlies!!

    • Even with my hearing aid way up I can’t understand much of what is said. The sound in this interview is not good. Any chance of a transcript?

  2. Absolutely loved this interview! There is something about Catherine Hardwicke. I kinda want to jump in her brain just to see how her mind ticks. She has so many amazing ideas and is such a down to Earth person.

  3. Great interview! Catherine seems to be so unique, personable, passionate, fun and full of life! I would’ve LOVED to be a fly on the wall (or the carpet in this case) during that interview! 😀
    Well done, ladies!

  4. Wooo – awesome! So glad to have been a part of this amazing experience!

  5. lol … That is hilarious and Catherine is one of kind. And you guys were great sports. Loved this !

  6. The woman’s such an inspiration. Wish there were more female directors like her around. Wish a female director (preferably Coppola) would have been hired to do the fourth/fifth installment of Twilight.. Breaking Dawn could’ve definitely used a female touch IMO.

  7. wow..cute idea huh….nice:))

  8. Lovely and funny interview! I liked it very much, great job! C. Hardwicke is a passionate and intelligent director, I hope to see a new film of her in the next future.

  9. Megan Mc Dade says

    Hey loved the interview was catherine is great. However I cant seem to watch the second part. It’s blurrly and den the sound cuts off is anyone else having dis problem x

  10. Charlotte says

    Great interview Catherine is so intelligent and forthinking like the casting of Jacob she really is an inspiration!!

  11. sorry, Shiloh but I am really glad that you didn’t have chemistry with Kristen…

  12. I love Catherine Hardwicke. The original is my favorite because she really set the tone. You guys are so right, that she did a great job of casting all the parts. She made the first one fun! I love listening to the commentary on ‘Twilight’ with Catherine, Kristen and Rob. Thanks guys!

  13. Thanks for this interview! Love Catherine for creating the original Twilight film so beautifully and would have loved to have seen what she would have done with all the rest.


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