Volturi Giveaway!


We thought we’d shake things up a bit today by doing a Volturi themed giveaway. We have a Volturi themed tote bag signed by Dan Cudmore, Cameron Bright, and Jodelle Ferland that we had signed at the Vancouver Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Tour.

So let us know why the Volturi rock in the comments below and we’ll pic a random winner at 11:59pm tonight.

NOTE: Charlie Bewley did not sign this particular bag. Sorry for the mix up!
Also, if you are looking to attend the official Twilight Tour in Los Angeles, day tickets just went on sale.

Shelly is probably going to kill me for pointing this out, but don’t you just love that Shelley (in heels) is shorter than Jodelle and Dan still has to bend down to lean on her head!


  1. The Volturi rock because they don’t take crap! πŸ™‚

  2. Volturi are amazing!!! Thay’ve got it all, strength, inteligence, style..and anyone led by Aro..has to Rock!!!

  3. The Volturi rock because they’re powers are awesome!

  4. The Volturi rock because they are the ultimate talent search. Nearly all of them have an awesome power that they have used to dominate the world for enturies and millenia. Plus the movie features the best actors in the volturi scenes, notably Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen.

  5. Alicia Saechao says

    The Volturi rocks because they just do.

  6. They rock purely because they are able to scare the bejesus out of people (including myself) without even trying!

  7. I’m saying The Volturi rock because I’m afraid to say otherwise. They might come after me! πŸ™‚

  8. The Volturi rock because they are the best kind of royalty there is. They’re scary, serious but sexy. Who wouldn’t love them?!

  9. The Volturi rock because they live in Europe (Italy)! πŸ˜€

  10. The Volturi is the LAW.

  11. They rock because they are super strong, smart, and totally fierce!

  12. The Volturi rock because they are freaking royalty. They are the bada** of vampires. The Vampire version of the Sopranos. ~laughs~ Who wouldn’t want that kind of power? NOT TO MENTION they are GORGEOUS! Everyone can keep their Cullen…I’ll take my Volturi guard any day.

  13. Nicolette de Lange says

    The Volturi rock because they are royalty, (are supposed to) see to justice, live in an exquisite place and wear fab capes.

  14. The volturi have been there for who knows how long. Suffice to say, they could only have done so by rocking over the world of vampire.

  15. The Volturi rock because they can do almost anything they want and get away with it. Plus, all the vampires AND the werewolves hate them which i think makes them confident with what they do. The red eyes and the costumes are way cool!

  16. shaylo1014 says

    They rock because they are so full of themselves that they don’t think they can be outsmarted or defeated.And because of their arrogance the Cullens manage to do both.

  17. The Volturi know what needs to be done. They are the police of the vamp world. So they like to collect talent… who wouldnt?! It makes them rock even more!

  18. Volturi rock becuase they almost killed Edward. I am Team Jacob because I don’t like Edward, so when the Volturi almost killed Edward I became half Team Jacob and half Team Volturi. They also rock because their powers are amazing and unbeliable. If I was Jane all of my enimies would suffer my powers. If I was Aro I would be able feelings of others around me. The last reason they rock is because they are the leaders of the all-powerful vampire world. They really take control and let their powers rule their lives. Team Volturi! and Team Jacob!

  19. Zoee Savage says

    The volturi absoloutly rock to vampire hell and back because they have butt kicking powers, superior strength plus they’re sexier than brad and angelina put together! Which clearly makes the ice cool… literally πŸ˜‰

  20. The Volturi rock because without them, Bella and Edward may not have ended up together! If Edward didn’t go to Italy, then Bella would have ended up with Jacob (which is ok, but not what is meant to be). Also, Edward and Bella’s love never would have been rekindled without them.
    They also rock because they make Victoria look like a mosquito compared to them. Anything that makes other mosters shrink in fear is definitely AWESOME.

  21. I think that the Volturi are fantastic. I think it’s great that they go looking for vampires with abilities, or people with abilities to join them. They are like the super-villians, which is funny, since they “govern” the vampires, enforce the laws. And, they are just so menacing (on the screen and in the book)!

  22. Heather TOrres says

    I love the Volturi! They have such grace about them.. All the “old world” flair. They are respected and tolerate nothing! If I could rule any world its exactly how it would be!

  23. The Volturi rock because they have the power. Their able to upset the entire vampire with the snap of a finger. Hello utter chaos!

  24. The Volturi rock because they don’t give second chances πŸ™‚

  25. The Volturi rock b/c they do actually keep most humans from knowing about vampires…which WOULD end bad in most cases.

  26. catherine weaver says

    The Volturi rock because they are everything you expect from a vampire! Confedent, graceful, and and can show you their bad side when you choose to mess with them or their way of life!

  27. The Volturi rock because they have grace and class with a little evil twist

  28. Anyone That has watched the twilight movies knows with out having to read why the Volturi rocks the name says it all πŸ™‚ The are the gods for their world and know how to kick some butt. πŸ™‚

  29. Cindy Childers says

    The Volturi are great and all the actors did a excellent job is bringing their characters to life for us to enjoy. I was not a fan of theirs in the books but the movie’s…well that is a different story πŸ™‚

  30. There are many reasons why the Volturi rock.
    1) They are carnivores. I like this because I am a carnivore. (It is not cannibalism because they do not consider humans as the same species as them. Like I do not see cows as the same as humans.)
    2) They are educated. Education is always a good thing.
    3) They are rulers and the police ‘police’. While I do not completely agree with their choices they have rules and those rules are followed. They do not tolerate rule/law breaking. They did come when the newborns got horribly out of control in Eclipse (even though it was basically too late)
    4) They have Jane. I love Jane. She is the ultimate bad-a$$. She seems so cute, sweet and innocent that people think she is a harmless female. Then WHAM! she pulls out all the punches! I just love a strong decisive female character. Even if they are evil.
    5) And finally I think the Volturi rock because they can see each individuals potential and look to see it full-filled. Instead of killing Bella (and therefor Edward and Alice) they saw Bella’s potential and allowed her to grow into it, even though ultimately she uses it against them.

  31. Stacie Pojero says

    The Volturi Rock My Socks!

  32. The Volturi rock because they said no to killing Edward when he asked πŸ™‚ 1, 2, 3… AWW! LOL!

  33. The Volturi are the BEST because they have red eyes! Not to mention, they kick butt!

  34. The Volturi rock because u dont want to mess with them πŸ™‚

  35. VOLTURI are not evil, they’re just doing what is in their nature and that’s why they ROCK!

  36. LOL that is awesome!!

  37. The Volturi rock because they are everything most vampire lore tells us they are. Minus the sparkling and the fangs. Bada** and scare the crap out of you! Especially Jane, she’s my favorite Volturi member and is the one I’d fear the most. They are “the law” of the vampire world. You step out of line and they have the most talented group of vampires to take you out. No one dare questions them, they could get away with anything.

  38. The Volturi rock because they can kick anyone’s butt!

  39. Misty Flowers says

    Are the RED eyes not enough…and to throw in a little Miss Fanning???

  40. The Volturi rock because they are lethal,ancient,highly organized while being vicious and refined at the same time. They have some of the most intriguing powers and well…cloaks looks pretty cool.

  41. The Volturi rock because Michael Sheen is a LEGEND! (And their contacts are cool!)

  42. The Volturi Rock because you kinda have to to be the head of all of Vampire society!!

  43. Christine Langager says

    I like the Volturi because they are the epitome of bad ass with a sprinkling of stark raving mad=)


  44. The Volturi rock because they are collection of the most exceptional vampires on the planet, give or take a few yellow eyed exceptions!

  45. Jamie & I LOVE the Volturi – they exude strength, power and prestige! They most definitely ‘Rock’ !! πŸ™‚

  46. Amazing picture!!!! Love the volturi…. well I obey their rules so they don’t kill me!!!!


  47. The Volturi rock because they aren’t ashamed to be themselves.

  48. The Volturi rock by being able to last so long and still being the main force in the Vampire World. Also the guys are pretty hot for being as old as they are.

  49. caitlin b says

    they rock because if i say otherwise they will kill me

  50. The Volturi rock because if you don’t do as they command, they’ll break you into pieces like stone. Besides they’ve been around forever and demand respect.

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