Ashley Greene in New Skateland Trailer

Ashley Greene (who is very busy these days having just finished up on the sets of Apparition and Butter and is now slated to start work on the new Scream movie) is featured in Skateland which played to good reviews in the Dallas, Sundance and South By Southwest film festivals. It’s now slated to go up at Cannes.


  1. It looks interesting enough. It’s very refreshing to see Ashley in such poignant role in contrast to her Alice character! And from what I can see she does a great job.

    • You should check her out in the indie thriller “Summer’s Moon”. It has a good twisted plot and she definitely shows she’s about as far from Alice Cullen as you can get. She definitely has the range from being sweet and loyal Alice to a girl like Summer,who’ll do anything to survive.

  2. switzy4ever14 says:

    does anyone know what it’s rated?

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  3. I’d like to see it. I hope it comes to Denmark. 🙂

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