Cullens one sheet

The Cullen family is featured on this new theatrical one sheet for Eclipse. ย How do you think everyone looks in this one?


  1. Ooooo they look so good!!! can’t wait ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree whole heartedly! I kinda get tired of the same Jake, Edward, Bella pic all the time, so this is a good change, and I believe my favorite, with the Volturri one coming in 2nd.

  2. Eh, kinda weird? Over photoshopped perhaps? I’m really only looking @ Rob anyway so its all good ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. love2dream says:

    much better hair for Rosalie and Jasper! Why does Carlisle hair have to be so yellow?!

  4. I don’t like when Bella is out of the shots.

  5. this is stellar. i truly truly enjoy this. i already set this as my desktop. now a t shirt and poster of this would make me delirious

  6. Michelle says:

    Edward looks so Yuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmy

  7. shannonh08 says:

    OoooOOOoooh Jasper looking menacing….me likey!

  8. Everyone looks great, if you can actually see Esme and Carlisle. Is it just me or I guess it is the angle but it looks the women (except Jane) in all these posters are sticking their chests out?

  9. Woah the cullens look amazing, and ready to kick some newborn ass. cant wait for eclipse. XD sooo excited, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  10. Love what you can see of the Cullens but don’t quite understand why half the sheet had to be of a dark misty hill…

  11. I like it!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Poor Jackson…they are not doing him any favors in this movie…his hair looks terrible here.

  13. missbluejuju says:

    Methinks someone got a little too Photoshop-happy.

    And it looks like Jasper has boobs.

  14. isabella says:

    Edward. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. *sigh*

  15. Everyone individually looks good, but I’d rather have Carlisle toward the front since he’s the head of the Cullen family, Alice seems a bit “busty” compared to her normal proportions, & Jasper shouldn’t be so off to the side since his role is pivotal to the survival of the family. I also agree about the “over-photoshopping” on this, & all of the banners. They look good & I love the dark mistiness that sets the mood, & everyone’s makeup & wardrobe are amazing (except Jasper’s hair… he looks a bit too creepy), but these banners make the movie look almost animated.

  16. I don’t like Jasper’s hair in Eclipse. Other than that AWESOME!

  17. OMFG:..Edward DOES look amazing..better than in all those actual shots I’ve seen so far- sorry guys but so far, he doesn’t look like the amazing Edward from Twilight!
    Alice looks great, but Emmet looks like a Russian Babushka Doll, carlilse and esme are too small, jaskosn rathbone should sue the make up and photoshop artists and well..rosalie doesnt look like herself.
    uff uff uff

  18. Is that the same photo of Edward that they used with Bella and Jake?? Now I can understand what everyone means by photoshop.

    • I agree that someone seems to have gone a little photoshop happy. Edward does look great, but Alice seems to have gotten a pretty good set of implants.

      I kind of think Jazz and Em should be switched too. Japer’s back-story is in this one, as is Rose, and she’s closer to the foreground.

      • I agree with you. I thought that since Eclipse has Jazz and Rose’s background info in it, they should have been closer to the front. At least put Jasper in front of Emmett. As with Alice’s (bigger) boobs…no comment.

      • I think Alice and Jasper might have gone in together for those implants.

        (Look at Jackson. If you don’t realize his arms are crossed at first, (as I didn’t) doesn’t it look like he’s sporting quite the pair?) =P

  19. I don’t like Jasper’s hair in Eclipse. Other than that AWESOME!

  20. switzy4ever14 says:

    wow! I love it! emmett really looks good here. i also like rob. i wish they’d show a closer picture of carlisle and esme. but i really do like it.

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  21. Rockin'It says:

    Holy moly! Emmett Cullen! Look at him!!!

  22. The Cullens look amazing, especially Edward and Rosalie….Rosalie looks absolutely gorgeous in this one, much better I think than Twilight and New Moon and Edward always looks great, but it this one in particular, he looks so amazing!

    • I agree.. Rosalie looks awesome. I thought her hair looked horrible in New Moon, I’m glad they’ve fixed that issue, it actually looks real this time.

  23. where can you buy all these posters? they look awesome…

  24. I like the way the look esp Rosalie. . past pictures her blond made her look too washed out but here she looks great. . . Yeah for TEAM Cullens

  25. MeyaRose says:

    I understand why they decided to use a wig instead of dye for Rosalie, but they really should have done something about her eyebrows, they look so bad dark like that.

    Other than that, they are all looking very sexy!

  26. I think Rosalie looks stunning. And menacing. Love what they did with her. She’s the first thing I focus on in the poster.

  27. Edward looks gorgeous, Emmett looks like he has a bowl cut, Jasper looks decent,Esme and Carlisle look fine, Rosalie looks like she could actually pass for Rosalie for once and Alice looks okay but has an awkward pose…

  28. That is computer background worthy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. London Wolfe says:

    Jaspers hair is to long

  30. Jerrrivera says:

    Esme and carisle are too far away and that doesn’t look like Nikki reed. And alice is popping out her chest.

  31. I think it’s really nice that Summit have let the work experience kid do the posters.

    Actually – maybe they SHOULD let the work experience kid do the posters. They would probably look a lot better!

  32. Luthien says:

    I think they all look way too human. Their skintone should be much paler. Rosalie doesn’t look like she usually looks here (but I think that’s good), and Alice’s head tilt and chest out thing looks too coy. I think they should have looked more menacing myself. Edward in his usual angst-ridden expression.

  33. really not a huge fan of this poster. the placement of everyone just seems a bit off to me. and it offends my eyes.. I guess that just my opinion.

    I can’t wait for the movie!!!

  34. I thought vampires didn’t change or grow and that includes hair so why is Emmetts, Rosalies and Jaspers hair changed?

    I still love everything twlight anyway.Can’t wait for the movie.

  35. I don’t like the fact that Jasper’s hair has grown so long. It looks awful. Besides isn’t not suppsed to grow? Yikes!

  36. I love it!! But why Carlisle & Esme always in the back??

  37. Everyone except for Edward looks weird here…

  38. Di2Quilt says:

    This poster has that dark gothic look that I usually attribute to vampires. ๐Ÿ™‚ But, I agree that Jasper needs a new hairdo. He looked decent in Twilight, but in New Moon and Eclipse… sigh~~

  39. danielle says:

    rob is the only one that looks normal because hes the only one that technically knows how to model and sell a look. in this case, its the look of edward cullen.

    the movies have definitely improved the look of rosalie. i love it.

    aaaaaand its pretty clear what summit is trying to do here folks! the order/placement of the characters isnt necessarily about importance but about what will sell. rob of course. emmett too, especially with his calvin klein thing. beautiful and blonde nikki reed, busty alice. and keep jasper in the back with his freaky smile. and fit in as much of carlise and esme since theyre in the family.

  40. WannabeMrsCullen says:

    personally, I love Rosalie in this movie! Her, Edward and Emment look great in the poster. But the rest…eh. Alice looks like she’s had a boob job – but she is gorgeous anyway – Jazzy’s hair is too long, and why the tiny Esme and Carlise? I like the poster, but I agree with the previous photoshop statments.

  41. Crystal says:

    I agree that they are not pale enough, and it almost seems like an afterthought with Carlisle and Esme so far back (almost as if they went, oops we forgot too people). Alice is sticking her chest out far too much as well.

  42. WOW, just wow. Rob is just so delicious……….

  43. rob is so gorgeous- but why is he wearing more lipstick than i do? hmmm. rosalie looks better here than i’ve ever seen her before, but honestly that’s not saying much because in the previous movies she has looked so weird (nikki is gorgeous of course, but her character’s hair and makeup has been dreadful). um, esme looks really odd to me here too. and they aren’t pale at all. normal humans living in the pacific northwest would have paler skin than that! so overall, weird. but still a whole lot of hotness.

  44. Kathryn says:

    Why does Emmet look like Spock?

  45. Like it! The cullens looks wayy better than the Volturi ;D the angle is cool, but not overdone like for the poster of bella, edward&jacob. ^^

    Quit complaining, everyone;) you won’t notice all the tiny details when you watch the movie anyway! at least not the first time :))

  46. Emmet’s hair looks just stupid! otherwise looks greate ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. love this for the most part…I wish that would have left Jasper’s hair alittle lighter..and Emmett looks a little funky…

  48. :((((( i hate this poster!! its awfull!!

    edward looks great (as usual ๐Ÿ™‚
    wtf with rosalie?? emmet has awfull hair
    i dont get alice…jasper looks like he s about to say: BOOO!!!
    to loeave esme and carlisle behind…thats just not right!

    i loved new moon and twilight, but i think eclipse will be awfull…-.-


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