Bella One Sheet

More theatrical one sheets keep hitting the internet.  Today we have a solo shot of Bella.


  1. I think Kristen (Bella) looks beautiful in this picture.
    But the only thing that bothers me is that she has the same pose for all of her pictures, including the same wind-blown hair.

  2. TwilighterObsessed says:

    Gorgeous. Only poster I do truly like.

  3. Helen Pauline says:

    She looks so conflicted, I like it.

  4. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. she looks really pretty kind looks like terri hatcher from desperate house wives

  6. Amaranthine-Moon says:

    A MUCH better photo from what I’ve been seeing so far.

  7. Yeah she does look great here but also agree they need to changeher pose to something more open . . . maybe slightly looking away arms down or on her hips something to show how her character has grown by this point in the saga.

  8. Love the photo of Kristen!

  9. Best one so far, but that could be just because it’s the first one to be straight on rather than shot from below.

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