“I kissed Bella” Full clip from Eclipse

Here is the full scene where Edward threatens Jacob leading into the line “I kissed Bella” which was partially seen on the Oprah Show last week.


  1. Megan Mc Dade says

    This is my fave clip so far I love this scene in the book and it’s just amazing i’m even more excited to see the movie now ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. SM where are you? That just isn’t Edward. It is so out of his character. That just isn’t Jacob. Where is his snarky attitude? That just isn’t Bella. She needs to be angry.
    To me SM is a genius. MR- not so much. Hopefully SM will have more input on the BD movie. Because my problem is not with changing scenes or lines, it is changing the essence of the characters SM created. After reading all the books and extra, etc. you discover character attributes and this scene kind of gets rid of all 3 of their core traits.

  3. Uhh…AWESOME!!!

  4. I love the scene in the book so much more, like many others,
    But that doesn’t stop me from being exciteeeeeed ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I’m loving it!! I am so excited and i cant wait until the movie comes out! This is one of my favorite scenes because it shows Edward finally standing up for what is his. Isnt this the scene in the book where she was suposed to punch Jacob for kissing her?

  6. i love it personally! It had me bouncing up and down in my seat when it was on Oprah and I had to rewind it a few times and watch it again and again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Did anyone else notice how red the left side (his left) of Jacob’s neck is?

  8. Awesome!!!!!!!!

  9. MiVidaLoca says

    Sure movies can be a little different, but of course there are people that had favorite scenes in the book and were looking forward to seeing that played out in the movie.

    If we are going to really say the movie shouldn’t follow the book or else we could just read the book again, well than why use any lines from the book, just go read the book and make the movie however you want, after all, people already read the one version.

    No one is saying nothing can be changed and that every part of the movie has to be line for line in the book. This is just one of the scenes a lot of people LOVED in the book and wanted to see played out in the movie as it was. It was very well written and funny and engaging and the clip has taken away from that.

    You can’t expect people to like every single little thing. We are individuals and have opinions.

  10. Love the sceneee!!!….

  11. higgin704 says

    Gotta share a giggle. My husband was watching this with me. After Jacob said “I kissed Bella” he said, “Let me guess, this scene ends with an a**kicking?”

  12. “Things are going to get very ugly around here.”
    One of my most favorite lines in NM. Makes me laugh.

  13. .. ow my god .. the exytment kills me .. i really wish that time will run fast ..

  14. .. ow my god! the exytment kills me, i really wish that time will run fast ..

  15. So I have mixed feelings on the clip. I hate some of the changes (Bella not looking as if she’s ticked at Jacob & more like she’s protecting him) but I do actually kind of like the angrier Edward. We’ll just have to wait & see how the full thing turns out on June 30th.

  16. I am glad they are changing up some things in the movie version. This gives me hope for Breaking Dawn because a lot of things need to be change in that book

  17. Yeah, this is my favourite af all the Twilight books and this was one of my favourite scenes in the book.
    Unfortunately it didn`t quite give me the same feelings watching it as it had when I read it over and over again because it was so “comicaltragically hullarious.”
    I`m sure we`re all going to love the movie anyways, but lets hope that they haven`t gone off the book that much.

  18. Mollyblumw says

    I had to watch it a few times to make sure Bella’s hand was actually injured, i was worried they might have left out the part where she (rightly!!) clobbers him for kissing her. But she IS holding her hand gingerly against her chest, so it looks like they kept that part of the storyline.
    I reckon for the film (because probably a lot more young people will watch this than will read the books) they’ve deliberately made Jacob feel remorse and guilt when he realizes she wasn’t kissing him back, which IMO is how he should’ve reacted in the book. Teenage boys can’t think it’s ok to just kiss someone who obviously doesn’t want to be kissed, and then justify it by saying it’s because they love them… This was one of the parts of the book that really turned me off Jacob for a while, and he was just so cocky about it!! Ok, rant over, I love the books and I love that the films show us extra bits that weren’t in the books. Remember, SM was consulted on these movies, so most of the different scenes would’ve gotten her seal of approval.

  19. NatoshaL says

    wheres the humerus side to it that was in the book? they make it so serious in the movie

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