“I kissed Bella” Full clip from Eclipse

Here is the full scene where Edward threatens Jacob leading into the line “I kissed Bella” which was partially seen on the Oprah Show last week.


  1. LOVE IT!! 😀

  2. wowowowowowowwww =]

  3. I love this! I can’t wait until June 30th..it’s gonna be great 🙂

  4. J:I kissed Bella.

    • Eclipse is my favorite book and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to be my favorite movie as well. I am so excited! Can’t wait to see it in IMAX on June 29th!!

  5. I actually like a scene yay ! That was cool ! Can’t wait for June to come around.

  6. oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!

  7. The one thing I love about this clip is that Edward is finally “Man-ing up.” Edward, to me, has seemed like he has that “Bella will always love me so I can do what I want” type of attitude. Now that Edward has some compitition (Mike Newton does not count)he is more aggressive…more of a vampire.
    Love how he flies out of the car and gets right into Jacob’s face.

  8. Stephanie says

    OMG! I am so excited for this movie I can hardly wait. I can’t believe I have to wait 41 more days. I was glad to see Edward angry in this scene. Normally I don’t like them to change the book, but I think a little anger is called for. I just hope they didn’t leave out all of Edward’s smiles in the movie because I love it when he smiles. 🙂

  9. OMG, Did you see how he flew out of that car!! My man was pissed………………..

  10. Krista Anderson says

    OMG! That is SO disappointing! That was my all time FAVORITE scene from the book. I thought it was MUCH funnier and cooler the way Stephanie wrote it. The way Edward kept his cool. I hope they don’t hack the rest of it. (Not that RP didn’t look totally hot being furious!)

    • I agree. I do love the scene from the book way more and you’ll be surprised that some people like this scene more. I still like it but the book was so funny and awesome.
      And Edward was still protective in the book and his lines were funnier and meant more I miss that Edward.
      And Bella didn’t get in the way either.

    • I agree. Bella didn’t get in the way in the book, she totally was angry at Jacob. And, I miss the way Edward tells Jacob “If you bring her back to me in less than perfect condition, I don’t care how it happens, I’ll break your jaw for her”. I miss that calm threat…

      • i totally agree the scene in the book and the threat was way hotter. i hate when they change small things. though as a whole this may work for me now it doesen’t

      • I loved that line too… we didn’t see the whole scene, maybe he says that after Charlie leaves? Here’s to hoping…

    • MiVidaLoca says

      I completely agree, this was one of my favorite scenes and although it’s nice to see Edward “man up”, the scene is butchered. I loved the humor and the way SM wrote the scene. I am disappointed and I am not one to find a lot of complaints. Well except the first movie. I am not one that minds a few changes either if they are good, but I am not liking this one. Glad I am not alone.

    • MiVidaLoca says

      This was one of my favorite scenes and although it’s nice to see Edward “man up”, the scene is butchered. I loved the humor and the way SM wrote the scene. I am disappointed and This is one of the very few parts I really wished the entire dialogue and stuff stayed the same. How did Edward even know what happened?? I am not one to find a lot of complaints. Well except the first movie. I am not one that minds a few changes either if they are good, but I am not liking this one. Glad I am not alone.

    • me too, really wish they would have played it like it was in the book, it was so much better. plus all the stuff between Charlie and Jacob got left out, which was really funny too. when they are in the house and Charlie asks Bella what she did to her hand. crap

    • vampbball says

      I totally miss book Edward, and have missed him since the first movie. That was…dramatic, but also a little scary. For the first time, I can almost see what people mean when they claim that Bella is controlled by possessive men. Yuck. In the book, Edward totally kept his cool, “It’s your face.”

      • yes, I have felt the same way about Edward. Don’t like the way they portray him in the films, he isn’t like that in the books and you’re right, he looks like a controlling s.o.b. in that scene.

    • Jennifer says

      I agree completely. In the book Jacob is proud and gloating about kissing Bella. Here he looks ashamed…boo hiss!

      • Totally agree. Jacob was gloating! I was kinda upset about this one. I know things change from book to film, but the essence of the character should not and IMO this was out of character for all. Even Bella didn’t look angry like she was in the book. It reminds me of one of the scenes from TL when Edward honks the horn to let Bella know he’s there the first morning he picks her up. HELLO! Edward would NEVER do that!

        • I forgot about that scene when Edward honks his horn at Bella.

          You’re right. Edward wouldn’t do that. In fact, remember in Eclipse when Jacob is waiting in his car at the boundary line and he honks his horn at Bella?

          Edward gets all annoyed and says that he’s being rude.

          I miss book Edward.

      • for me I like it this way better. One of the things that bothered me so much in the book was first, Edward being so calm about her being basically assaulted…the other was Charlies reaction to it…”Way to go kid” reallllly bothered me as a parent. I don’t care who you are you don’t touch my child in any way (both teenagers) without their permission.

    • This scene was one of my favourites in the whole series and I don’t understand how they got it so wrong! The Twilight movies have done such a great job up until now in keeping with the books. The best things about this scene in the book were how
      1. jacob played it real cool, like when Charlie jokingly asked ‘do you want to press charges, Jake?’ and jacob was like ‘no, i’ll take the trade any day’.
      2. how Bella was all angry at Jake but it was really cute eg. ‘Dad, don’t you have a basball bat somewhere in your room? I want to borrow it for a minute.”
      3. and how Edward was all ‘If you return her to me in the less than perfect condition than I left her in, you will be running with three legs’.
      But they got it all wrong…Jacob was all angry and brooding when he should have been playing it cool and Bella was all “don’t fight”, when in the book she was angry at Jacob (remember how Edward was like ‘I’m not going to kill you now, because it would upset Bella’ and Bella waa like ‘hmph’.
      I’m so disapointed…I was really looking forwards to seeing this scene in the movie but they’ve ruined it! Hopefully they get the rest (especially the tent scene) right.

      • I totally agree!!! The book version was much much better!! The movies are making these little changes that I fell in love with in the book!

  11. totally stoked! I can’t wait to see Bella deck Jacob for kissing her in the first place!

  12. That was too funny… poor Charlie thought he could be all tough cop… he had no idea what those 2 are really capable of!

  13. I must have watched this clip about eight times already, and it gets better each time. I think I will watch it again.

    My name is VolturiGirl, and I am a Twilight-aholic.

    • Welcome Volturi girl! Pull up a seat. No need to be embarrassed of your twilight addiction- You are among friends here and this is a safe space.
      I Thank God that so many others feel the way we do and meet us here every so often. People in the “real world” you know, outside of the goings on in Forks just don’t seem to get it.
      I’ve watched the clip (too) many times and find something different (I missed) each time.
      Ahh, Bella to be you for a day or 2 😉

  14. Twilibrarian says

    Did anyone notice RPatz’s English accent in “If you ever touch Bella uh-gane-ster will?” It took me a couple of views to get what he was saying.

    It is a funny scene in the book and movie because of Charlie. I agree with the comment about him being a “tough cop” not realizing what those 2 are capable of doing. We all know Charlie doesn’t really like Edward because of the abandonment and trip to Italy. He’s always been “Team Jacob.” I can’t wait to see him change his tune when he discovers the kiss was against Bella’s will and Edward was defending her honor.

    • After you pointed that funny little detail out, I watched it again and again. You know what? You are right. He does have his accent there.
      I laughed so hard after I heard it, I woke up my baby.

    • I don’t remember Charlie changing his tune. I remember him congratulating Jacob on kissing her, which made her even madder.

      In fact I don’t think his attitude toward Jacob changes until he sifts in front of him in Breaking Dawn.

    • I totally Noticed the accent first time! I couldn’t understand it and once i played it the tenth time and had hubby listen, he told me he was saying “against her will”.

  15. Yum edward fightin for his girl I love it. Eclipse is my favorite book the movie is goin to be great. Countin the days until I see my edward

  16. Did anyone else notice the little “sizzle” sound when Edward grabs Jacob’s shoulder? That’s so awesome! Fire & Ice, baby! I love the attention to detail that D. Slade is showing us, though I do agree that the humor, once again, seems to be missing from such an important scene. I loved the non-chalant way Jake disregards Edward’s presence & how funny it is when Bella threatens Jake with a crowbar… *sigh* I guess we can’t have everything we want in life. Oh well. Still sooooo excited to see the film!

  17. Also… in the book, Jake is very proud of himself when he admits to Charlie that he kissed Bella. Here, he seems ashamed of it. M.R., you are a thorn in my side! Grrrrrr

    • Jennifer says

      Amen! It’s the same as Jacob raging out on Mike Newton at the movie theater in N.M. – totally off base.

  18. my favorite part of the book kinda sad that Edward doesn’t say she is mine but he looks so yummy being mad its almost okay lol

  19. love it! edward is soo pist thats just hot! charlie’s face is epic when jake says i kissed bella!
    i cant wait to be sitting in the theater! im gonna watch it till.. well yea the # is too big

  20. This scene looks great but I was looking forward to seeing it done the way it was in the book!!

  21. I have watched this a dozen times and I am having the hardest time trying to figure out what Edward says at the beginning of that…

    And I just love FierceRob 🙂

  22. haha not in the book but still interesting.

  23. isabella says

    I’m not sure how I feel about this! My stomach kind of turns in knots when I watch it because that is such an intense point in the book, but it really seems like they’ve changed the whole tone of the scene…Edward was so calm, and she even wrote that he was even more threatening because of his calm…until the end of the scene when he threatens Jacob outright and stakes his claim for Bella. I LOVED that he just came out and said SHE IS MINE. Sooo…this scene loses a lot of that…but I love seeing him show his fury, and I LOVE that he’s out of the car and in Jacob’s face in less than a second! I’m totally torn! I guess that is the best part of having the books interpreted into movies…we get the best of both worlds! I do wish we could hear the line about the meteor falling out of the sky. I LOVE my Edward!

  24. Hm I am torn. Whereas I LOVE the scene in the book…it had me both laughing and swooning at the same time because of how the lines were delivered and how angry Edward was, but still kept his cool…and how Bella was angry too and Edward has this almost hilariously cocky attitude of like “hey baby…it’s cool…I’mma tell this smelly pup what’s what.” I loved that…Buuuuut….I also love this. Yes I love it even though it’s not in the book. Why? Because the movies and the books are two separate things to me so sometimes I like seeing them do things that aren’t verbatim like the books because it’s almost like getting to see them in a whole new scene. And this scene was just awesome for Edward, Jake, and Charlie.

    • I completely agree! I wouldn’t have minded seeing the scene play out like it did in the book, but I am thrilled to see the crazy reaction from Edward. I don’t expect the movies to be exactly like the books. Some things have to change to make for a good visual story.

    • MidnightSun says

      Thank you for this point of view. I was kind of disappointed about how Edward in the movies is almost really nothing like the one in book due to the lack of lines but … now I can try to think of him just being in a different things. 🙂

  25. I think the scene is amazing. Especially Edward’s rage is amazing to watch. Also like the camera shots, the acting (expect Taylor – IMO he is overacting) and the scene itself.

    BUT I hate how Melissa Rosenberg has written Bella. Maybe her attitude will change with the entire scene, but Bella was mad at Jacob in the book. Here it looks like she is defending him. I seriously do not understand that. Jacob forced himself on Bella, and she is seriously defending him??! And the scene is written by a woman??! That’s so sad… In the book she actually wants Edward to kill Jacob (okay, not literally, but she is so mad!) and she has every right to thing so. After all it is sexual assault. Why the hell does it always seem like, that all of Jacobs bad traits are getting redeemed in the movies? I seriously get annoyed but Rosenvergs love for Jacob, because it changes the dynamic from some of the scenes in the movie compared to the book completely.

    Okay rant over… Still love the scene. Cannot wait for the entire movie.

    • Hey, M. First off, I agree about MR. She has an obvious favoritism towards Jacob, and it kind of gets on my nerves. I don’t want her to portray him in a negative light, just to portray the book accurately and Jacob was being horrible the way he treated Bella in that scene.

      But about Bella, I think in that scene(I may be wrong)she seems to be saying “don’t do this here”. I was thinking she is saying she doesn’t want them to do this in front of Charlie (?) I agree though, if the scene doesn’t play out with Bella being pissed at Jacob, I will be unhappy. But if she hit him, she must be angry.

      • yeah thats what i got from it to cant wait to see if more is add after Charlie walks away or not

  26. isabella says

    Well, Shanna, I think we are on the same page! Best of both worlds!

  27. OMG!I cant’t wait to see the movie it’ll be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I agree with some folks above: the book version is better and funnier. And one thing Edward rarely loses is his cool…he was supposed to be concerned with Bella’s broken hand first. And he could threaten Jacob without having to shout. But there’re some things I love in this scene, like the hurtful look in Edward’s face when Charlie separated the two, and Jacob’s rather embarrassed expression when he admitted what happened. Oh well, you can’t have it all in the movie and I already expected it 🙂

  29. Remember everyone; this is just a hint of what’s to come. I can’t wait until the movie hits theaters:) Edward is much more built in this movie and he looks great. Always remember that the movies will never be as wonderful as the books, but Hollywood is still doing a great job!

  30. danielle says

    so sexy

  31. I love it! Yes, its not like the book, I actually like this delivery. Its like RPattz has finally turned into the Edward I imagined while reading the book. The fierceness, the sadness on his face when he realizes he could loose Bella to Jacob…swoooon

  32. MiVidaLoca says

    This was one of my favorite scenes and although it’s nice to see Edward “man up”, the scene is butchered. I loved the humor and the way SM wrote the scene. I am disappointed and This is one of the very few parts I really wished the entire dialogue and stuff stayed the same. How did Edward even know what happened?? I am not one to find a lot of complaints. Well except the first movie. I am not one that minds a few changes either if they are good, but I am not liking this one. Glad I am not alone. If this turns out to be my only complaint than I will be happy. The movie still looks awesome.

    • you are right because in the book Bella calls him guess their making it so that he reads his mind interesting

      • Maybe she called him on her cell phone on the way home? We can’t forget that this is just a 30 second clip, so we’re not getting the whole picture.

  33. I liked Robert’s delivery. However, I was quite embarrassed with how poor Taylor’s acting/delivery of “She’s not sure what she wants” was. Honestly, I am a HUGE Twilight fan like all of you, but he sounded like a bad community theatre actor at that part. Play it over again a couple times (just his line) and you’ll see what I mean. I hope he is not like that the entire movie… It’s sort of like when he said, “Things will get very ugly around here” (or whatever) to Alice/Ashley in New Moon (which I laughed at because he was TRYING to sound tough but just sounded like a little boy threatening an adult).

    • HAHAHA I’ve always wondered if anyone else thought Jacob’s line in that part of New Moon was delivered horribly. I’m embarrassed for him everytime I watch that part of the movie. And I also agree about the line in this movie too. I don’t think he portrays anger very well.. seems like he tries too hard.

    • I have a feeling this isn’t the exact clip they will show in the actual movie. Film makers often do this for trailers to save the best shots for the movie itself. For example, in New Moon, Bella’s “It’s my birthday… kiss me” line is delivered differently than the take they showed in the teaser trailer. Also, Rob loses his accent on “against,” so it was probably reshot. Looks great though! So excited to actually see Edward’s angry, protective side:)

  34. Worst clip yet…and that’s saying something. hahaa

    What’s with Bella defending Jacob? She wanted to hunt a crowbar down to get him! And Edward was the one flipping out? He was the one saying that he wasn’t going to kill him. Ugh.

    And then Jacob looked like he was sad and regretful that he did it. Wtf?!

    Another director screwing up a perfectly good book. -__-

    • Totally agree. I’m not impressed.

      That moment when Edward gets right in Jacob’s face was actually a complete turn off for me.

      He looked like he was about to burst into tears.

      In the book this scene clearly reminded me of how much more mature Edward was than Jacob, but in this scene he looks like a crazy teenager.

      I’m starting to think that I’m Team Book Edward and Team Movie Jacob.

  35. wow, soo hot!
    I love seeing possesive Edward.

  36. gasp! lol btw has anyone seen the trailer that was shown in abc family??? with renee and bella in florida and it also included this scene i think…??? i tried looking for it in youtube but i cant find it =/

    • Its part of the commercial they just showed during Grey’s Anatomy.

    • I haven’t seen the one with Bella and Renee in FL, but have you seen the one where they show Victoria’s face close up during the tent scene where she growls and hisses. There is also a scene where the Cullen family is standing around one of the fires (??containing the Volturi’s dismembered bodies??). Have you seen that one????

    • This is funny. Everytime I read a comment I feel like I need to go back and watch the trailer to try and see what someone else saw. I’m really amusing myself.

  37. Twilibrarian says

    If you think back on all the clips, trailers, snippets, etc. from all the movies so far, they are sone to entice you to go see the film. Therefore, things are often out of order. (I bet the “Bella is mine” is in the film.) Case in point: New Moon tailer and Bella’s “I have to go” line. In the trailer,it looks as if she is saying it on her way into the house, where Alice awaits. In reality (the film) the line was delivered in the Mercedes on the way to rescue Edward from the Volturi. I am sure “She is mine” is in there, right before “she doesn’t know what she wants, perhaps?

  38. Yay they did put this in the film!!!!! wasn’t sure because she dosn’t have a brace on in the trailer for her hand. Ooooo one of my favorite parts Yahooo!!!!!!! Wonder if they put the part with Jacob stabing himself with the knife in the kitchen? Guess we have to wait till June 30th. Soooooooo excited !!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. switzy4ever14 says

    while I like the book scene better, this was pretty good…. even a team switzy member can get into that action 🙂

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  40. THANKS FOR THE TREAT! Now dang, now I have to wait for someone to stand up for me. Sucks, eh?

    I wanted to ask, how come there’s no Meetup groups organized about Twilight? I went to their website to see what was up, but there’s only three official Meetups across the country. Tons of white dots interested in meeting.

    With this saga being so popular, why the lack of partying? I can’t make it to a convention, nor do I have friends to share this with. Sucks, eh?

    TEAM SWITZERLAND! (tho I admit Edward was awesome here! C’mon ladies, time for Edward to get REALLY jealous!)

  41. I think I am a little torn too. Whereas I love the book scene, I realize they amp things up for entertainment in the movie. And I really love the way Rob and Taylor played this. It’s pretty hot seeing Edward all angry, and I remember thinking as I read Eclipse that I wanted to see Edward get really pissed off at Jacob. So I got that! And I liked the way Edward sped up to the house.

    I know there was speculation about whether Bella actually hit Jacob in the movie, but you can see she’s holding her hand differently, so I guess they kept that & I’m glad. I can’t wait for June 30th!!!

  42. Kendra Moody says

    It is good but I loved the sarcasm of the scene in the book. this cuts more of it out than I would like but I am still excited to see the rest of the movie.

  43. Sigh…Again with this? The movies are the interpretation of the books,they are based on them. The movies are a different medium they cant be JUST LIKE OR EXACTLY LIKE THE BOOKS!When are you people going to get that into your heads already? It is what it is. Its great. I love the the extras and changes,it adds to the drama and the excitment,i mean i already how it happens in the books,i want to see things different in the film versions,its a cool interpretation:)

    • Well Said!!! I can’t stop watching this clip. I just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Totally agree. Movies are not books, and vica versa. If you go to any movie expecting the book, you’re going to be disappointed. It’s a different medium and HAS to be created differently.

      I love the scene, but I can’t help but visualize a spoof of it with all sorts of other monsters stepping out of the trees admitting that they kissed Bella too. 😛 Jacob admits he kissed Bella, then the Mummy steps out and admits he kissed Bella, and then the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Invisible Man, Frankenstein, and then it ends with Godzilla… 😛 Bella looks sheepish and Edward looks positively mortified.

    • Angel, I couldn’t have said this better myself. Again, if I wanna word for word reiteration of the books, I will read the books. Looking forward to this movie. I will reserve judgement until I see events in context.

    • In full agreement with you, Angel!
      I, too, can NOT fathom the nit (pun intended!)-picking over the movie adaptations of the books as both are different media with different constraints…and I wish the naysayers would get that and deal with it, instead of casting all this negativity around.

      • I think arguments over hair and clothes are nit-picking, but I think people are well within their right to feel ripped off when the character’s personalities are being changed.

  44. I can’t even stand how much I love this clip. How exciting!

  45. Oh and I love seeing Edward so mad and protective. Sexy! Ugh – can’t wait.

    I hope they fit in the dialogue of Emmett teasing Bella and she says back ‘No, I punched a werewolf’… but I doubt it will be in there.

  46. omg im getting mad why are people being dissapointed about this scene so the didint do it like the book so wat you its still great i just dont like that people complain over little things just buil a bridge and get over it lol seriously though and im loving the mad edward yay GO EDWARD

  47. RunsWithWolves says

    Garr, please tell me there is no hissing Edward as he speeds up to jacob… i canNOT take more hissing Edward.

    • zaiaku_kanJz says

      i think it wasnt a hiss… as j suck said, it was a sizzle.. edward touching jake’s shoulder..:)

    • I think that noise is from where Cold Edward is touching Warm Jacob and it sizzles. I could be wrong, but I, like you, hope that it was not a hissing Edward.

  48. zaiaku_kanJz says

    wait, wait, wait.. did anyone notice? charlie touched edward’s and jake’s chests.. so, he didnt notice the temperature of the two? well, just curious. for me, charlie should’ve noticed the temperature of edward and jake..


    well, i cant wait for eclipse!!!

    oh yeah, im also an twilight-aholic!!:)

    • that´s true – interesting thought!

    • Well, Edward has a shirt and a hoodie on, and Charlie only touched them both lightly, so it probably wouldn’t have been too obvious that he is freezing. And if Charlie had noticed the heat off of Jacob through his shirt, he probably just thinks its b/c he’s getting all worked up about to fight Edward. I think if Charlie had noticed, he would have tried to convince himself that it was his imagination.

  49. Luv it. But can only say 1 thing. EDWARD, KILL


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