Nikki Reed Talks Eclipse and Her Birthday on Ellen


  1. Grrr, they completely cut out the clip from Eclipse that I missed while I was putting my baby to sleep. I’m pulling my hair out.

  2. Lily Cullen says

    Love Ellen. Love Nikki. Very funny.

  3. That’s an awesome interview! I love Nikki’s face when the winner hugs her lol

  4. LOVE Ellen, I DVR it every day. Was surprised to see Nikki today, yesterday they were pushing tomorrows episode with Rob. She was so happy to be on Ellen, the BBFF was great too. Pretty sure the Eclipse clip was the talk between Rosalie and Bella, CAN’T wait till June!

  5. What a great Eclipse clip!!!!! I hate all theses teasers!Hurry up june!

  6. This was the first time we saw this clip of Rosalie & Bella right? Loved it. That conversation was one of my fave parts in the book. I heart Ellen & Nikki.

  7. Good god Nikkis Reed is such a cute girl. I love that she’s star struck meeting Ellen. And man I can’t wait for JUNE!

  8. The clip was awsome. The only disappointing thing was that her interview was lash and short. Nikki is such a cute girl. So sweet.

  9. Nikki gets such a bad rap and I thought she was really cute on Ellen. Great clip too!!

  10. Brittany says

    I’ve always thought Nikki played the perfect Rosalie, and I think she’s beyond gorgeous. I just wish they’d quit changing her look so much. ‘corse the time between filming doesn’t help. I’m biased tho… Lol I wish they’d release all the films NOW!

  11. This to me is the selling point. I am sooo in…. I am delirious to have seen this clip.

  12. awww…I want to watch the whole clip….can’t wait to watch eclipse!!love u Nikki!:)