Could Breaking Dawn Move to Louisiana?

breaking_dawncoverWe’re going to start this one by saying anything is possible. So here are the facts as we know them, and then we’ll give you our two cents.

A couple of weeks ago ran with a report of Breaking Dawn filming in Louisiana. There wasn’t any kind of back up to the story so we discounted it as just rumor. In fact Pel scoffed at it on Twitter. It didn’t seem to make sense to us for a number of reasons listed below:

1. Terrain- Louisiana and the Pacific Northwest aren’t exactly known for the same look. Finding a range of snow-capped mountains and meadows even in the dead of winter is going to be hard to come by in Louisiana.

2. Exteriors miles away-granted they can throw the modular units that comprise Bella’s house on a tractor trailer and ship them south, but Jacob’s house, the Cullen’s house, etc. are physically located in Vancouver.  Additionally the beaches of the Pacific Northwest look very different than the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

3. Slips ups-various actors: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Christian Serratos, Peter Facinelli have all alluded to filming in October/November in the Pacific Northwest

So for those reasons we didn’t think very much about it.  Today however comes a report from the NOLA online. One of their reporters tracked the story and this is what he found:

“The second, more telling, development comes in the form of incorporation papers filed last week with the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office by an agent for Summit and establishing a new corporate entity called “TSBD LOUISIANA, L.L.C.” — which would seem to stand for “Twilight: Saga Breaking Dawn.”

Of course, filing incorporation papers is a long way from booking soundstages and crewing up — but as early signs go, it’s a good one that there might be truth to these rumors.”

So in light of this new info what’s our take?

1. Well, they would certainly need an Isle Esme location. There are resorts in the New Orleans that could fit the bill bungalows and all. Some of the bayou area would also do nicely for Alice and Jasper’s Amazon quest.

2. You can certainly get a sound stage anywhere, but it makes sense to get one where you save money. New Orleans and the state of Louisiana is certainly trying to attract business to the area.  In thinking about the novel Breaking Dawn, there are an awful lot of interior scenes, so sound stage work is key.

3. Paparazzi of Vancouver-It’s no secret that during the filming of Eclipse the paparazzi in Vancouver were at a whole new level of intrusiveness. Given that they had gotten down routine and locations from the New Moon shoot it certainly made hounding easier.  When the cast came back for three days of reshoots, one rented a helicopter and buzzed the set cause distraction and and possibly delay.  So moving locations to Louisiana would avoid the seasoned Vancouver paparazzi. There of course will be stringers from LA, but now there’s no local knowledge base to build on since all locations and routine would be fresh.

4. The Weather–at best the weather in the pacific Northwest is a challenge. every single actor and director with the franchise mentions it constantly. The cast kept getting sick in the damp and the cold. Louisiana certainly has better weather.

So in the end, we are thinking it certainly could be a location, but maybe not the only location. Fire away on speculation. At this point your guess is as good as ours. We wouldn’t expect Summit to confirm or deny location until after Eclipse ends its PR run with the release of the DVD, because they tend to focus media releases on one thing at a time, and right now a big splashy summer opening of Eclipse is certainly a priority.


  1. I was excited to originally hear that they may be coming to my neighborhood, but even is they use this area for Isle Esme, the oil spill may have killed that idea. Nothing like seeing Bella and Edward romping through the surf with oil clumps sticking to them and kicking dead wildlife out of the way.

  2. Huh…and they thought filming the break up scene in NM was tough with all the bugs? Get ready… NOLA has bugs, humidity… oy. And let’s hope the wigs hold up in the humidity.. so weird.

  3. Louisiana is offering severe tax incentives for filmakers. It is now called Hollywood South. It is amazing how many movies are filmed now in all areas of Louisiana. I grew up 2 hours west of New Orleans. The movie Secretariat was just filmed there. Actors stayed at a private location out of any major towns. Very secluded.
    There are are many places to film now that can be relatively private. It would not surprise me if Summit would move the soundstage filming there.

  4. can any of you imagine the wedding in the current “cullen” house? the house in the book is like an old plantation house with columns and huge windows and a gigantic staircase! That has to be why they are filming in New orleans. I really really hope they change the cullen house to the way it is in the book. the wedding will be so much better.

    • Nikole O says:

      Good point and with SM being a producer maybe that will happen. She was very descriptive of the Cullen house and the movies got it ALL wrong.

    • I love your thought! It would be nice if they could find a better house, and I agree. I think they could find a great one in Louisiana. 🙂

    • I am all for authenticity, and staying true to the books. I’ve been truly annoyed with some of the things they’ve done in Twilight and NM, however, that being said, I like the thought of filming in Louisiana. I think that state could use the money-for sure! And I’m sure there are some beautiful tree-filled areas they could use for exterior shots. I’m thinking…I like this rumor. 🙂

  5. freakinloon says:

    As someone who lived in LA for 24 years, yeah it’s not as cold, but makeup melts a heck of a lot faster in 100% humidity than it would in the Pacific Northwest.

    They thought the food was good up North, wait till they try it downn South. Wonder if they can get them to suck heads?

    Crawfish heads! (Dirty minds, all of ya’ll!)

  6. I posted almost similar reasons. I still can’t see it entirely in Louisiana… Isle of Edme perhaps, some inexpensive studios sure, but exteriors have to stay true/consistent!

    See more on this issue here:

    I posted last night on similar wave lengths!

  7. Candace says:

    I live in a small town in Louisiana and I find that it could be possible.
    I agree about the wedding and the cullen’s house, plantation houses are easy to come by here, I live less than a block from one. The movie the Secretariat was
    filmed in this town and they had no problem. The bugs are not so bad in November. Also the winters are not as hard as in Canada but it could be good for the meadow.

  8. They need to leave the exterior shots alone…and while the cullen house may not be as described exactly as in the books, they have used ‘this house’ for three movies.
    Im not really for changing any of the exterior at this point–for the last 2 movies–they need to stick with what htey have used already.
    While NLA maybe be ok for weedsy type shots, are there mountains and a guarantee of snow for the ending scenes???

    • I agee with you 100%

    • actually the cullen house in Twilight and the one in New Moon are two different houses. i dont know about eclipse. catherine hardwick got the house completely wrong trying to be cool and upbeat. id rather it be true to the book. AND the part in the book where bella walks down the stairs to marry edward is a huge deal; it cant be done properly on a narrow staircase.

  9. I meant ‘woodsy’ scenes, not ‘weedsy’ :p

  10. Weren’t they also talking about going back to Portland because they were now offering tax incentives?

  11. This would be EPIC. 🙂 🙂 🙂 [i live here!!!]
    Louisiana is becoming the South Hollywood, heard the phrase a few times.

  12. Do you really think they care about tax incentives? They are making money hand over fist with these movies. I’m not sure that $$ would be an issue. I could see some scenes being shot there, like Isle Esme, South America, maybe even when Bella goes looking for J. Jenks, but not the whole movie.

  13. The issue with splitting the locations is that then it’s like you are setting up two entirely new companies, which is like, twice the work.

    Remember how Catherine talked about bouncing from an interior shot to an exterior, depending on weather. If they do this approach (interiors in nola), then they wouldn’t be able to do that, and costs would rise.

    I lived in the South and the South Pacific for years, and I just can’t see Louisiana for anything exterior. The Caribbean would work well for Island shots, but Louisiana? They need paradise, not a swamp.

    I suppose if anything, this is just to throw off the papz, OR they have like free access to a studio OR Summit/Condon has gone crazy.

    Which is always possible, considering how BD is going so far. They may want to fire everyone, hire the cast of High School Musical, put in some song and dance numbers, switch the setting to daddy’s resort in New Orleans to get more Anne-Rice-like, add fangs, put Tom Cruise in there somewhere. If all that was true, then Louisiana would make perfect sense!

    Sounds fun! Almost as fun as running an anti-your-own-actors publicity campaign during contract negotiations.

  14. Twilibrarian says:

    Note to Summitt Entertainment: Try scouting locations in Western New York. Many filmakers have used this area. There is the proximity to Canada (and Toronto) as well as many small towns that will mimic Forks and the surrounding area. We are rich in Native cultures, as well as metropolitan areas.

  15. James–I was thinking the same thing about doing twice the amount of work and money.
    While NLA fans may be excited by this—is it REALLY the way to go for the last two movies??
    I hope they stick with Portland/vancouver, or even Western NY like Twilibrarian said.
    Lousianna makes NO sense at all for the (main) setting of these books/moves.

  16. I can’t see it I personally have never been to Louisianna so I don’t know how it looks over there, I too can’t see Bella and Edward skinny dipping in the gulf not that they would actually make Rob and Kristen do that lol I uderstand that the paparazzi is a hassel but i’m sure they can find some other location for BD I just can’t wait to see it

    • Twilibrarian says:

      I can’t see Bella and Edward frolicking in the Gulf of Mexico, either. Not with that uncontained oil spill! Would vampire skin repel oil spills? Point to ponder….

  17. melissa says:

    of course they wouldn’t skinny dip in the Gulf! They could go anywhere along the coast to film a short water scene (or that may be left out)

    The one scene where I could definatly see NOLA being used is when Bella tracks down J. Jenks. There are plenty of seedy neighborhoods, some that haven’t come back completely since Katrina. Woodsy area for Bella & Edwards house could be set across the lake (Pontchatrain that is) in Slidell/Covington area.

    And with the movie being shot in late October/November, the humidity isn’t as horrible as the dog days of summer.

    I’d like to see it happen, but not holding my breath!

  18. Vancouver Island would be a great place to shoot Breaking Dawn! On the Northend you get lots of snow, the trees covered in moss, the ocean. I’ve been up and down the West coast if they want to hide Vancouver Island is the place to do it!

  19. It sounds like a bad idea. Nobody has brought up the fact no one knows what damage the oil leak will be to the shore line and the whole place does not come close to the Pacific Northwest.

  20. Of course part of Breaking dawn will filmed outside of the northwest… Wedding…. leads a HONEYMOON!!!! to a warm tropical island (aka somewhere Louisiana could double for)….Not to mention it also makes a good fill in for the Rio stopover too… as well as the speedboat trip to Esme Island… Lots of oil soaked water in Louisianna now but lots of gulf of Mexico, perfect for doubling as the open Ocean

  21. Gina L. says:

    I just love reading all of the spectulation. Its great. And who the hell knows what Summit will do. They can put anything anywhere, build anything or buy it and move it there. So, we will see. At least its being made and thats all that counts in my book.

  22. Molly G. says:

    I agree with Gina L…I love reading what everyone’s thoughts are on this and I also agree that as long as its being made, that’s what counts!

    While it is possible that some of the shots may be filmed in LA (wedding at Plantation house…which would be amazing, Isle Esme etc), I hope they don’t film there. I’m all for bringing business back to the state…Lord knows they need and deserve it after everything they’ve been through, but it just doesn’t make sense. What they would save by filming there vs. the Pacific NW they would have to put into CGI to make everything seem like it was filmed in the Pacific NW (snow capped mountains, the right type of trees, rocky shorelines, etc). As far as Isle Esme…they need something exotic and tropical…aka Caribbean. I would have a hard time believing Summit wouldn’t approve a trip there when they approved a trip to Tuscany for New Moon! Do we need a cost comparison between Italy and the Caribbean?!?

    I’m wondering if Summit just wants to “throw the scent off”. Can’t remember for which film it was for, but didn’t they put a false movie name on all the documents to keep the pap at bay for awhile? However, this is months in advance, so not sure that makes sense. Perhaps they are considering using LA in a different movie entirely…or as we have all said, they are considering using LA for a few select scenes.

    I’m sure whatever they decide, Breaking Dawn will be fantastic. Only time will tell!

  23. I guess it could be okay for Isle Esme and maybe the wedding (they can’t have the reception if it starts pouring rain!) but if they filmed anything else there it would make me uneasy with the turn out. Plus I lived in Seattle for a little while and I’m quite loyal to Washington!

  24. I’m thinking that they will film some pieces in Louisiana, but as far as moving the whole movie there… doubt it (for all of the aforementioned reasons). Thanks Lexicon for doing the leg work and putting together a good entry about this rumor.

  25. I truly believe the decision will come down to the almighty dollar. With the Canadian dollar closing in on the US dollar, it is harder to entice the studio to film in Canada. While there is a work force established in Vancouver and a lot of local secondary actors, without a huge monetary incentive, the chances of returning are surely compromised.

    What’s obvious in the Canada-Louisiana debate is that neither location can fulfill all of the scenes necessary for Breaking Dawn (Louisiana does not look like Vancouver; nor can Vancouver look like the tropics or the Amazon). What I do wonder about is how much of this movie is going to rely on green screen if they leave the Pacific Northwest (like New Moon’s Forks High School)!?!

    Also, just as a note, there are actually a very limited number of paparazzi in Vancouver. The paparazzi that plagued New Moon and Eclipse are for the most part based out of LA and relocated to Vancouver en masse during filming. I can’t believe that New York paparazzi will not end up on special assignment in Louisiana if this is where production ends up.

  26. I have to say that living in Baton Rouge certainly makes this some of the most exciting ‘almost news’ I’ve heard in forever. I plan on leaving vacation days available from this point forward!

  27. I never quite understand why people get worked up about this sort of thing. With every single one of these movies, there’s been a contingent of the fanbase that foresees complete doom when any changes are announced, or even speculated on. When the birthday party clip was released before New Moon, I remember one commenter who was irate that the cake wasn’t pink. Some fans just need to gain a little perspective. With any film adaptation, there will inevitably be changes, but thus far, they’ve delivered 2 stellar movies and the Eclipse buzz has been overwhelmingly positive.

    If they are considering filming in NOLA, I guarantee that the art and set departments are confident in their abilities to pull off the change while still maintaining visual continuity with the previous films. For that reason, I doubt they’d drastically change the Cullen house to an antebellum even if they did film in Louisiana. Being more faithful to the book about those sorts of details is much less important at this point in the franchise than being faithful to the previous films. Naysayers need to take a deep breath and remember that Summit is well aware that a good portion of their profits come from repeat viewers, (i.e. twihards like me:)), and that the monstrous success of their films is wholly dependent on keeping us happy. I doubt we’ll be seeing any music numbers in BD.

    On a side note, I want to thank Alphie and Pel for once again posting twilight news that is researched and corroborated. It’s nice to not be bogged down in gossip. Also, your responses to stories of this nature are always well-reasoned and full of common sense rather than wild speculation. It’s refreshing, and I appreciate it.

  28. IDK if it’s BD or not… but today, Kristen Stewart, Kellan Lutz, and Tyrese Gibson were seen on a site in my town in Louisiana.

  29. That would be cool if they were filming breaking dawn in louisiana, I mean i’m from texas but i am a little close to louisiana!

  30. Annette says:

    Im so excited! There are so many different areas that they could film. Kristen has already been here…she filmed Welcome to the Rileys

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